We all had fun working off our Thanksgiving dinner — 6 Comments

  1. Melody,

    Heck, it was 38 degrees. ABOVE zero! It really didn’t feel cold at all. Having fun helps, too.

  2. Rick Riley,

    YES! Kids still slide down pasture hillsides. And they love it. But that day we just had to use that packing snow to its full advantage.

  3. Wow I’m impressed ! Anyone who can stay out in the cold that long to build a fort and then begin a battle of snowballs, they are strong stock. Looks like you guys had a fabulous day. How wonderful it is to have family to make these memories with. God bless you and yours .

  4. Miss Jackie, Sounds like the “KIDS” all had a great time! The snow fort/castle is so neat….Loved hearing about Ava’s jail too. Do children still ride sleds down pasture hillsides? We used too with our cousins and later our children, then all came inside for homemade cookies and milk! Rick