We’ll be having another homestead seminar, limited to 14 people, August 25th, 26th, and 27th. Subjects to be covered include: Canning meat & mixed recipes, homestead tools, raising heirloom vegetables, saving seeds and much, much more. Check it out on www.seedtreasures.com; click on seminars. Hope to see you then! It may well change your life! Secure your spot now. Email seedtreasures@yahoo.com for more details.


  1. We’ve still got five spots open for our fall seminar so if you’d like to come, there’s still time.

  2. hi Jackie,

    I haven’t written to you before. I decided that it was time, after reading your blog for so long and getting so much pleasure and inspiration from it, to finally express my thanks to you.

    I live in Australia, in the state if Victoria, on a !0 acre farm with the usual group of animals and are pretty self sufficient in many areas. I love this life and feel privileged to do so.

    I wont go on as this was meant to thank you . You are such an important part of my life

    with fondest regards


  3. Got the check! It’s going to be a great seminar as already 6 people are signed up and it’s only March.

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