Weeds, weeds, and more weeds — 4 Comments

  1. Hi Jackie! Just found your blog today and liked this entry. I so agree about the garden taking years to get into shape. I think this is the reason so many people try gardening and expect to see perfectly groomed boxes and rows with perfect produce growing on it.

    I have mostly lived in areas where the is heavy clay soil and that stuff takes years to fix. I have grown tired of trying to use the bare soil with amendments and have moved a fair number of times. Each move I start a garden with poor results for my efforts. So I have nothing but 4×8 ft. raised beds. We have 6 and this is the year I got the garden weeded (MONUMENTAL task!) and looking fairly nice. -Pat

  2. Mine are all raised beds. The soil here is almost straight clay, with an extremely high water table. If I planted straight in the ground it would all drown!

  3. Ruth,

    I totally understand. A couple years back, when both Will and I fell off the barn roof, our berry patch got away from us and we’re STILL fighting bad weeds up there. The key is never to quit.

    Our soil in our gardens is like a gravel pit; sand, rocks and more rocks. But at least in the main garden, with tons and years of working in manure, it’s finally black dirt and few rocks. Hooray!

  4. The weeds! My garden is 5yrs old in the oldest section, the new row was put in last spring. This spring I was sick, sick, recovering, and then I broke my arm. I did almost no garden prep, and although my husband tried to help me gardening isn’t his thing. The weeds this year are incredible. And frustrating! The struggle of trying to start a garden from scratch (and what if your local soil sucks??) in an emergency setting when nothing’s available to buy……I’ll pass thanks!