Will checking out the building site

We’re having strange weather this year. After temps near zero, all of a sudden we’ve got this warming trend hitting us. I’m not complaining as we are able to get a lot done and we’re a lot more comfortable doing it. Will hauled all of the lumber for the first floor of David and Ashley’s cabin over to the building site and they got it stacked and stickered up. (Stickered means smaller pieces separate the stack so there is airflow between each layer of lumber to prevent mold or rot.)

Hondo loves sitting up on the high piles of lumber which circle the cabin site.

Hondo thinks those piles are just for him as he loves to hop up real high and look over the surrounding area. Strange dog. Ashley got the dogs and Mittens each a sweater on Black Friday and both Hondo and Mittens wore theirs like it was perfectly normal. Cooper tried to tear his off.

We had a pretty dull Thanksgiving. A few days before, I started getting sick. Every bone in my body ached and I had the headache from hell. Yep, I went to the clinic and had every test known to man, it seems. The doc was supposed to call me Wednesday afternoon with results. Well, that didn’t happen and I was getting sicker. Suspecting some sort of infection, I began taking Spencer’s left-over Amoxicillin. But I had to cancel the big family blow-out feast we usually have at Thanksgiving. Luckily, after starting the antibiotics, I began to feel better right away. Ashley bought a small turkey and we fixed that and a few yummies like garlic mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie. I was at least able to eat dinner! I called the clinic Friday and here it’s Monday and I still haven’t heard from the doctor. Hmmm. It’d be nice if at least he cared if I was suffering like I was…. Oh well, I’m sure glad I self-medicated! (See, all “emergencies” aren’t zombie attacks! I try to keep at least a week’s worth of common antibiotics on hand all the time and, being a 20-year vet tech, I do have a little medical knowledge.)

Will’s in the sawing mood. Besides cabin lumber, he’s sawn enough one-inch lumber to side most of the barn and now he’s working on the rest of the haymow flooring for the new barn.

Here’s the last load of siding boards for the sides of the new barn.

It’s amazing to me how we don’t waste a bit of those logs. Besides the lumber, we also have “farm boards” which have rounded, bark on edges, tons of firewood and plenty of sawdust. We use the sawdust to cover the heavy, permanent rubber mulching mat between grapes and berry bushes as well as mulching on top of fabric mulch around our blueberries. When we clean up, there’s nothing but grass left.

Our huge pile of “scrap” next to the sawmill; it’ll be firewood and stickers for the lumber.

But then, that’s how we try to run our whole homestead, kind of a circle. Like the livestock manure which fertilizes our gardens and fields. They grow and we feed the pasture, hay and leftover produce to the critters, then they make more manure. It just seems right. — Jackie


  1. I love my regular doctor. She calls me back. She listens. She modifies treatment plans to work for ME!

    Unfortunately the office is becoming SO BUSY, that the only way I can get in to see her is either luck or by planning a couple weeks in advance. I can usually get in to see one of the other doctors in the office, which would be fine, except they aren’t her, and tend to not listen or respond the same way.

    My husband’s doctor does a variation of the Direct Primary Care mentioned by another commenter. My husband never has to wait more than a couple hours to see his doctor, no matter whats going on. Its very tempting to switch. Except then I’d have to start all over breaking in a new doctor…..

    • Hi Jackie,

      My husband had pipe welded to his tire rims over where the valve stem comes out of the rim. It has a screw off cape to get to the valve stem. We bought tires for that Kobota and had to buy them on rims. He had the pipes welded on to the new rims. That solves the problem of valve stems getting torn off in the woods.

      • Yeah, but it doesn’t keep Will from pinching off the valve stem while putting a new tube in the tire…lol!

  2. Hope you’re much better by now. I have had some good doctors but it seems it’s getting fewer all the time. Went to a new one Monday & there were three ladies whose doctor there had just left his practice without letting them know–they’d been waiting since 7:30 & it was after nine. My new doctor didn’t take their insurance but her receptionist was very kind to them.

    We’ve had strange weather all year here in TN. Much more rain than usual and I’m wondering if we’re even going to have winter.

  3. Jackie, try to find a doctor that practices a model of medicine called Direct Primary Care. For a fixed monthly subscription, these doctors provide 24/7 care, often by phone, text, and email. They prescribe common medications out of their office at wholesale prices. They have discount fees for most common lab tests. All this more than recoups the monthly subscription outlay. Many doctors are abandoning the insurance-based model of medical care in favor of Direct Primary Care because they get to practice medicine the way they were trained and not the way the insurance companies want them to. Google to find a doctor in your area. More and more are popping up.

  4. I know the value of having some antibiotics on hand in a pinch. Interesting thing is the antibiotics sold for fishtanks is the exact same stuff used for humans – even the dose is the same!

    • I completely agree. I am on an antibiotic yet again for bronchitis after trying not to take due to the overuse of antibiotics. After speaking with the PCP & the chiro (for BAC patches), I am adding 3 days for a total of 10 days of treatment. It was much easier last time I had strep throat to just grab the amoxicillin. I have had it enough I knew the correct antibiotic, dose, and length of treatment.

  5. Glad you are feeling better! Our weather is odd here as well. Record high temps on Saturday and still quite warm. It is supposed to get cold again soon. Oh well, it has been a nice reprieve.

  6. I think it’s weird weather everywhere. Here Colorado Springs we had record high temps today and the cold front is moving in now and snow
    tomorrow. About time! This summer stuff was depressing me.

  7. I used to think that if you didn’t hear back from the doctor right away it’s good news, but to be totally ignored! I’m glad your feeling better. We are having weird weather in New England too. Love seeing the progress on D&A’s homestead. The Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

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