We’re simply loving this great week of above-freezing temperatures, complete with plenty of sun. It makes you want to get outside and just do things. Will’s pretty much recovered from his bout of the flu and has been working daily cutting down the trees at the north end of what will be about an acre of our new garden. Because the soil is sandy, we will be able to till and work in it even after rainy spells. This is sure not like our north and central gardens, with their clay ground.

We’ve still got about two feet of snow on the ground but there’s less in the woods so it’s easier to get around. After the trees are all cut down, Will is going to be cutting the limbs off, salvaging firewood, and we’ll burn the branches, which will add nutrients to the soil. Then the crawler loader and our faithful bulldozer, Old Yeller will push, shove, and carry the sand level, the excess going into piles to go out to improve our driveway.

Looking south from about halfway up the new garden…
…And this is west from the same spot. Wow, can’t wait to get it into production!

Meanwhile, we’re working on getting the kitchen island cabinets put together and installed. Luckily I saved a piece of vinyl flooring when we covered the kitchen floor. Years ago we had a propane heater in the basement to heat the house. To get the heat upstairs, we had to cut a hole in the kitchen floor for a register. That now-patched hole needs a vinyl covering as it’s right at the end of the island.

Our seedling peppers and petunias are growing nicely and I’ll soon be transplanting the peppers. I can’t wait! I’ll start planting tomatoes on Monday. And there’s sure a lot of them. But to offer even more varieties of everything in our Seed Treasures catalog next year, we have to try dozens more new ones ourselves as we sure don’t want to sell varieties we didn’t like. I’m real excited as we have lots of striped, unusually colored, and heirloom tomatoes from all over the world. This is so much fun — I can’t imagine just buying a few tomato plants from Walmart. — Jackie


  1. We have been having warmer weather here now. Above freezing days and a little rain/snow off and on last week. It’s still to wet/cold to work outside so today I am canning ham and beans up for my 85 year old Dad. It’s one of his favorite meals and canning them up makes it easy for him to have them whenever he wants. Glad your kitchen is coming along nicely. I am really excited for you! Have a great week.

  2. We have finally had the first three days with highs above freezing. It is cloudy and we still had more snow on wednesday. We usually get a January thaw that tahes the snow off our steeper roofes but not this year so the snow sliding has kept the dogs in so they wouldn’t get burried. Spent much of the day skimming slush offbthe driveway and subdivision road. Glad your son et al can get on with their building project.

  3. Hi Jackie, north Georgia had a few days of freeze warnings but we are back to warmer days. Can’t wait to see your kitchen with the new cabinets.

    • Me either! Right now that’s on hold as Will is working at cutting trees where the new garden will be. But I’m all ready for him. The last upper cabinet is in and now it’s just the 3 which make up the island base. I’ll show photos when it gets done.

  4. Jackie, I have started Tomatoes, and peppers in the green house,from your seed treasure! I’m excited to try the cannonball and king of the north! Every thing had excellent germination. The only one that was kinda weak was the cannonball! But I’m planting the rest of the seeds so no biggie! Can’t wait to see the yields off all the seeds we bought from you! Cheers to spring!!

  5. I m curious. How do you and Will maintain all those gardens ? That’s a Lot of work ! Do you prioritize the work ? Have short cuts ? You are my inspiration 😀

  6. Glad that you are getting some milder weather to enjoy while you work and play. Thank you for the update Jackie!

    • All you have to do is e-mail me at seedtreasures@yahoo.com and I’ll get a catalog off in the mail right away. (Or you can just click on the Seed Treasures box right in this blog and browse our website.)

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