Our new garden is now tilled and planted — 8 Comments

  1. My hats off to you attempt to grow sweet potatoes in northern Minnesota your ground looks great I worked up 3 acres of new sandy ground for my my hand planting method got my squash and pumpkins a little deeper than normal. There just starting to pop up but the root balls are twice the size of normal and the stems are about the size around as a McDonald’s straw. At first I was worried that I didn’t have enough water on them but. There doing great. We had a late frost about 2 weeks ago that killed about a half acre of early corn. But didn’t touch my early melons. We put in about 75 variety of squash and pumpkins this season. Keep us posted on your pumpkins. Happy growing

    • Nope, we are growing Irish potatoes, not sweet potatoes. I’ve tried them various ways with no success so we stick to squash as a substitute. Sorry to hear about your frost on the corn. Boo. That happens but we don’t have to like it!

  2. The unmanured parts of your sand garden sound like a good place to grow sweet potatoes. (Jackie knows but if you don’t sweet potatoes will produce lots of leaves (edible) in fertile ground but few or no sweet potatoes.) Sand Hill Preservation Center has a huge crop of sweet potato slips and they are half price now (except for postage charges). Yes sweet potatoes can be grown in short season cold climates and these are the folks who can tell you how and sell you the slips. A home grown sweet potato has a wonderful flavor. And if you don’t want to order slips, Glenn and Linda can certainly benefit from your prayers right now.

    • Nope, Irish potatoes, not sweet potatoes. But if you heavily manure Irish potatoes, they often grow tons of plant but not so many potatoes. I’ve tried and tried with sweet potatoes, using plastic, greenhouses, and so forth; no luck. If you live in a slightly more hospitable climate, be sure to try some of Glenn and Linda’s sweet potatoes! They are very nice and there are tons of different ones to choose from.

  3. Looks like your ground worked up pretty good. You guys really have a lot of work cut out for you. Good thing there are four of you this year to do the work. I have had to cut back on how much I plant as my old back injury is bothering if I do too much bending and there is just one of me who can do the garden work this year. Still should have plenty for the family just not bushels to give away to neighbors. We have had enough clouds lately that 36 is the lowest we have seen in about ten days. It even hit 70 a couple days.

    • Yea!!! 70 is so nice. I feel for you as I nurse along a back I broke when I was a teen, two compressed vertebrae from the fall off the barn roof and a couple of trashed knees. Today I can hardly move. But the gardens are planted and let the rain come!!!

    • We just keep plugging away on stuff and in the evening are often amazed at what has been accomplished.