Warm weather didn’t cure all ills — 12 Comments

  1. Rhonda in Meadowlands:

    Hey Rhonda, Will just told me I’d missed your comment and invitation way back when. I’m so sorry. I do speak at some local garden clubs and community events. But now March is nearly gone. I’m sorry I missed your comment.

  2. Jackie – I got your seed catalog a couple days ago. Thank you for getting it out so soon. I’m working on a small order for a small garden this summer. Due to physical issues I am unable to have a larger garden like I used to. I so enjoy reading your blog – I think for 5 or 6 years now at least. I grew up on a farm and we always had a garden and canned. My dad always planted 1/2 a acre sweet corn. Of course it wasn’t GMO like it is today. I remember my dad driving our almost old farm truck out the driveway and it decided to quit right there. My dad was very unhappy to say the least. Blessings and remember spring comes in a few days March 20 if I remember right. Ruth Ann Martin

    • I’m glad to hear you’re still gardening. The soil is actually good for us! I hear you about the GMO corn. Luckily, ours is definitely NOT! No commercial fields for nearly 100 miles. Yea!

  3. Man, that sounds like a rough few days. I hope your days get easier from here. My husband has had some of those days recently too… replaced a water pump, had to fix the shop breaker which went out, ran over someone’s mailbox… Here’s to smooth sailing for us all in the coming week.

    • We all have them; the good and bad. Sounds like your husband had a bad week too. I agree; let’s all have a smooth spring!

  4. Down here in Iowa, we have flooding all over the place. The rain and snow melt just hit too much at once! So many of my neighbors have basements with water seeping in, but I lucked out in our home.

    • Yes, I’ve seen on the news how bad the flooding is in many parts of the country and especially Nebraska. Our prayers are with all folks affected by rampaging nature.

    • Wow, TJ, that’s a good tip! I got my new ones yesterday and can see so much better. But I still wince at the price!!!

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