We woke up to lots of snow blowing hard against the windows. Ish! After nice, warm, sunny days this seems awful. But, hey, we do know March is a windy month, right? And we’re certainly not nearly done with snow yet. So after checking my little pepper seedlings and watering a couple of the trays, I clicked on my photos and went to my happy place — nice, colorful flowers and garden stuff.

I’m looking forward to seeing my fancy daylilies bloom like this beautiful Priceless — aptly named!
Spring is coming, when gardens are growing and things are green.

Will’s still working on flooring the new barn’s hayloft with the free lumber from all those pallets and boxes David got at work. Yesterday he got a third of one side finished. It’s a tedious job, but it is slowly getting done. We’ve already had folks offering to rent the barn to live in! I think it is pretty nice, myself.

Here’s Will and David unloading the boxes and pallets that are becoming our new barn’s hayloft floor.

This weekend, David wants to frame in a couple more windows in his cabin so he can get more light into it. Right now it’s pretty dark inside, with only one big window in the downstairs living room. When he works he opens the back door and the door upstairs when he’s working up there. But in the spring there’s often wind and rain so that won’t be a good option. So windows it is! — Jackie


  1. It has been warmer in Michigan for about a week. We had a big maple tree taken down today as it was leaning toward the house and is about 20 feet behind the back of the house. I am sad that we had to have it taken down as it provided a lot of shade for the house. It had grown a lot since we moved here about 15 yrs ago and was a really large tree. We won’t be planting another there as the stump is still there. To have the stump removal equiment brought in and have it removed was another $500. We decided we would put a bird feeder on top of the stump and call it good. The wood was left for us now we need to get it cleaned up and stacked. I sure am looking forward to warmer weather and planting a small garden.

    • That’s homesteader mentality; make a bird feeder out of a stump. Way to go! Yep, we’re looking forward to warmer weather and planting too.

  2. Spring’s on its way, Jackie! I’ve had a lovely day off today, planting my early lettuce outside, (under milk jugs, here in CT!) and some favorite tomato seeds under my grow lights. And, of course, perusing your new seed catalog so I can get an order to you tomorrow!

    • Thank you so much Jeanne! Believe it or not every single order is like an order from family and we love filling them. More of my early peppers are up and I’ll plant all of the peppers next week. Yea spring!!!

  3. I was just looking over some of my pretty flower pictures from last summer. It is good, cheap therapy when winter lingers. We got about 4″ of snow yesterday (northern Wisconsin – hi neighbor!).

    Sounds like you all continue to get projects done. I’m going to be planting my seeds for indoor sprouting next week. And hoping hubby remembers to water them when I am gone in two weeks!

  4. What wonderful looking lumber! Thanks for the spring reminder….the first jonquil bloomed this week in southern MO. However, March is an iffy month here, also. Have had ice in May! This is finger-crossing time until mid-May. Blessings.

    • I think it’s gorgeous too. We’ve still got about 18″ of snow on the level so it’ll be awhile before I see any blooms. But I know those bulbs are happily sleeping under all that snow and will be up soon. I can’t wait!

  5. What a gift those pallets and boxes are! I hope most of the boards are full length. We love scrounging for stuff others have no use for. It’s maple syrup time here and it has been a pretty good season in spite of the very erratic weather. Today rain or snow, always wind. Do you get a lot there? Our valley is known for its’ wind. Thank you for the reminder pictures of what’s ahead. I’ll be starting seedlings next week. Take care of yourselves.

    • Boy I think so too. And to think they were destined to be crushed up and hauled away in Dumpsters! What a shame. Yes, many were long boards. In fact David got enough two by ten inch planks to build the roof rafters for the front porch of his cabin! Not to mention half of our new barn’s hayloft floor. No, we don’t usually get a lot of wind, being surrounded by heavy woods. But sometimes it does. We do get enough breeze to run our small windcharger though. I start the rest of my peppers next week and a week or so after that, my tomatoes. Spring is inching closer. I saw my first pussy willows trying to pop out today!

  6. There’s so much you can do with pallets. Recycling them is awesome. Eliminates a lot of waste. Win win for everyone. I know spring is just around the corner but there’s still some bad weather between now and then. Love the reminder of how pretty spring is. Thank you for all the work you put into the blog. I look so forward to all the pictures and every word. Happy Spring! Soon.

    • Thank you so much Deborah! This time of year we are so used to looking on blah snow and bare trees. A bit of color reminds us all of what’s coming.

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