Jackie called me yesterday afternoon. She didn’t want you all to worry if you don’t see a blog from her this week. She is having a little medical issue (not COVID-19!), and will be back to blogging soon. She wanted me to assure everybody that she is doing fine.

Will is doing good keeping up with the seed orders, but I’ll bet he’ll be glad when Jackie can help him again — it’s a job that goes a lot faster with two people.

In the meantime here are a couple of her past garden pictures to brighten your day. — Lisa

Garden in July
Peonies and larkspur


  1. Thank you for recognizing the importance of taking this time to heal. We need you and Will to stay healthy and in our lives! Prayers for a full recovery!

    • Yes, I’m chipper as a robin today! We had a wonderful, albeit quiet, Easter with the quarantine and all. But we’re truly grateful for every single blessing. Thank you!

  2. Please take whatever time you need to restore and protect your health in these uncertain times. We have plenty of prior blogs to re-read as well as the current issue of the magazine.

  3. Praying you are doing better and hopefully you are back home. I wish you a happy Easter and speedy recovery

    • Back home and very thankful it wasn’t something worse. I’m cranking up to full speed now.

    • I missed all of you too! I rested until it was coming out my gills. Now I’m ready to go!

    • Thank you guys. Prayers do work! I’m living proof. The new blog is up and I’m chugging right along.

    • Thanks so much Sharon. I AM better and am enjoying watching the last snow go while the summer birds are showing up.

  4. So i have a beautiful honey berry bush. How and what do i do with the berries. Pretty darn tart. Wishing and praying for you and your speedy recovery.

    • Thank you Shelley. Yep, honey berries aren’t often sweet like their name suggests. But they do make terrific jam! Use a blueberry recipe and you’ll love them!!!

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