I’ve been looking online and calling around but when I had to go to Virginia (MN), a little voice whispered in my ear “try Vern’s Greenhouse,” a greenhouse only a few blocks off of Hwy 169, where I was driving. So I swung in and looked around. They did have a lot of fruit trees. And lo and behold, there were several Prairie Magic trees! Yep, they were a bit expensive at $54. But there was also a 20% off sale. And they were nice, potted trees, and I’d been looking for quite some time. It had looked like I’d have to spend a day driving south of us a couple of hours then back and this time of the year I hate to waste hours of daylight as there’s so much to do.

I love Prairie Magic apples and was sure glad to find this one!

So that night I asked Will if he’d take time to drive to Vern’s Greenhouse with me as that potted tree was heavy. He agreed. The next morning, we went to the greenhouse and picked out a tree we both agreed looked great. Now all we need to do is dig a big hole and get it set into the ground and watered.

Will carrying our new Prairie Magic tree into the orchard.

Over the weekend I finished planting the long season squash and pumpkins into Styrofoam cups as, because we have such a short growing season, we need to start them inside about 4 weeks before they are planted outside so we are sure of having mature seeds to save. Of course, we’re trying several new varieties, as well as our old standbys, which is always fun.

Will’s coming along wonderfully, clearing out the logged area at the end of the Wolf Road. I’m getting excited about having another isolation garden way out there so we can grow more varieties of corn and squash which cross easily when planted anywhere near each other.

The daffodils are outdoing themselves this spring.

Our daffodils are simply gorgeous this spring! They have multiplied strongly and look great. As they finish blooming, the daylilies in the same bed will be getting bigger before they bloom. What a win-win planting! Something is nearly always blooming. (Now if the cows don’t get out and eat them!) — Jackie


  1. Jackie
    So what’s the deal with canning jars and lids? It’s amazing to me how every time we turn around now there’s a shortage on something new! I took your advise when you posted but the prices are ridiculous! Most of us can not afford to buy lids even when we find them. Please comment

  2. That’s so nice, Kathy! I’m so glad your garden is doing so well. We’re far behind you. My peas are still in the box! Soon though. Unfortunately it turned very hot (for us!) and dry, dry, dry. So I’m waiting as I know it’ll cool down and (hopefully) rain.

    • Sorry that it turned hot with no rain. When that happens here l am now the proud owner of three rain barrels that catches the rain so even when we don’t have rain, my plants still do. Once again thank you for helping me find my joy again.

  3. Not a homesteading comment, but I’m wondering if you are planning any new fiction writing. I’m in the last book Of the Hazzjard series, and have really enjoyed your writing, so I’m hoping to see more from you. Thank you, and stay safe.

  4. Jackie and anyone who might be interested, I was curious about the history of the Prairie Magic apple as I grow mostly heritage and historic apples. Here’s what I found – http://www.jeffriesnurseries.com/prairiemagic.pdf
    The trees and varieties I have that came from Canada and Canadian research have all done exceptionally well in my amazingly awful cold (still freezing at night) and windy location. While this apple isn’t a heritage variety it is interesting enough to buy and I’m going to try it. Note that it comes in a grafted dwarf as well as own root.

    • Interesting history. We really love the size and crisp sweet flavor and early bearing. We absolutely won’t buy a dwarf or semi-dwarf tree as they won’t survive in Zone 3’s winters.

  5. Congrats there Jackie. That little apple tree is blessed to be so wanted. I have an acre to clear here in Alabama so we can plant a garden next year.

    • Been there; done that. And Will is still doing it on the Wolf Forty. New gardens and cow pasture in the future. Hard work but the result is so satisfying!

  6. I just wanted to say that I recently ordered seeds from Jackie for the very first tie. I am pleased with your quick turnaround of my order and reasonable prices. I will never buy seeds form anywhere else again.

    • Awww Connie, that’s so nice. I hope you have the best garden ever this year!

  7. We’ve been having a huge, oppressive heat wave here. I hope it’s over soon. The pea seedlings I have moved out all withered and died despite frequent watering. I will have to start a new batch. We also lost one chicken – she escaped from the coop and didn’t have access to water during the hottest part of a day.

    • Wow, and I thought we’d had a heat wave at seeing 80’s on the thermometer! I hope your weather settles down.]

  8. Thank goodness you found the Praire Magic apple tree. Maybe we should all start to pay attention to that little voice when it wispers into our ears. Down here in Oklahoma we hav had just the right amount of sunshine and rain because my raised bed gardens are doing well. The Green Arrow peas are sitting pods and l can see the little peas growing in them. The Provider beans that l got from you are in full blossom. You have made me a believer of your seeds and l don’t believe l will be buying seeds in the stores again. I’m not sure how to thank you for helping me enjoy gardening again.

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