Last spring we bought a new patio door unit, planning to replace the patio windows in the south wall of our living room. The seals on the old windows were compromised and sometimes they would fog up between the panes. But you know how that goes … other stuff took priority and the door sat out in the aisle of the goat barn until recently, gathering sparrow poop and dust. David goes back to work at Ziegler, after his COVID lay-off so he’s been hurrying to do more work on his electric wiring and calking in his house. So with a big, young man around, Will decided to change out the windows. In order to do that, I had to take all of the plants I’ve started off their shelves in the little greenhouses first. There was nowhere else to put them but the dining room table! So that’s where they went.

All the seedlings had to be moved to the dining room table.

Then the guys started in demolishing the framework of the old windows, carefully saving them as they will be going into the new greenhouse. They sawed, pried, and pushed and, finally, one window after the other, came out and were carried out onto the entryway to shelter until they are reused. Next came the measuring and setting in the double header above the patio door unit. And finally, just before dark, the unit was fit into place. It was heavy! They got it squared up then darkness fell. It was temporarily screwed into place so it couldn’t fall out, and they finished it up the next morning. David went back to work on his house and Will got the hose and the brush he uses to sweep snow off the solar panels and scrubbed the windows clean. I did the inside and boy do they look great.

Will and David taking out the old windows.
This is the view of the beaver pond from the new patio door. (I thought I’d taken a photo after the unit was in place, but didn’t!)

But the little plants were all leaning hopefully toward the east window, trying to find sunshine. So after sweeping up, I put the greenhouses back and moved the poor little seedlings back into the windows. I can swear I heard them cheer!

We had a quiet Easter as family couldn’t come for various reasons. But we’ll be able to get together soon, and we’ll have another “holiday,” even if it isn’t on the calendar. — Jackie


  1. Really like the view from your pictures windows! My how your forests have grown tall and beautiful, compared to pictures early-on that I’ve seen!

    • We marvel at that too. When we first moved here, I could straddle all the trees on our side of the creek. Now they’re forty and fifty feet tall!!! And I’m still short.

  2. What a beautiful view! The Nebraska view from my living room isn’t so scenic but it is OUR 5 acres of pasture & it’s home so I love it. We do, however, see some amazing sunsets

  3. I’ve got pieces of my grandmother’s bedroom set on my dinning room table! So many projects. Still feeding the woodstove in Kingston WA. Clipped a bunch of blackberry bushes today. Garden is tilled, just need more time, like everyone else! Happy spring everyone!

    • Yep, we’re still burning wood too. Now it’s 40’s and rainy for days so it sure takes the chill off. It’ll be awhile before I can till the gardens but not too far off now. Happy spring!!

  4. I decided this week my dining room table and dining room are becoming my work room. Seedlings, incubators, extra soil supplies, will use during canning, etc etc. Moved my desk in there. I am going to put wall cabinet over it. I need the space!!!! I am a widow and rarely have big dinners and when I do will serve buffet style.

  5. What view!! Love the Beaver pond and all of those seedlings! You are doing a great job!

    I use my dining room table for lots of stuff too! Most recently it was income taxes!!

    • Eek! Don’t even mention income taxes; that’s my next big project. Not that I’m a procrastinator or anything…..

    • So glad you mentioned taxes! I arranged all our businesses totals in January and now husband will submit! Great reminder!

  6. Nice job on the windows. I know how time consuming that can be but a very good feeling when done. Your plant “menagerie” is Wow. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many started plants except in a nursery. It is so nice to see the green grass and I’ve stopped feeding the wood stove. Come on Spring. The miracle grow cured the purplish leaves on my peppers-probably a nutrient deficiency. Thanks

    • Yea Everett! I’m so glad your peppers are happy again. Yep, we’ve stopped burning the wood stoves too, but I hear we’ve got freezing rain and snow in the forecast. For us, winter hasn’t gone away yet….

  7. Hi Jackie-love the view and there is no snow!!! Looking at all those baby plants, wow-you are a busy bee,and everything does go good with Ritz. ;-). To Selena-don’t know about the plant potatoes by or on Good Friday-what I have heard is that potatoes can go in the ground when the dandelions bloom-and right now they are blooming by me. Happy gardening all.

  8. We re having our ONLY south facing window replaced today and so I had to put all my pepper seedlings and tomato starts in the laundry room, but I did not have nearly the volume of plants as Jackie. She will be so glad to have that greenhouse and those baby plants will never cry!

    • Today Mike and Will worked on it so things are moving toward that finished greenhouse. My plants are cheering them on.

  9. Hello Jackie. I have read and re-read your post with pictures when you and a friend ground pig fat and made lard. I wanted to try. My granddaughters husband works in a privately owned meat processing plant and saved the fat for me at no cost. I cut the fat into little pieces and had 5 qts the first time. A few days later I put it in pint jars and had 9 1/2 pints plus a small bowl and still have fat in the freezer. All of it sealed, turned white after a couple of days but is not as firm as Crisco or store bought lard. Is that normal?

    • I agree; you use what you need to for what you need that day. The beaver pond was what settled the deal for me when I first looked at this land. I could envision a log cabin on the hill, overlooking it. And that’s just what we have today. We are so blessed!

  10. Hi Jackie, love the view of the beaver pond from your new windows. After this past year, anytime family gets together, is a holiday.

    • Yes, it is! I can’t wait until all of us are vaccinated and can more safely get together. I miss everyone so much!!!


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