As we’ve been over 90° F most days, it’s such a blessing it’s cooled down to about 70.

I just have to share this sunset picture out the living room window last night. So pretty!

On Friday, I had to have Will take me to the ER. I’d been having heart palpitations and skipped beats the afternoon before and I attributed it to working hard, planting in the garden that day. I slept normally but still had them first thing Friday morning, so in we went.

I mentioned to the doctor that I also had a swollen tick bite from a deer tick on the back of my thigh. They gave me a whole day’s workup and finally determined it was all caused by the tick bite, complete with a little fluid on my lungs! So he gave me electrolytes and IV doxycycline. They also hooked me up to a very uncomfortable Holter heart monitor with multiple electrodes stuck to my chest and wires hanging off to the monitor. He told me to wear it until Sunday afternoon. Okay, I’d give it a try. He also said to resume my normal daily activity as everything was normal there, including blood and an EKG. So the next day, I went out and planted beans with our Earthway push planter, more sweet corn and hills of squash and melons. Yep, I sweated off two electrodes, which I had Will hook back up. Then when I went to feed the baby goats, one ran between the wire and me, pulling the same two loose! But finally, I figured it out; I retrieved my old belly pouch that I used when flying to speaking engagements and stuffed the whole works, monitor, and most of the wires in that. It worked, but I was SO glad when Sunday afternoon came, and I could take it off!! Good news — that tick bite completely went down after that one IV doxycycline treatment. Guess the doctor was right. I feel great now, especially when I can take a shower again!

Heather and her daughter helping us plant and mulch our extras peppers.
Our apprentice, Ashley, has turned out to be a great planter!

Today, our friend Heather and her two lovely kids came over and helped our apprentice, Ashley, set out and mulch our extra pepper plants in the North garden. Believe it or not, that garden is now 90% planted, all acre of it! And the big, new Wolf garden is also about 75% planted. I can’t tell you how much we appreciate the good folks who help us out so much. We couldn’t do it all ourselves. God bless friends! — Jackie


  1. I remember ticks while growing up about 2 hours from here. But haven’t seen a one on me or my pets. Some say it’s cause I have a possum.
    Also, friends of friends bought guinea hens to try to control ticks on their campground. Havent heard how successful that is, except I also haven’t heard any more complaints in almost 2 years, either.
    There’s also a new topical treatment for Lyme that just came out in Europe. Hoping it gets here soon.

  2. I’m in an area of NY where ticks and Lyme disease are common, and we’re also starting to see a couple of other tick diseases with the climate change. I’ve been treated twice, and after reading and investigating I decided the only reasonable option for me was to treat my clothes with permethrin. I treat both my outdoor work clothes and my hiking clothes. I buy a higher concentration of permethrin and dilute it to the .5% recommended for treating clothes. Costs me a couple hours and less than $20 for about a year of protection. Knock on wood I haven’t had any further incidents since I started doing it.

    • Thanks Marilyn. It was scary! But I’m real glad it turned out okay. We’re getting to the end of planting so WHEW!! Now it’s cultivating, watering and mulching.

  3. Be careful with those ticks Jackie. There is a tick associated disease that can cause antifalactic reactions to meat from all mammals out there. Its not very common thank God! Glad you are feeling better and got some good helpers with planting. I don’t know how you and Will do it. You guys are our heroes ❤

    • Yep, those ticks are nasty buggers! We do keep watch for them both on ourselves and the dogs and Mittens, of course.

  4. So glad you’re feeling better. I have a funny story about seed push planter. Our two grandsons, probably age 10, was helping us one summer planting beans. It was hot and they complained a little about working in the heat. We planted old fashioned way. When we were done one asked what that bicycle thing was. I said a bean planter. It makes the rows, drops seed, and covers it up. My husband and I had a good laugh and they got a little experience in planting a garden.

  5. Be Careful! My Mama got a tick in her garden and got Lyme’s (Limes)? disease. She was sick for a while. The Amish have Insect Repellant Soap that I buy. I will have to see what else is in it other than goat milk and it works. Will post later if I can get the recipe.

  6. 103 today and no moisture in sight. Keeping up with everything but it’s taking a lot of water
    You must remember what you or I and a few others might call a normal day is anything but for most people. Do take care of yourself

  7. I found a deer tick on my 3 year grandson and he was treated. There are lots of ticks this year. He also got a single dose of doxycycline. Be careful in the heat. I hope your Holter monitor is ok. We have drought like conditions here. I need rain badly. All the seeds you sent are growing well. Stay well. Good health is priceless!!

    • Yes, it is!! There are lots of ticks, for sure. I think it’s the heat that brings them on. And now it’s horse flies!! Yuck. Ours are so big you could throw a saddle on them and ride them! I’m glad your seeds are doing great. Now if we could just get rain…..

  8. Relieved to hear your Good Report
    Encouraging to hear you’re going
    To the ER when everything is not
    Right. Has been in the low 100’s
    Here in central Kansas for several
    Days. Supposed to break by this
    Weekend. Busy keeping the water
    Bird Sprinkler, changing locations
    To keep plants alive. Potatoes are
    Getting water now. Haven’t bloomed
    Yet, so just too early to dig and harvest
    Stay Hydrated and keep us up
    To date

    • When something’s wrong that I can’t handle, I have no problem going to the ER, even though I sure hate to do that. Luckily, I’m still doing great but I sure would like some RAIN!!!

      • Hi, Jackie, There’s a saying, A body at rest, tends to stay at rest, and a body in motion, tends to stay in motion. Here in my 60s, there’s this drowsiness that hits me in mid-afternoon. It’s not a usual sleepiness as in my youth. It’s almost overwhelming, but if I push through it by keeping in motion (working, especially outdoors), I get a lot done and most of the time the sleepiness goes away. Sure is tough to do, though.

  9. Happy to hear you’re feeling well again. Ticks are a challenge here as well. For many years, my job included putting those Holter monitor on patients. I always felt bad about telling them they could only take a “bird bath” while it was on. These were the old 24 hour ones though. 48 hours has got to be rough, especially when you’re as hard working as you!

    • It was plain old horrible, between the sweat and the wires getting hung up on everything, including the goat! But once I figured out the belly pouch thing it was much better.

  10. Glad to hear your health issues were resolvable. Always scary to not feel well and not know why.
    Have you ever lived where there are Gypsy moths? A daughter in Michigan is now and it sounds like the larva are devastating to tree foliage and gardens as well as being disgusting to people and pets.
    Take care.

  11. Glad your heart issues was something that could be fixed. Please be careful with those ticks, you are a treasure. ❤️

    • I don’t know about that, Sue, but I sure do keep watch for those little buggers!!! Even more so, now.

  12. Glad you’re healthy and hale Jackie! I admire you and Will so much- my 30 year old body can barely keep up with my 1/8th acre, and you wise folks can keep up with your acres and your livestock.

    • We’ve found ways to work smarter, not harder, using equipment when we can to save our bodies. Some days, it’s better than others, of course!

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