David’s friend, Ian, came to help out as two guys can work faster than one. While David got to work cutting a hole in the downstairs bathroom wall and prepared to put in a window, Ian worked upstairs, putting fiberglass insulation in between the wall studs. David just hates the feel of fiberglass insulation and Ian doesn’t mind so David was happy to pass that job on to his friend. As it was hot and the guys were sweating, I wonder if they’re still friends. Those tiny insulation particles stick to the skin and sweaty skin makes it so much worse!

On Sunday, Elizabeth and Delilah paid a visit to check on the progress. I wondered if Delilah would be scared by all the noise Daddy was making with the circular saw, nail gun, and other noisy tools while he was getting the opening ready for the window. But she laughed and kicked her feet every time he made a big noise. Even when he fired up the chainsaw in the cabin, she thought it was great fun. Yep, she’s going to be a tool girl when she grows up!

Delilah loved the tool noise!

By late afternoon, lots of insulation had been put in and the window installed. The guys even got the vapor barrier stapled up on the lower section of the now-insulated bedroom wall. Wow, what progress!

The crew taking a break.

Will had been busy weeding the Wolf garden all this time and it looks great now, especially after we’ve been receiving a little regular rain. Thank you God!

Monday morning, I had to get up at 4 a.m. so I could head for Duluth where our adopted son, Javid, was having surgery. On a routine colonoscopy, the doctors discovered and removed a couple of polyps from his colon. These are usually no problem, but on routine biopsy, cancer cells were discovered. On Monday, they removed a section of his colon. Luckily, no more cancer was evident, but they also removed some lymph glands as a precaution.

Javid recovering from his surgery.

I stayed quite a while after the surgery, but Javid was quite sleepy and needed to rest. I went back on Tuesday so I could visit him and see how things were going. He is doing well and should go home at the end of the week. — Jackie


  1. David’s place is really coming along which is awesome! So glad Javid is doing better. I’m sure it was all a scary time and everyone is relieved now. God bless.

    • Yes, he’s back home at the group home now and feeling much better. We’re glad it went well and they caught it early.

  2. What a happy Granddaughter you have! I insulated all the walls on a house I helped build once and I can tell you it was no picnic! Hats off to David’s friend! I itch just thinking about it. Prayers for Javid for a full recovery.

    • She is such a good baby too! I’m thinking she’ll be using tools really early. David “helped” nail down the floor on our Montana cabin when he was two years old.
      Javid is home and doing well so we’re all relieved.

  3. For what it’s worth, My mom had colon cancer – 47 years ago. She will be 94 on her next birthday. Good luck to you guys!

  4. That is one beautiful baby! Babies laughing is one of the really good things in life.

    I am sorry to hear of Javid’s ordeal. I hope he recovers quickly and the cancer never recurs. I don’t think I’ve ever heard the story of his adoption.

    The cabin is coming along! Hope they can get a lot done before winter.

    • Delilah is such fun! Javid’s doing well now and is glad to be out of the hospital. We got him from an orphanage in Calcutta after adopting a 12 year old girl a year earlier. He had many health issues and as soon as that cute 7 year old came off the plane, we set about getting them addressed; severe bed sores, scoliosis and malnutrition. He had 31 surgeries at Gillette Children’s Hospital in St. Paul, in all, plus scattered ones later in life. But he’s an upbeat, polite guy who loves visiting with people.
      I doubt if David and Elizabeth will be moving in before winter as when you build a house mostly on weekends and have a child, it goes a lot slower than when you aren’t working and are single. But it’s getting more done all the time.

  5. I enjoy reading about your family and the ups and downs. Your grand baby is adorable and praying your adopted son makes a full recovery.

    • Javid is doing well and is out of the hospital now. They caught the cancer very early so the prognosis is good. Thank you God!

  6. It is so great when men friends get together to work like that. I think you’re very right about Delilah. A lot of first born daughters turn out just like their fathers. My first born daughter is so much like my husband. She wants to build, and she likes tools! It’s wonderful to see your kind heart, Jackie. I pray for your family almost daily. Love in the Lord,

    • Thank you so much for the prayers! I love when those men friends get together too. Our oldest son, Bill, is still friends with men he went to grade school, then high school with and they often get together for work and play. That’s just so cool!!
      Hey, I was that first born daughter so maybe that’s why I LOVED to build things and still do! I think I was Dad’s “boy”; we fished, camped, canoed, sailed and built lots of things together where my sisters played with dolls and weren’t interested.

  7. What a time for Javid. I hope the cancer was limited and lymph nodes negative. I’m so glad he had the screening colonoscopy. He can join all the other cancer survivors. Living with cancer is a constant worry. Delilah has a beautiful smile. Insulating is a necessary task that is no fun. He’s making progress on his home. We got a 3/4 rain fall last night that was a life savor. My Cyclon peppers are a Polish heirloom that are dehydrated to make a very hot spice. They are doing nicely. Even with the dry weather I have had a bumper crop of green beans now canned. We just completed pickling a lot of cucumbers. Onion harvest has begun. My prayers for Javid.

    • I hear you, Everett; living with cancer is a constant worry. After 16 years of being cancer free, every time I get a pain or lump somewhere, there’s that nagging worry; what if?????? There were cancer cells only in one polyp and I’m pretty sure the lymph biopsy came back negative as he hasn’t gotten THE CALL, which we all fear. The letter is much better, meaning all is well.
      Thank you for your prayers. They mean a lot. I’m glad your garden is doing well despite this awful drought. Rain sure perks everything up, doesn’t it??? I wish the hay crop was better though; it’s too late for anything to help that…..

  8. There is nothing like a baby’s laugh! She is adorable. Many prayers for
    Javid and all your family.

  9. Prayers for Javid .

    Everything is looking good at David’s place, especially that precious little girl !

  10. Beautiful happy baby. Prayers for Javid (Colon cancers are usually very slow growing, so early detection and surgery sounds very positive). That’s my oncology nursing experience talking.
    We always used the encapsulated fiberglass, Stan hated the loose fibers, so it was just easier and more comfortable.

    • Yes, the prognosis for his cancer is very good. Thanks for your experience!!! I wish David could use encapsulated fiberglass but it’s more expensive and it’s on special order around here so you can’t just walk in and buy so many batts or rolls when you have the cash handy.

  11. Prayers for your whole family – especially Javid and his medical team. Thanks for sharing the updates!

  12. Javid has had his challenges. May God bless him and send His angels to bring him total healing and peace.

  13. Encapsulated fiberglass insulation solves all the itch problems. I don’t like the thought of fiberglass floating around and stuck in clothes forever so I always use it. It does cost a bit more.

  14. I volunteered for Habitat for Humanity for awhile and had to install insulation frequently. Baby powdered applied beforehand helps prevent the fubers from sticking.

  15. Warm thoughts and prayers for Javid. What a trooper. Delilah is absolutely a beautiful baby doll and that grin just melts my heart. Thanks for the update on the cabin.

    • We were so happy she enjoyed the noise and activity. A lot of babies would have been afraid and cried through it all.

  16. SO very thankful that that the surgery was successful and that you were able to be with Javid.
    When does David hope to occupy his new home? Looks like it is coming right along. And, Will weeded the whole Wolf garden by himself! Golly, blessing upon blessing and thankful you are receiving them! Marilyn in SW Missouri

    • David is just working one day at a time, as he has the time. His work at Ziegler Caterpillar is physically demanding so the only time he can work is on some weekends. So he just keeps plugging away at it.
      Yes, Will did weed most all of the Wolf garden himself with our smaller rototiller and by hand. What a guy, huh??? lol

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