We’ve been hoping for a respite from our darned catalog’s mailing list problems and thought it was done; then today we found out somehow the internet fairies absconded with a third of the list! So today, instead of baking Christmas cookies like I’ve been planning for nearly a week now, I tried to help Will fix the problem. We even called in son, Bill, who works with Excel every day at work and is pretty darned computer savvy, which we definitely are not. Finally, about 2 o’clock, we sent the missing part of the list off to the printer. Please God, let it be a done deal!

Will in “I hate computers” mode.

While we were desperately working on the Seed Treasures mailing list, we did have to laugh; Buffy, the rescue kitten first stretched out fully on the couch and took a nice nap. Then, afterward, she started playing with a basket I’d set on the couch. Such fun! Who needs cat toys? She loves everything from a corn cob to a wayward fly on the window.

Buffy thought it was way more fun to play than say bad words over the computer!

Buffy did get in trouble this morning though. She was tearing around the house and didn’t see Mittens lying on the couch. Running full tilt, she launched and landed right in the middle of her “older sister,” who did not think it was cute or funny. No blood was spilled though.

Well, you all have a peaceful and lovely Christmas and enjoy your family. — Jackie


  1. Our Christmas week began with our son getting married to his fiance from Sweden. She arrived the 21st and married in our living room officiated by my husband. They are honeymooning now, until they fly back to Sweden the 31st. Next year they will return to the USA to travel and look for a ‘fav’ place to make home. Such a wonderful start to 12 family members coming for Christmas! God is so good!

  2. What a joy to hear from you and to see the adorable pictures of the cat. I am enjoying all your posts. Hoping you had a Merry Christmas and looking forward to a Happy New Year. It sounds as if you and Will are working hard. Take a break and rest. The work will still be there when you are rested. Bette

  3. Looking forward to the catalog. Ready to place an order. We do so appreciate everything you and Will do for all of us. Y’all are the best!!! You inspire us to try harder.

    Hope your Christmas was the best ever!!
    Love you two.

    • Aww, how sweet! The catalogs are mailing today so everyone should get theirs soon. (We hope!!) We did have a wonderful Christmas. Have a very Happy New Year!

  4. Yeah, that look Will had with computers-had the same look as I tried to make a scan into a pdf file via IPad/sigh! Lol! Merry Christmas and a great Nee Year!

    • I make sour cream with almond extract cut out cookies, dip Ritz crackers, filled with peanut butter in chocolate almond bark, then there are spritz and shortbread. (I only could do major baking on ONE day (including 3 pies) so that was all I could manage.

  5. Merry Christmas to you and the family. I hope you take a couple days of much deserved rest. I am hosting Christmas dinner this year so no rest for me. I got my “old catalog” , Thank you. Looking forward to the new one. This year’s garden is going to be bigger. My hubby is seeing the difference in the foods we eat compared to what isn’t always available in our area. God bless you all.

  6. What a comfortable cat! She truly loves and feels safe in her forever home.

    May God richly bless your family and garden this year. The Lord helps them who help themselves and you guys rate an A+ in that category.

    Merry Christmas!

  7. Merry Christmas to you and your family, including the furry ones, and Happy New Year as well. I do enjoy reading your blogs and appreciate that even while you are so busy you still manage to post something.

  8. We are all so grateful to you and Will, Jackie. Omicron is so plentiful here in Northern California that my husband and I are lying low and avoiding shopping. Thanks to you two we have lots of home canned veggies and fruit, food staples stored in our storage closet and meat in the freezer. Many of God’s blessings for you and your human
    And animal family in 2022. Btw the President Garfield tomatoes are early and delicious. I highly recommend them! Merry Christmas!

    • We love President Garfield tomatoes too. Aren’t they so pretty too? Yep, unfortunately, there’s lots of Omicron around here too. So, I’m not doing any post-Christmas buying, like usual. We’re just staying home and sure don’t feel put-upon to do so. We love being here!!! Happy New Year.

    • I’m sure plenty of folks work harder than we do. But thanks. It’s kind of like living 100 hobbies; yep, it is “work” but we enjoy what we do so figure that doesn’t count! Happy New Year.

  9. Merry Christmas to the couple
    That keeps me inspired with my
    Struggling in the Gardening department
    Always look forward to your newsy
    Updates. Prayers for your family
    In the year ahead. That seed
    Catalog is just a treasure 😁😁

    • I sure wish I could put more information and stories in the catalog but it gets pretty expensive for us to print as it is. I’m glad you like it. Merry Christmas, Joann, and have a very Happy New Year!!

  10. Merry Christmas to you and your family ( including your animalfamilymembers😉). I hope and pray that 2022 will be a trouble free year for all. Take care and God Bless.

    • Oh heck Reg, we’ve been struggling in vain??? Nope. We just received two big boxes of the new catalog today so I’m thinking the others will go out soon. Merry Christmas!!

  11. Wishing you and Will a Merry Christmas. Hope yall have fun with family and friends. I enjoy reading yalls post on a regular basis.

  12. Jackie, what a morning! I’d rather bake cookies for sure. I’m cooking my turkey a day early and boning it out so there is one less thing to do tomorrow. It will be less picture-esque, but this year it’s only the two of us, so that’s ok with us. I received your catalog very quickly, thank you. We are now poring over it to see what goodies we can order, a pleasant activity. We have temperatures in the high eighties for the next couple of days, and a total of six days in the 80s, counting today. Even for Texas that’s pretty extreme! Wishing you a lovely Christmas!

  13. God bless you all and Merry Christmas. I pray we all have a wonderful new year and may it be the year our Lord and King returns!!! ❤

    • And I’m going to make things harder; just wait until you get the 2022 catalog! We’ve added some great new varieties to our already super lineup. Merry Christmas!!!

  14. Merry Christmas to you, Will & family (and the critters, too)! Praying for a better 2022 for each & everyone as well as a great growing season & harvest this next year. We can only PRAY that our country returns to the once-great nation it was and all of the problems we have been faced with this past year (and currently) can be resolved with PEACE ON EARTH for everyone. Much Love & Blessings to everyone from the DEEP SOUTH!

    • Here’s ‘thanks’ to the Lord for His faithfulness. We have no fear or trepidation here in far north California, for we lean on God, and He makes us strong in our spirit, soul, and body. It will be messy, difficult, and ugly this coming year, but “America will be saved”, saith the Lord.

  15. Spent yesterday baking Christmas cookies AND canning tomatoes. Talk about multi tasking. Zone 9 gardening is every season’s tasks rolled into 1 day. Planning, preparing, planting, weeding, thinning, pruning, harvesting, composting, preserving, and enjoying. But, my neighborhood’s homeless sure enjoyed the cookies as a finale to their hot meal and Christmas presents. Now to start on the baking for this weekend.

    • Hey, we homesteaders are supreme multi-taskers!!! I’m so happy you baked cookies for the homeless this year. We were sad to hear 72 homeless folks died in Duluth (the nearest big city, 100 miles south of us) just this year; a 1/3 to drug overdoses. It makes us truly grateful as any of us could have been one of them….. You have a wonderful Christmas!!

    • You should have seen the look on both of their faces. Priceless!!! Sometimes Buffy just doesn’t notice Mittens when she’s running around, playing and oops! There she is!!! Eeek!!

      • LOL!! Poor Mittens is pretty much invisible, isn’t she? So far so good with our new addition. Been a couple of nose kissing and *no* hissing, puffing, growling, or ear flattening. Helps that the new addition is *not* a kitten (established cat is a teenager).
        If allowed, new addition would likely be doing a Buffy on the couch but house rules vary from house to house. Established cat has been well behaved as I’m not quite ready for the two to be behind closed doors together at night. So good the better half asked where she’s been sleeping (on the bed not that he noticed LOL!!)


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