Although we were really ready for all the snow to be gone and woke up to two more inches and falling snow this morning, we aren’t too bummed about it. After last summer’s severe drought, it’s great to see the beaver ponds overflowing and the creeks running way out into the fields and pastures. Northern Minnesota is known for cold and snow, and mosquitoes, but NOT drought! We were sure fighting to keep everything going last summer. It looks like that was just a bad dream now, with the ground squishy everywhere. My little donkey planter, in the front yard, is now totally out of the snow so we know spring is really coming after this spring snow. (Hey, out west, they got not inches but two to four feet out of this system so we’re not complaining!)

See? My little donkey planter is completely out of the snow!
Even though it’s snowing outside, the seedling tomatoes and peppers are happily growing in their little greenhouses.

Does anyone out there, by any possible chance, have any Venice Bootleg pepper seeds? My friend, who was helping us, packed the very last packages and they were mailed out before I realized what had happened. I love this hot pepper and sure hope I can get a few more seeds planted. I only ended up with two seeds, planted them and have one plant up. That’s scary. I’ll be very happy to buy a pack of seeds at triple the price you paid or trade for some other seeds. — Jackie


  1. Predicting about 1 1/4″ snow for us. Then good chance of rain Wed & Fri with temps getting up to the 60s then high 70s on Saturday (I’ll believe it when I feel it).
    Glad you’re getting the Venice Bootlegger seeds – might be time for a “seed safe” lol..

    • Got one, but I was missing the Venice Bootleg seeds. We just got 6″ of wet snow. Ugh!

  2. Just got caught up on your blogs-what a start to the year you have had. So glad Will is doing good and your knee is healing (need those knees!). Even though you still have some snow, those plants you are starting have you dreaming green all over. Have been hearing the cranes for months it seems-glad some have reached you. Tapped our Maples (two of them) got 38 gals of sap which made 6 pints syrup for us. Heard we might get some snow tonight-not much -it’s not going down without a fight even in Illinois. Do stay well.Happy Easter.

    • Wow, 6 pints of syrup! How great! We got snow last night, but this time of the year, it won’t be here long.

  3. I’m so thankful to the Lord for our 1-2″ rain in the last 4 days, in this drought-stricken far north California. I have some hot weather vegetable plants up, and others are still hiding in the soil, because our temps have been in the forties. It snowed in the mountains around us. For one of my squash, the high winds broke it’s stem trunk, but others of the same are barely up to replace it. We’ll have plenty. Sure like your updates and advice, Jackie. Keeping ya’ll in my prayers always.

    • Thank you so much. In New Mexico, we had so much wind I had to put wood shingle wind breaks around our squash and tomato plants to keep them from breaking off at ground level. Thanks for your prayers!!

  4. I’d just like to tell everyone that a good friend in California is sending me some Venice Bootleg pepper seeds. Thank you Mia!!! And thanks to all of you too.

  5. Wish I had some of those seeds! With all the help and wonderful resource You have been over the years-would have gladly sent some your way!

    • I know you would have Ginger. Fortunately, I do have some on the way! Whew. I hate losing a great variety.

  6. I wish I had the seeds. I’d give them to you. Glad your coming out of a drought. My area, south east Idaho, got more snow with a lot on the passes. Which is why we are not at the house yet. Driving a moving truck through snow when you haven’t done in years is a bit scary. I’m going up around the first. I need to get stuff in the right place. Cross country moving is a challenge. I know you’ve done it several times. My hat’s off to you. I hope you and Will are doing better.

    • Boy, I hear you! We moved here in February and had -25 all through North Dakota. With livestock. Not fun!!! Good luck and my prayers are with you.

  7. That donkey planter is adorable! Your seedlings are looking very nice. Makes me anxious to get planting. Glad you missed the blizzard. Feet of snow doesnā€™t sound fun at all. Have a great week!

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