After seemingly a month’s worth of cloudy, cool days and rain, it is finally starting to feel more like May. My daffodils are going totally crazy. The first ones I planted have multiplied and multiplied until they’re nearly solid in the daylily bed! That’s cool because just as they’re getting done, the daylilies are getting going so you don’t see the wilted, brown leaves of the poor daffodils.

This weekend, David and family were up, working on the house. Or, should I say, getting ready to have the septic put in. To do that, the installer has to have the county inspector come out and check out the soil on David’s hill. Will had to first fix the backhoe, so he could dig the 6-foot-deep holes the inspector needed to see and bulldoze several trees out of the way so the installer could work at installing the septic tank and drain field. (Isn’t it great to have equipment, instead of having to hire someone to come in?) So, Will got busy, shoving trees down and David cut them up to carrying-length poles and stacked them on his wood pile.

Will and David got busy, clearing the site for the new septic system.

After all was done, Delilah got lessons in riding Daddy’s old foot-powered “bike.” It was funny as she already knows how to drive a battery-operated kiddie airplane, stepping on the peddle to make it go. She couldn’t quite figure out you had to actually “walk” the bike to make it go, but both Dad and Grandpa helped her out. I’m sure she’ll grow to love it, just like Dad did. It has lots of miles on it already!

Grandpa Will and Dad, helping show Delilah how to run Dad’s old “bike.”

Our greenhouse plants are getting huge and lusty, but we don’t dare plant outside yet as we probably will still have a frost or two. The broccoli, cauliflower, and squash seeds are popping out of the soil in their Styrofoam cups. It’s just like magic — they come up so fast and strong!

Our first Hopi Pale Grey squash seeds are popping up this morning, continuing the tradition that started our seed business.

The new Mother’s Day Kubota came home from the dealer yesterday, sporting its new front end loader. Will had ordered it with a loader and agricultural tires but they didn’t have the loaders in yet and it came with turf tires. When they got the loaders in Will took the tractor back to the dealer to have a loader put on and change the tires. Now it looks like it’s ready to do business! I have lots of projects for it already. I was amazed at how fast the entire loader comes off. With no back-breaking lugging at all! How convenient — especially for this Grandma. Gardens, look out! — Jackie


    • It really is. And there are lots of maple trees around it, which turn gorgeous red in the fall.

  1. Those flowers are almost as beautiful bas Delilah! I love littles at that age. So innocent and eager.
    I’m jealous of your squash. Mine hasn’t even germinated yet!
    I can’t wait to see pictures and hear stories of the wonderful things you and the Kubota are up to!

    • I love watching little kids discover all they can do. I’m wowed at our flowers this spring. And they didn’t get squashed by late snow either!

  2. What a lovely weekend! Would love to see more pictures of David’s cabin as he continues working on it. Glad you are getting some spring weather now and will soon be planting. My garden is up and mostly doing well. I think I’m going to need to replant some squash. Have a great week!

  3. Oh I love having equipment. We’ve been using our backhoe to pull our and push over trees that are in the way of the garden expansion. The kids love to sit on the fenders while my husband tears our trees and moves the dirt. They sure are glued to him like pigs to mud!

    Glad they will get an actual septic and not holding tank. I wish we had sand enough for one! But alas, all clay here as far as the eye can see.

    My kids love their little push “bikes” I have many, trains, a giraffe, an elephant, a horse, a scooter, and several more. They are good for the kids. Builds strong muscles for running and climbing.

    Met a new couple down the road who bought an old goat farm. They are young, probably my age, and want to do green house gardening. We didn’t have much time to talk, but I’ll make fast friends I’m sure. Always looking to meet new people and help them along on this journey!

    • Isn’t that great when you get neighbors who are like-minded folk? It makes networking so much fun too.

  4. So glad David’s place is coming along. It will be nice to have it completed. I remember my younger brothers “bike”. We all had fun trying to ride it. So fun and we managed not to squash it. Here in western Maine we can see into June on the 10 day forecast and it looks all clear from frost. Getting all the beds ready now and can’t wait to start putting things in. Pyro

    • Us either, Pyro! David is making great strides in his house now that good weather has finally arrived.

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