Unfortunately, my handicapped, adopted son, Javid, developed a bone infection from a pressure sore he’s been fighting for some time. He was in the ICU for a while, on IV antibiotics and was recently released with oral antibiotics. However, they’re talking about the possibility of having to amputate his leg. You can imagine how upsetting that is to all of us. So, a lot of back-and-forth discussions with caregivers, doctors, nurses, etc. We’re praying daily for this to turn around for him.

David was up on the weekend, working on the sheetrock in his cabin. Finally, the weather was cool enough to work. The last time he came it was 92 degrees in the house! We were excited as finally the septic permit came in the mail. This means they can start to put the septic system in, hopefully before the ground freezes.

We have been crazy busy, trying to get ahead of the pigweed in the gardens. The warm weather, coupled with the rains we’ve had, has made it shoot up. In the North Garden, it got so bad that Will started using the lawnmower to mow the weeds down before tilling. That worked well, but he was getting pooped. I suggested using the Cub Cadet riding mower and boy did that make it easier for him. Just mowing made a huge difference and tilling in the remainder will be so much easier. Then it’s just the hand weeding between the plants.

Will mowed down the pigweed in our North Garden before tilling between the rows.

Some of our corn is getting shoulder high already. The Seneca Blue Bear Dance corn is nearly as tall as I am and starting to tassel out. This rare corn is so beautiful and I’m happy it’s doing so well this year.

This is our Seneca Blue Bear Dance corn; it’s higher than my head!

I needed a day off so yesterday, I drove down to watch my granddaughter, Ava, have her riding lesson, a two-and-a-half-hour drive down. It was so much fun watching that little girl up on that big Walking Horse gelding.

Look at that big smile. No, Ava’s not afraid to canter!

Yesterday was her first time to canter on the lunge line. The instructor asked if she was worried about it and if she got scared to let her know and she would stop the horse. But no fears there! Ava had the biggest smile on her face when Giddeon started cantering. She didn’t want to stop but asked when they would go faster! Ava’s a little daredevil. — Jackie


  1. Hi Jackie, running behind on my email and seeing this post. I’m very sorry to hear about Javid’s health woes. It’s so hard for wheelchair bound folks to stay healthy. I’ll put him on our prayer list. Hope he gets better!

  2. We’re confident the septic will be in by freezing weather. Thank goodness. Yep, he’ll pump his tank every few years, which is recommended here. We do the same and ours has been trouble free for 17 years now.

  3. Prayers for you all. Ava sure looks like she is having a blast on that horse! The corn looks great. I don’t have space to grow corn and the guy I had contacted this spring to buy some from has had a total crop failure. Hopefully I can get some from another truck farmer. Great idea to mow the weeds before tilling. What a labor saver. You and Will be sure to get some rest. It’s been a rough year with Wills heart, your knees and now Javids health. I so enjoy your blog and all the information you share and selfishly want you all healthy to continue what you are doing. Continued prayers.

    • Thanks Marilyn. We discovered how much better tilling was after mowing, several years ago. You don’t end up with tall weeds clogging the tiller’s tines that way. I hope you can find another source of sweet corn!

  4. Sending up smoke signals to the Great Healer for Javid.

    I’m pretty sure weeds think it’s their job to take over the world. “Nay!” we say! That’s a great mow-before-you-till technique.

  5. Praying for Javid. Hopefully the outcome will be the best one.

    Our pigweed has taken over as well. I didn’t think about mowing it though, that’s a good idea!

    • Thanks Melissa. The only good thing about pigweed is that it is edible and, in a pinch, it’s survival food! I still hate it, though!

  6. Prayers for Javid and all of you caring for him. Added stress and worry when you do not need it. Take care in knowing that our Lord is watching and has a plan for him.He will call Javid home when the time is right.

    I do not know your permitting process for MN, but we got into a fight with the county over the siting of our replacement drain field and septic tank. They wanted it uphill from the house and my husband said absolutely not – it would go where the original drainline (only) was – down hill. Eighteen years later, when our power was out for 11 days due to an ice storm, running a septic pump was one less thing to worry about. Gravity is free and always works! You just need to plan for it. Sometimes a fight can be well worth it when you have a good reason!

    • Thank you Holly. We’re all set with David’s septic. The design has been approved and the septic will be on the hill, across from the house. A perfect site with plenty of gravel for drainage and NO pump required.

  7. Built log cabin with erection by sweet Amish young men from Libby, Mt. In 2004 in NW Montana near Glacier Park.tried to follow all rules, including waiting 6 months for septic permit, then cost of almost $25k to install engineered septic to county specs. Flash forward to now and we have 20 acre property owners above our 20 acre homestead who refuse to unstall septic, so blackwater probably flows downhill to our homestead. Have written many emails asking for help frim Flathead County, who dictated install of septic on our property. They refuse to enforce county regs thst WE had to adhere to for these prooerty owners. We are in our 70’s and in fixed income, so no money for lawyer. Just wanted to let you know we admire you and Will tremendously for all you have overcome to achieve you dreams. Life aint fair, but we persevere until we die!

  8. Sorry about Javid and hope the health issues are successfully treated. Pressure sores are a battle! Prayers for you all; hope your knees are stable too.

    • Thanks Katherine! So far, after the cortisone injections, my knees feel much better. But I am trying to take it easy with them, wearing a support when necessary.

  9. Praying for Jarvis and for wisdom for you guys as you navigate the complexities of the medical system!

    • Thanks Jen. Sometimes the medical system gets pretty confusing, especially when it comes to what Medicaid will and will not pay for.

  10. I am sorry about your son’s health. It is unbelievable what life gives us at times. I pray that your health is OK. I always hearing about life with your family, and your property. Bette

    • Nobody gets through life with only good. We’ve all got our challenges, don’t we??

  11. I’ll be praying for Javid. And you two be cautious in the heat, even though it is a bit cooler; don’t let it fool you. It is still hot!

    • Thanks Jan. We do watch the heat. Fortunately, it’s been in the mid 60’s for a couple of days. And, seeing the horrible heat in the country, elsewhere, we’re very happy!

  12. Oh Jackie! Sending prayers all the antibiotics take care of Javid’s infection! What an enormous heartbreaking decision you all are faced with. Semt with much love and prayers. Ava sure has grown!

    • Thanks so much Diana! We love watching those grandkids grow, seemingly overnight. Ava’s brother, Mason, is taking driver’s ed. Holy cow, where do the years go???

  13. Prayers to Javid. Miracles do happen.

    My mouth is watering just looking at your corn. We do not have room to plant and it is going to be so expensive to buy fresh corn this year.

    Are you still selling seed? I want to send an order in to have for next year.

    • Thanks Betty. I know they do. Long ago, the doctors discovered lung cancer in my dad’s lungs and gave him 3 months to live at 80. We all prayed like crazy and on his next x-ray, there was no cancer. A coincidence? I don’t think so!!

      Yes, we sell seed, year-around.

  14. Your corn looks amazing! We will be praying for Javid to fight the infection and keep his leg. Ava is adorable!

  15. So sorry to hear about your son’s health issues. I’m thankful none of my kids have major health issues. BTW, what are the cuke, melon looking plants by your corn?

    • Those are Sweet Granite muskmelon vines. I can’t wait until the melons come ripe!

  16. Praying for God’s direction and guidance as decisions are made regarding Javids health.

    Garden wise-we’re in a drought and no rain in over a month and record breaking heat here in Oklahoma. On top of that, our rural water system has been down much of the month and little pressure when the water is on. Garden is basically gone. I have been hauling water from town for the animals and household use. I am 77 and husband is invalid. I can only do so much. Hope is on the horizon for a water well.

    The best to everyone for getting started on preparing for winter.

    • Prayers for you! The Lord is faithful. I used to live in Tahlequah and Gore, and still have a friend near Tulsa. I was married in Tulsa and had our first child there.

    • Gee Sheryl, I sure wish I could send you some of our rain!! We’ve been in drought several times during our homestead “careers” and I know well how devastating it is. I’ll add you to our prayers, that you get relief and water soon.

  17. I’ve always felt that a big lawn mower was one of my best gardening tools! Sometimes, you’ve just gotta blast ’em and move on.


    • So true! It can’t do those nasty weeds any good to mow them down to the ground. Anyway, it makes us feel better!

  18. Sorry to hear about Javid’s health issue. It is a blessing he can communicate – that was a challenge with Mom. Dad would have to watch for “signs” something was hurting and/or the (at times initial/suspected) signs of an infection. Upside is at least his caretaker/medical professionals communicate with you – that is not always the case these days.
    It sure would be nice to get the septic system in before it freezes as I’m sure at least one inspection will be required. And unlike some homeowners, I’m sure David will maintain his system aka pump – you’d be amazed at how many people refuse to pump on a regular basis.
    Been watching my free “entertainment” tonight – Rescue 1 (R1) and Rescue 2 (R2) have been putting on a show.

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