In addition to harvesting and saving seeds, last week I drove our friend, Tom, down to Mayo Clinic for an appointment. Rochester is about a 5-hour drive from here, right through St. Paul’s traffic. But it all went well, and we got home with no problems. Just the day before David and Elizabeth’s wedding! (Yep, my butt cheeks were petrified!) On Friday, I got a bit caught up, seeding out some more tomatoes while resting. Two of them were astounding! They were new-to-us, named (not by us!) Cow’s Tit and Goat Bag. Both are huge paste tomatoes, with Goat Bag being the largest paste tomato I’ve ever seen. It’s the size of a giant’s softball. And it has very few seeds. Wow! And Cow’s Tit? Well, it’s really big and meaty, having the size of a really big cow’s teat. Both were very flavorful and will make excellent sauce. Definite keepers!

Goat Bag tomatoes are huge!

On Saturday, we set out in our good clothes (instead of raggedy, dirty jeans and holey T shirts) for the wedding. Luckily, we had a beautiful, sunny, fall day. The colors were gorgeous, and the temperature was fall warm. We enjoyed the beautiful wedding, mixed with solemn moments and funny ones. Just before the bride (Elizabeth) made her entry, the little boy, who was the ring bearer, came with Delilah in her pretty dress, down the aisle. All went well until he began tossing rose petals on the aisle. Delilah stopped to pick them up. I guess she thought they shouldn’t be on the floor! He ran back to try to retrieve her, but she refused and kept picking up petals. Finally, her grandma had to go back and pick her up. By then, I don’t think there was a dry eye in the church, as everyone was laughing so hard. But the wedding progressed beautifully, and soon, Elizabeth was David’s wife and we all headed to the reception.

Elizabeth and David exchanging vows.
Here’s our family, who were able to attend David and Elizabeth’s wedding.

It was so nice to have much of the family all together. Many of us haven’t seen each other for years and years. My late husband, Bob’s, daughter, Lisa and grown grandchildren, Brock and Phoenix flew in from California and my stepdaughter, Randie, and her grown daughter and the great grandkids all came too. Randie, from Massachusetts and my granddaughter and her kids from southern Wisconsin. We all had such a great visit with all family and friends. I even danced with Will for the very first time! My knees were not so good, so we just slow danced. But he got out there and shook his bootie with daughters, Lisa and Randie. Such an enjoyable time!

I even got to dance with Will!

Yesterday, Lisa and family got to come out to the homestead, and we had a wonderful visit. We also took them out to the cemetery to visit Bob’s grave and then out to dinner at our local hangout, The Wooden Table.

Now, David and Elizabeth are headed out west for their honeymoon, so we wish them a wonderful trip and many sweet memories. — Jackie


  1. The bride looks lovely! That picture with them clasping hands is frame-worthy.

    I laughed out loud about those tomato names 😹

  2. Sandi and I were very happy to be able to spend some time with you all on David’s special day! I wish we could have stayed a while longer, but…

  3. Looks like you all had a great time! In July, we got to see all 4 kids, all 8 grandkids, and the great grandbaby!

  4. Love this! And thank you for posting the pictures, Jackie. Sounds like a really nice time for everyone. I’m definitely sorry I couldn’t make it. You look great, by the way!

  5. Congrats to all. Sounds like many of us had a great fall day weather on Saturday. Always nice to see family on a happy occasion.

  6. Congratulations to all. May David and Elizabeth have a long wonderful life together. What great pictures of the family and it will make a sweet memory of that special day. So glad you got to enjoy yourselves. Prayers for a good week.

  7. Our daughter was married on Saturday as well! It was a beautiful fall day here in the rockies as too! Congratulations all around ❤️

  8. Sounds like the perfect weekend. Always nice to see relatives and old friends. Perfect dress for the fall with all the beautiful fall colors. You are right we don’t get dressed up very often. I love to see men especially all dressed up perhaps because they don’t do it very often, Women dress up more. I’m so glad you enjoyed the wedding. You will remember it the rest of your life and it will bring smiles to your face.

    • Yes, it will. You’re right. It was great to see the men all dressed up (and shaved!!). Will even cut his hair for the occasion. It was a wonderful day!

  9. Nothing like a wedding with family together and everyone looking so spiffy to bring smiles and even a few tears. Such a beautiful bright spot in an often dreary world. Congratulations to the happy couple!!

  10. Congratulations to the whole family – especially the newlyweds!

    Thank you for sharing these happy memories! It is so nice when family can enjoy time together.


    P.S. I love your outfit – especially the colors.

    • Thanks Stephanie. I looked at that outfit for a year or more and finally decided that was the one for a fall wedding.

  11. Congrats to all and to you for a special dance with Will! Like gets chaotic for sure!

    I love the sound of those new tomato varieties for sure. I’ve been sharing my love of your seeds with anyone who will listen, and giving away lots of samples of squash, beans, and tomatoes.

    Things here are busy with the beginning of fall and processing. I canned all weekend and still have a ton to do. But tomorrow we will take advantage of the beautiful weather before the winds change.

    Here’s to a good week!

    • Amen, Melissa! We’re busy shelling beans and doing up the last of the tomatoes, plus melons and a few squash we’re starting to seed out. I hope it warms up as we still have onions and potatoes to get in.

  12. congratulations on a special weekend. So nice to get all the family together and glad you could enjoy it.

    • I am too. I was worried my knees wouldn’t take it but they did amazingly well. Now I should have got out there and shook my bootie with Will, shouldn’t I?? :)

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