I guess it won’t do any good to complain; it’s been snowing every day for a week now and most nights. It seems like fall has ended with a bang of white. We’ve got almost a foot down now, so we’ve been doing a lot of inside chores. Last night, I was cutting up some Olinka pumpkins, which have wonderful naked seeds inside while Will was shelling some rare Tuscarora Bread beans. Buffy was “helping” by lying in the crate of bean pods, on the sofa. Then, when I came back from rinsing off the Olinka seeds in the kitchen sink, I had to laugh. Buffy had given up on “her” bean pods and was sleeping upside down next to the bin of beans. Such hard work! It just tired her right out.

Buffy, after an evening’s hard work.

Will had his annual VA appointment and checkup and when we got home, there was a Breck’s box by our front door. In June I’d ordered four fancy peonies. And, yup, there they were. When the ground’s frozen and there’s a foot of snow! Gee, what am I supposed to do with those? Okay, Plan B. I’ll pot them up individually and keep them in the house over winter. And, hopefully, I’ll successfully plant them out in the spring. I love my peonies. And they transplant best in the fall. But we’ve run out of that season.

I love my flowers like this peony in the front yard.

— Jackie


  1. Hi Jackie! Love your snow and Buffy pictures. I need to get your catalog do some time today will go to the site. I hope you could help with some plant questions. Have heard of or used something called medlars? If so what are they the like? I’m trying to have
    on my property a variety of fruit and nut trees. I only have a smidge under half acre. But as much as possible I want a variety of edible things, especially those that I don’t have replant every year. Planning on peaches, apple and nut trees. Finally what do you think about the rumors of a food shortage for the country? Stay warm and have a great Thanksgiving.

  2. As usual, we’ll have a late Thanksgiving get-together on Saturday following Thanksgiving so Bill and his family plus David and his family, can feast with the in-laws. It doesn’t matter at all to us what day we get together. We are very flexible! Will and I will just have a nice dinner on Thanksgiving and give thanks for all we have.
    We will offer limited Tuscarora Bread beans for sale this year as we don’t have a lot because of the early freeze. I want to save a lot to plant next year. Wow, chestnuts! How great that is!

  3. What snow we got hasn’t really “stuck” except you we’re in the season of watching bridges and overpasses. I keep sending vibes to the un-homed cat (who I feed of course) to go to my cat loving neighbor who has shelter for outside cats. We’re at cat-pacity, already taking in two un-homed in less than a year. It just breaks my heart. Next accessory structure we build WILL have shelter for un-homed cats!
    Not sure when we’ll get a substantial amount of the “white stuff” but we’re ready. We are on the grid and that is one consideration when about an EV – you’re kind of out of luck when the power is out. Plus I’m still not sold on how well EV do in the snow (SUV or not). So for now I’ll be prudent with our gas vehicles, generator, and plenty of firewood.

    • You can make them insulated shelters out of old coolers, or rubbermaid totes and styrafoam. Stuff them with straw and they make very inviting shelters. I’ve made and given away nearly a dozen so far!

      • I have plenty of straw and would have no issue buying a Styrofoam cooler. I think the kiddo has done that so guess time to email her.

    • We’re waiting for an EV that does well in -40 when parked outside, not in a heated garage!! We’ve cut down on driving to save. Will just installed 12 new batteries for our solar array and boy, has that ever cut down on our generator use, even with the span of cloudy days we’ve been having.

    • She is quite the pretty tabby – almost dilute as just enough “tabby” markings. She also feels quite secure and safe by exposing her how-do-you-not-pet-it belly.

    • She started out buff-Siamese colored, but then began to change with the buff saddle. We’re not sure but love her color anyway. She’s a LOT bigger than when we got her in the ditch, last year!!!

  4. Snow here too just south of Superior 😆 Not as much as you though. Love the picture of your kitty cat. Stay warm, it’s getting cold out there!

    • Boy, that’s true. 1 degree F last night, with wind. Brrr!! Will even broke out his Carhartt coveralls this morning for the first time!

  5. Love the snow pictures that you post. I’m canning apple jelly today. I made the juice a week ago and it was 77 degrees and apples were for sale everywhere. Now, after the last rain, we have 20’s at night and 40’s as a high. Where did the fall go? We normally rake leaves on Thanksgiving Day while the turkey is roasting? Not this year….Stay safe and warm.

  6. Oh, the life of a cat! How do they get sooo comfortable? They’re such a BIG help with bean shelling. Lester just has to have a pod to play with and if you’re not quick enough giving him one he’ll reach out and snatch it himself. :)

    Such pretty snow! It’s rare here but we do get cold spells. We’ll probably get the first killing frost tomorrow. It’s supposed to get down to 25 and lows between 28 and 32 will hang around for four more days after that so this afternoon I’ve covered the turnips and carrot beds and also the young kale, cabbage etc. The older ones don’t mind the cold but I found out the hard way the young ones can get badly burned.

    • Yep, they’re kind of tender while little. We have so much fun watching our pets. Much more entertaining than most of the TV shows today! And a lot more “G” rating.

  7. I had a cinnamon point Siamese that looked just like Buffy. He was an amazing companion, even showering with me. I was heartbroken when he passed.

  8. Beautiful snow pic! Will you have the Tuscarora Bread beans for sale? We had snow last night (not much), its cold, wet and windy right now. Still canning up potatoes and sweet potatoes and glad for them. Got some chestnuts to roast and to make flour. Finished shelling King of the Early beans (ordered from you)- great crop of them even from a late planting.Glad Will’s checkup was good. What are you all planning for Thanksgiving?


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