All day, yesterday, I worked hard to get ready for being out of commission for a few days (I hope that’s all!). I’m scheduled to be at the hospital at 8:45 AM. I’m happy about it being a morning surgery but not real happy about traveling down that 90 miles on very slippery roads. Luckily, Will is going to drive me down and he’s a good driver. Last night I went into town to gas up the car and dry some clothes at the coin laundry as my new dryer decided to not work. About 40 mph was all I dared go as it is snowing and the 30 degree temps we’ve had made ice form under the snowpack. Ish!

These water lilies make me think of spring, not surgery.

David is going to move my computer, etc. downstairs, where I’ll be residing in Mom and Dad’s old bedroom tomorrow. So, if all goes well, I should be able to do some work on it in a few days. Until then, say a prayer for the surgery and I’ll be seeing you soon!

Flowers will be here soon!

— Jackie


  1. Thanks Dena,
    And yes Selena, I agree, we will wait. With their extended family and group of friends to keep informed, plus the large amount of daily duties and her recovery, their hands are full. At least hearing something positive has helped. It’s unlike Jackie to be silent for so long, but when back, she will be greeted by so many who have her in our daily thoughts. Miss you, Jackie!

  2. I message Backwoods home magazine and they said she was doing good with her surgery planning on getting back on her blog hopefully next week This message made me feel better Sure do miss you Jackie

  3. Thanks for the note, Katherine.
    Is there someone who would feel comfortable texting or talking to the family directly…like folks who have attended a seminar in the past…and ask to have an update posted on this blog? There’s SO many worried people here, and feel like something is wrong. Just asking….

    • While I too am concerned, I think we’ll have to accept the “Jackie is okay”. She had surgery and no two surgeries are alike. And I’m sure Will has had his hands full with the cold temps and snow (new or existing blowing).
      She’s motivated to get rehabbed in time for garden season so that is likely where her focus is.

  4. I contacted BHM to tell them of people’s concerns and I understand HIPAA rules but the person who answered the phone said Jackie is OK.

  5. Please have Will or David let ALL of us how you are! We think of you daily and pray for a complete and painless and speedy recovery. Having had five knee surgs,–including two complete replacements– let me ask you to please stay ahead of the pain by taking pain meds as necessary before your physical therapy. It really helps! All the best, jude

  6. Sheryl and I have been a tad worried about you. If you are unable to respond do you think Will or David could let us know how you are doing? You are a very big part of our lives and an inspiration to many. Missing you in my life. Deb

  7. good morning Jackie (i HOPE it IS a good one for you) prayers for a healthy recovery. prayers for you and family through this medical recovery period. listen to your PT person!

  8. Recovering from surgery (or 16 days in the hospital with pneumonia, like me) takes more time than you think. Don’t hurry it, we’ll be here when you make your next post.

  9. Hope you are recovering well, take care of yourself, so you will be all ready for spring planting!!
    Prayers for your speedy recovery.

  10. Hi Jackie- thinking of you and hope you are recovering! Boy- these bodies of ours cause us pain occasionally but we keep calm and carry on as my British Dad use to say. I know you are very resilient and will take good care so you can begin to prepare for your next garden season. Wishing you a successful recovery!

  11. Praying you have a total recovery and very soon! I have had 5 knee surgeries, and my advice is to stay ahead of the pain when you are going to have PT. (PLEASE). Take you pain meds FIRST, then exercise. This is not the time to be your usual wonder woman! We will be excited to hear you are home and recovering very comfortably ! Can not wait for you next blog. jude

  12. Jackie, we all wish you a speedy recovery and miss your wonderful blogs. If only this army of folks could swoop in and do the everyday chores and work, so Will and you could just do YOU! So many of us have gone through knee replacement surgery…personally, I spent some time during the process crying, but it passed. Continued prayers and hugs being sent your way, and better days are coming, if they aren’t here right now.

  13. I suppose that by now you are home and feeling pretty miserable. Even though surgeries help in the log run , the recovery is pretty bad. I am sorry for your pain and disciomfort.

  14. yesterdays over(praying it did) hopefully you are well an recovering

    remember don’t try too soon too much
    take care

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