Although it’s beautiful out today, with the sun shining brightly and no wind, the forecast is for a big snow arriving Wednesday evening through Thursday. Minneapolis is possibly going to get 20 inches or more with wind. Luckily, Minneapolis is 200 miles south of us so that storm might just swing east instead of north. But we don’t want to take chances. Will plowed the driveway this morning, as we just had six inches of new snow, and we don’t want that to add to another foot or so. This time of the year, the driveway starts to get narrower as there isn’t much of a place to put more snow. He may have to take the big dozer out and shove back the banks if we get considerable snow this time.

It won’t be long folks! Peonies in the spring…

My rehab is going pretty well. I’m even going in to work out on the machines on days I don’t have rehab. I do want this to heal up well, and I was kind of stuck on a 100-degree flex on my last visit. However, I’m now able to get up out of a chair or off of the couch without shoving off with my hands or having Will haul me to my feet. I’m also getting in the shower easier and am able to walk without the walker (carefully). Small steps, but encouraging, to be sure.

I’m sorting out my pepper seed packets, trying to decide what I’ll be planting and where to plant them all. Once that’s done, I’ll be starting to fill six-packs with ProMix, a few at a time, as I’m able, getting ready to start some after the first of March.

Here are our last year’s pepper seedling popping up.

I start some of my hot peppers very early, as they take a longer time to germinate and grow. This is especially true of the habanero types. Others, like chiles, Sugar Rush Peach and Hot Chinese, germinate and grow faster, so they’ll be planted a little later. With our greenhouse, I can get plants out there sooner, before they take over the house! I’m excited and can’t wait!

Look how green the tomato and pepper transplants look in the greenhouse. It perks me up looking forward!

— Jackie


  1. Glad that you’re continuing to get better! Good luck with the snow. Ice storms here in lower Michigan Wednesday and Thursday. Can’t wait to start the seed planting too!

  2. Getting snow here this late, in far north California, is seldom seen, and certainly not during the drought of the last few years, and certainly not in February! So it is snowing down to 500 ft. elevation. Amazing!

  3. Jackie, I’m in Southeast Ohio and honestly except for the cold snap we had in December this winter has been mild. I think the local weather said we’ve had less than 3” of snow this winter. We’ve had lots of rain. I too am looking forward to getting in the garden. I had three major hip surgeries in a 5 month period. Laying 2 of those months with a broken hip replacement. But praise God I’m 10 weeks out from my second revision and doing great. Not off the walker yet but sooo close. It’s hard for us busy gals to just be laying around. Hold on spring is so close. God bless you and your family.

  4. My Amish friends told me that they always wait until April 15th to put things in the ground. I am getting anxious and excited about Spring. It seems like it is taking longer to get here this year. The wild pear trees are blooming white and lots of buttercups but then we will have 40 degree weather one night and they wilt and then perk back up when sun gets back out. Now we are getting flash flood watches from the warm end of your snow storm. Keep your rehab up; but remember the tortoise and the hare. Don’t overdo. Take it slow and steady.

  5. As I was reading your message, it started to snow here at my place. Your message was encouraging even though to you it seems you are progressing slowly. But sometimes, slower is better. Enjoyed viewing your flowers. They are beautiful. I won two fruit trees at a Rare Fruit gathering, just got them in the ground yesterday avoiding to having to work in the snow to plant them.

  6. We have had snow for the past couple days. It drifted right down the middle of our shared driveway. We don’t have a tractor but hubbie does have a small snowblower.

  7. Great progress with rehab! Determination is the key to success. I sure feel bad for my northern neighbors. We are getting rain, but thankful it’s not freezing or snow. Stay in and be safe. Prayers for a good week.

  8. Happy you’re healing! The storm is starting with Lake Superior snow! We live 15 miles SW of Superior! Be careful out there, under all that snow is a sheet of ice!

  9. Delighted with your rehab
    Report. Just great to hear
    Progress. Takes longer than
    You want, but getting better
    Every day.

  10. Thanks for the tips on the peppers! I’m going to get my onion seeds going this week, then broccoli and some hot peppers next week. Can’t wait to try all of the seeds from your homestead!

    Heal quickly Jackie – we’re praying for you!

  11. So glad you are doing so much better. Hang in there, you will say “where did the time go”, I wouldn’t trade my knee surgery for anything.

  12. So glad to hear that rehab is progressing. I’m scheduled for left knee replacement on April 12th. Know 3 other folks who’ve had such surgery locally here in western WI. in past 3 months. All of you are my inspiration!!

  13. Slow and steady wins the race, glad you are getting better.
    We are at 8 degrees but no snow. That looks like one bad storm coming in. Hope everyone will be safe.
    Your peony is beautiful but that is one pest weed in front of it. I pull these out of my flower bed all summer and they leave your hands sticky. Forgot what they are called.

  14. We’re going to get rain/freezing rain/sleet/wintry mix – aka ice. Sad to say I suspect we’ll get closer to .5″ of ice than not. Most rural schools sent out the word closed/remote learning for the next day. I suspect the “city” schools will also close too. Less passengers on a school bus is not good on slick road and/or windy days (saw an empty one blow over when I was in elementary school).
    Glad the rehab is moving along. Still not near starting or planting time here. We’ve been in a cycle where we get snow, it all melts, then a day or two later another snowfall that covers it all up again. Have to watch my footing during melt time – leaves already on the ground plus some trees still dropping the last of their leaves covered by ice/snow covered ice. So do be careful if you venture outside.

  15. Wonderful to hear of your progress! Boy, those sit-to-stand exercises are a challenge….especially with a second knee with issues. Blessings as you heal.

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