After sub-zero temperatures a week ago, it doesn’t seem possible that it’s over 70 degrees F today, with full sun! But we’re really enjoying it. Because we built our house on a hill, we don’t have to worry about flooding that is threatening so many folks. Even my sister, who lives near Duluth, has her sump pump running 24/7 as she lives on somewhat low ground.

Will was teasing me with a sledge hammer after becoming frustrated hooking up the throttle cable.

As it’s been so nice, Will has been working on the Kawasaki Mule, trying to get it ready for (especially me) getting around when it’s time to plant the gardens. Yes, my knee is much better. But it’s still not “normal.” Take today, for instance, it was so nice I went out and sat on the four-wheeler, in the sun, just enjoying the warmth and getting some vitamin D. I thought about taking it for a spin but decided I’d better not push my luck — yet.

It was so nice and warm with lots of sun so I couldn’t resist going out on the dry driveway and sitting on the four-wheeler for a while.

Will’s finished building the flatbed for the ’99 Ford pickup. All he has to do now is to pressure wash and undercoat the underside of the frame and running gear of the truck, hopefully, to make everything last longer. As they really salt the roads here, that salt causes terrible rust on everything from fenders to brake lines. A little preventive treatment will make vehicles last longer, saving money and making them safer on the road.

I think the new flatbed on the truck looks very nice!

David’s working on his house again today, running gas lines for the propane appliances such as refrigerator, stove, tank less water heater, and furnace. He’s going to eventually add on so they can burn wood as a chief heat source. But, for now, just like we did when we built our house, he’ll have to depend on LP.

Although most of the snow is going, the plow berms on the flower beds are still substantial.

Most of the snow in our driveway has melted and there is getting to be more and more grass showing in the yard and orchard. There are big snow banks on the flower beds though. — Jackie


  1. So good to see you outside enjoying that sun! Boy do we know what you mean about those Montana windshields. UGH!!!
    Just curious, what does Will enjoy listening to on his headphones?
    Keep enjoying those sunny spring days when they come!

  2. Hello, Jackie and all, from far north golden California! His flat bed looks wonderful and it’s nice to hear David’s progress on cabin. What’s best is seeing you and will in pictures. Our snowy roads are treated with lava grindings, not salt, as opposed to your circumstance. Good to hear from you.

    • In Montana, they use gravel on the roads. We never met spring without having to have our truck’s windshield replaced!!

  3. Fertilizer and watering did the strawberry plants a world of good. While not many weeds and a few leaves that escaped me, got half the patch weeded/cleaned up. While watering is good, nothing beats good old rain which I hope comes to fruition this weekend. Otherwise the asparagus patch will need a good manual soaking as a few weeds have popped up as well as plants to be moved. I should fertilize it tomorrow – if nothing else this blog keeps me thinking re: what do I need to do.
    A few gaps in the garlic rows but I’ll be patient – they may just not be up yet.
    While it has been a moist winter, we do need that rain this weekend (and a bit more) to get the morels a-poppin. And now I see a decent chance for snow on Monday – doubt if it will be much. Likely will melt quick so again, counts as moisture.

    • Yep, it does. We’re due for some rain/snow too. I hope it’s rain as I’ve gotten pretty tired of snow! My daffodils are up about 4″, right as the big banks melt. Holy cow, I didn’t expect that. So nice!! They call rain “the poor man’s fertilizer” and I think that’s not far from wrong for all the good it does plants…..unless it comes in gully-washers.

      • Rain brings with it electricity, known as electroculture. Artificial rain (watering) just isn’t the same thing. Rain smells different and causes plants to jump in size, it is so special, thank the Lord.

  4. Your knee may never be back to “normal “ but you will get to a new normal. I had my left knee replaced 19 months ago. I did the exercises and pt but I don’t have quite the same range of motion I used to. I have been able to desensitize it so I can kneel for short periods by kneeling for like 30 seconds and then extending the time. It will come along and then it will take a big jump in feeling better.

    • I won’t be kneeling. My doctor says due to the plastic parts in the new knee joint, kneeling would wear the plastic out prematurely. So, if I can sit on a 5 gallon bucket, that’ll be fine. My non-surgical knee is shot so I couldn’t kneel if God, Himself, wanted me to. I can’t even remember “normal”, as it’s been many years of really bad pain. Any improvement would be a blessing!

  5. Sunshine and greening up and robins… spring has sprung! But it’s still around 29 at night, even tho it gets up into the 50’s during the day. We take what we can get here in Eastern Washington :)
    Glad to see new beginnings with your new knee. There is so much to be thankful for.

    • Yes, there is!! We finally got robins and purple finches, along with juncos. Slowly, the migration is coming north. Yea!!!

  6. That flatbed truck looks fantastic! Will did an excellent job. I envy you starting your garden. We will not be able to have one this year as my husband just had rotator cuff surgery and can’t run the tiller. I may sneak in a few tomatoes and cucumbers.

    • That’s a great idea, Cindy. I’d do that! And maybe a couple hills of squash as they’re so easy and productive!

  7. We sure could use some of your melting snow/rain here in Central Missouri. The ground is not too dry, but our ponds are very low. Warm here, too. I hope this is not a hint of the summer to come!

    • Boy, I hope not! I just heard in Florida somewhere, they got 15 inches of rain! Holy cow, a rain’s nice, BUT……..

  8. I saw a cardinal all decked out in his red feathers. My neighbor’s daffodils and mine also are just starting to bloom. I love daffodils and they aren’t hard to grow. My kutsara tree is budding so will have leaves very soon. Think I will go out and sit in the sun for a bit. its 82 degrees here in lower, lower MI. Are you done with PT on your knee? Seems like my mon had to go to PT for a while.
    Ruth Ann

    • Yep, I’m all done with PT. I went for months, plus exercising at home. That took a lot out of the day so I’m glad I’m done. A cardinal!! How nice. We have only had one here, last year, after 18 years. We’re at the very farthest north edge of their possible range. My daffodils are only 4″ high but I’m tickled to see them.

  9. You look like you are coming along just fine. Knee recovery is not a speeding thing. Down here in southern middle Tennessee we have “winters” or cold snaps that we name. The first one I notice is Redbud, then Dogwood, somewhere along the line we have strawberry, locust and finally Blackberry winter. So, the cold snaps here don’t go away until the blackberries bloom. It holds pretty true in my 74 years, so we should have at least two more cold snaps. Just saying…don’t get excited just yet.

    • Thought your comments were interesting about cold snaps. My dad was from West Tennessee (Trenton/Humbolt area) and my mother from Georgia. Mother used to say, “Your dad has more winters!”. And he always said anytime anything white bloomed there would be a cold snap.
      Although we moved to Georgia when I was 9, I have found over the years (I’m 84) that the things my dad mentioned are very true. But, this year with having a mild winter, our blackberries are already in full bloom and we have small blueberries on our blueberry bushes.

      • I live in far north California, zone 9, and have thornless blackberries that are blooming. It’ll be awhile before the wild ones bloom.

    • Hey, after 3 feet of snow over 6 months, ANY warm spell is so very welcome!!! I know we’ll get more cold; that’s normal. But we can sure enjoy the heck out of 70’s!!~

  10. WOW! T-shirt weather! The truck looks great! What a wonderful addition to the homestead.
    Also great to see you out and about…that knee can use the exercise, for sure. Exercise is hard to do with one bum knee, though. I found that my ‘bad’ knee got better as the good knee became stronger….what a blessing. Looking forward to an amazing season.

    • Thank you Sandy. We were just basking in the sun’s warmth. A lot of our snow has gone but today it’s cloudy and we had rain. Still pretty warm though. I’m doing taxes today. Ugh!

  11. Crazy – is this a blip or is it going to be another year without spring? 82 here today in the Finger Lakes Region of NY – that used to be middle of the summer temps.

    • I’m hoping we’ll get back to normal spring weather soon. I sure like the warm days, BUT wonder what’s to come.

    • The fingerlings—that’s where another of my favorite blogger/vlogger lives, Heavenstretch, and Herrick Kimball on yt. Beautiful area; he shows us pictures from time to time.

  12. Enjoying the beautiful weather in NW Wisconsin too! Isn’t it wonderful? We.still have lots of snow but it’s melting. I love your articles and blog, been following you for years! Take care.

    • We’re sure enjoying having the snow going away. Today Will checked our orchard and reported no vole damage this year. I was worried as we had such deep snow that they sometimes tunnel up and go down inside the protective wire screens. Whew!!

  13. Happy it’s so warm! We’ve been cleaning up like mad. I’m gonna clean out my greenhouse on the deck today to get my flats in there. I started so many seedlings this year that I don’t have enough south facing windows to hold them all in the house. So once I get that cleaned out, I’ll put my little handy-dandy shelves in there cause it’s filled with all my canning stuff from last fall and we’re going to clean up the yard more and pick up tools and such before this supposed to snow on Sunday. But I can see the green grass that starting to grow is nice, my garlic is coming up in the garden as I could finally walk through that last night. I am excited for spring. I started my tomatoes and peppers a little late but they are starting to sprout so I’m sure they’ll do great especially once I get them in the greenhouse. I’m glad your knee is feeling better! Mine from surgery over a year ago still gives me fits a lot of days which isn’t so fun, but it is what it is right. b

    • For us, spring means massive clean-up, both in the yard and all of the gardens. Winter came on so fast this past year we didn’t have a chance to pull the tomato cages, stakes and bean trellises. I’m so glad to actually see ugly brown grass again!!!

    • I know I’m sure glad to see that snow going away. Today, Will heard both geese and sandhill cranes. Yesterday, I heard a redwing blackbird. Yep, Spring is definitely here.

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