Our weather is so Minnesota April. We nearly always get that last big storm, and I was hoping it wouldn’t come this year, after we had a week of beautiful warm weather. Our family Easter get-together was scheduled for yesterday. I opened my eyes to a total whiteout, outdoors! The wind was blowing, and the snow was so thick I could barely see the storage barn, only 50 feet from the house. Then my son, Bill, called to tell me he had the stomach flu. They weren’t going to come. Bummer! I’d been baking goodies all Saturday. Well, at least David and his family came. We did have a great time. Delilah loved her Princess crown and Easter basket, then rode her little feet-powered bike that used to be her dad’s when he was her age.

Sunday we woke up to a near blizzard, which dumped 6 inches of snow on us.

Today we went to do our taxes. Whew! We didn’t have to pay this year. I’m so scared of the IRS it’s not funny. So, I got a migraine on the way over to our tax guy, Jeff, at Tax Tyme in Chisholm. He’s so good yet is careful. Luckily, the roads were much better than they were yesterday. When we got home, I spotted our first robin, huddled in a birch tree on the edge of the yard. It was windy and cold and he was all puffed up, double his real size, trying to stay warm. Poor guy!

With snow outside, our little petunia seedlings look so happy.

My little seedlings are doing great. The fancy petunias are getting stronger, and the tomatoes are ready for me to transplant. That will happen real soon. Most have two sets of true leaves. It won’t be long before we have to crank up the heat in the greenhouse to receive the flats of transplants. Now if it will just really warm up to spring. — Jackie


  1. We lucked out this year. We didn’t have to pay and my migraine went away. Boy, they scare the snot out of you!! We’ve got another (last???) spring snow on the way. Possibly up to 18″, so my flower beds are again buried. Bummer.

  2. We got 14/15 inches of snow over here on the south shore. Just a mess. I have so many flats of stuff that I just am struggling to keep it all in the house! My greenhouse heater isn’t working. Bummer!

    I started onion seeds- and I can’t remember when to trim them to get them to bulk up on the bottom? Hopefully they will do good enough! It’s a solid month and a half probably until I can plant them outside.

    • I trim my onions when they seem to want to flop over and trim them down to about two inches high. I often have to trim them more than once before setting them out in the garden. I’m so sorry your greenhouse heater isn’t working.
      Yeah, we won’t be planting outside until the first week in June (hopefully).

      • I am Hoping for June as well. Last year everything went in so late- but it worked. I had a great haul of produce! And I’ll trim them down. They are all struggling to stay up and I just don’t want the roots to be shot.

  3. Same here! 80° on the weekend and snow storms Monday and today. Brrrr bring on the real spring!

  4. I planted shell peas and potatoes and it snowed one day later. I’ve never had this happen and I wonder if it will stop the sprouting and growth of these. The day I planted was 73 degrees-go figure. I’m in Southern Wisconsin and we are having an up and down spring with temps. We got an inch of snow now melting. Planted 4/13 snowed 4/17. I’ll wait and see but might need to replant. Spring slow to come.

    • I’ve quit planting my potatoes early. We once planted gift potatoes on July 4th and they made us 500 pounds of nice, big potatoes! Lesson learned! We used to plant early and then replant, then replant sometimes. Now, we plant once and done. So much better for us!

    • Can’t speak for your shell peas but I think your taters will be okay. You’re not that far north of me and as I’ve said Good Friday was tater planting day in my family. My garlic looks okay too. And asparagus is hearty – should check on the one good sized spear that came up. Couple of newbie skinny ones shot up but those get a pass on harvesting this year.

  5. We are even having that kind of weather in SW MO!!! So glad David and family got to come for Easter…and sad that Bill has come down with the latest flu bug. ‘Tis the season. Hope the rest of his family stays well.

    • He’s better and they all escaped. He thinks it was really food poisoning from some off-tasting gyros at a restaurant.

  6. While temps dropped here, we got mostly rain and *maybe* a couple of inches of snow that melted fast. Better half was out of town and wisely opted to drive a bit farther south so avoided the 14 inch dump where he originally planned to stay (thus not getting snowed in). We’ll have to make a future trip to load up on dairy goodies (you can’t beat buying direct from a dairy) but safety first.
    However got that good soaking rain so those last pesky weeds in the perennial garden. And should make it easier to transplant. Always good to get the most of fertilizer. More rain coming this week but night temps won’t be where shroom popping needs to be. But we’ll keep our eye out on the early areas just to be safe.
    I got pretty good at making quarterly estimates back when we had a business. These days I have a little extra withheld from my paycheck to cover taxable social security and any other unexpected income. Better Uncle Sam gets use of my money (and we’re not talking big buck by any means) than having to owe taxes (and possibly a penalty!).

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