You’d think, after planting seeds since last month, I’d eventually get done. Right? Not so! I’ve been planting squash, pumpkin, muskmelon, watermelon, and today my brassicas, the cabbage family. A friend works at our local market, and she told me the produce manager said a crate of cauliflower used to wholesale at $38. The next crate was $112! Holy cow. And, I’ve noticed broccoli, cabbage, and kale has also been skyrocketing. So, guess what we’re planting more of this year?

Once the tomatoes and peppers were safely transplanted and in the greenhouse, I planted squash, pumpkins, and melons next.

We’ve been getting rain and misty rain in the day. But Will is still working on fixing his big bulldozer, Old Trusty. The bushings in the blade were getting pretty worn and he has lots of work scheduled for this summer, for it. So, while it’s nasty, he’s working on that. He’s also been pulling the hundreds of steel fence posts and tomato cages out of the Sand Garden, as we’re getting ready to move the tomatoes to the Wolf Garden. But, because that’s half a mile from the house, I’m planting a small kitchen garden, right next to the greenhouse, right out the front door. I don’t want to run to the Wolf Garden for a tomato or salad fixings. It’s amazing how much you can squeeze into a small spot so you can enjoy quick, fresh meals during the summertime.

Now, with rain and warmer weather, more flowers are popping out.

I just went out to check on the flower beds around our little fishponds in the back yard. Two years ago, I found my waterlilies had overwintered in one of the ponds. I thought it might just be strange good luck. But, lo and behold, they’re coming up again, nice and strong, this year. Hooray! I did buy another one, for the smaller pond as not only are they beautiful but they keep the water clear as the leaves shade the water and prevent big algae from greening the water. — Jackie


    • is it competing with grass (or other weeds)? Does s/he burn it off in the spring (YMMV)? We burn it off and I remove the “stalks” that survive the burn. I applied 19-19-19 this spring (now we see more 13-13-13 than anything else). Is the patch getting sufficient moisture? I’ve never had the too much moisture problem but again, don’t know where you’re at.
      We’ve planted crowns (usually two year) and have plenty of female plants (aka “babies”). If the shoot is skinny, we don’t cut it.

    • Asparagus is a heavy feeder. We put a layer of rotted manure on it about every 2 years, in the fall. That makes those skinny spears turn into really fat ones!

  1. Right you are on rising food prices. At the moment a nice head of broccoli is 9.95 in our local supermarket and a not so hot head of lettuce is 4.95. We all still have time and I am thinking it will be smart to put in a little extra broccoli, cabbage, spinach and kale. You do need green in the winter!

    • An alternative, dry your greens in the spring, summer, fall and make green powder. Add this to food, capsules, smoothies etc.

    • Yes, you do. I thought I’d planted enough of the cabbage family and lettuce but today, I’m planting more. Holy cow, $9.95 for broccoli!!! That’s insane.

  2. Been making strawberry jam and eating more fresh berries than I can to admit. I saw dehydrated peanut butter powder in a gallon jar at Big Lots. Jackie, have you ever bought any of this? It’s getting harder and harder to get to a big store and I am stockpiling for winter already. Make hay while the sun shines! Take care of that knee.

    • Yes, I’ve already stored up 2 gallons of it. It’s so good for baking cookies, etc. I use it in some stir-frys, too. Yep, we store up and can year around here! Just in case. Plus, it’s so handy to have everything you need and not have to run to the store for everything. Saves gas, too!

  3. Finally a day above 45! Lake Superior winds keep it cold here longer than 20 miles west 🙄 Thinking of planting flowers for the butterflies and humming birds.!

  4. I was just looking at my brassica bag and thinking I better get them started this week. Hopefully tomorrow morning I can get that done!

    I’m glad you’re getting around!

    I’ve been rebuilding a chicken tractor to put my excess roosters in. I have about 30 and need to separate about 25 of them out. They need to go in a pen with none of my females so I can get my egg numbers up. And I’ll fatten the roosters to process this summer as needed. I usually sell them but we are really low on chicken in the freezer – only 6 left- so I don’t wanna waste the good food. Onwards to spring I guess!

    • Yep, I’m planting brassicas today. They’re my last seeds. Probably….. Chicken at the store has shot up in price so those roosters will be a great bonus.

      • Absolutely! Everything is expensive. I’m so glad I don’t buy meat at the store! My prices are constant. And I planted strawberries and transplanted my celery yesterday instead of brassicas. So tomorrow I’ll plant them

  5. I’m glad I don’t have to deal with that many tomatoes, my 27 ate enough. They are in their large grow bags and pots in the green house. My early planted brassicas didn’t do too good this year as I tried a different window sill, just as well since when I tried to get in the hoop houses yesterday the paths between the beds were too wet to walk on. We had more snow than I have seen here in almost 30 years and it still isn’t all melted, I planted a couple squash for the green house and cucumbers for the hanging baskets in the green house last week. The big advantage we have here in Copper Basin Alaska is very long days in June and July so hopefully we will catch up. Since I don’t recall you mentioning your knee in the last couple posts it must be doing better! Good thing!

    • Yep, the knee keeps on keeping me going. I’m sure it would heal faster if I could keep off of it more. But, hey, life gets in the way! We’ve still got a few plow berms of snow. But, thankfully, most of ours has melted. It was a LONG winter!

  6. I subscribed to and was also looking at their half dried apricots and dried cranberries. Have you tried either?
    I found walking onions (2) in an area on our place. They have bulbs on top. I want to move them to a more convenient spot. Do I just take the bulbs off and plant them??
    Thank you.

    • Yes, I’ve bought several foods, including cheese powder, from A love the company and their dried apricots and cranberries!

      • I try to order from every chance I get. Their dried fruits are awesome & they had in stock, when stores didn’t. Try their dry pineapple, yum!!

  7. Enjoyed your article in Self-Reliance magazine about stocking food.
    I ordered cheddar cheese from for myself and my daughter. Will use some in cooking and keep a few bags for later, “who knows said the wise old owl what the future holds”.
    Hoping to have a good growing year. I want to put up more than what I usually do.
    I also have your books, Growing and canning your own food and Pantry cookbook.

    • I love’s cheddar cheese powder. I use it for about everything. We’re planning on not only growing more but also processing more to put up. I’m not looking with joy at the banks failing back east. Not a good thing.

  8. Good afternoon, Jackie.
    Your keeping busy with starting seeds. I’m right there with you.
    Lots started here and more to go. Just planted more ground cherries
    and cabbage. Have peas coming up in the vertical garden inside and tomatoes.
    The cost of things sure aren’t going down anytime soon. Good to plant
    all you can this year and be a head of the game. With all the craziness I’m
    just planting a lot more seeds this year rather than buy any starts like in times
    past. Too much craziness with the food supply chain to chance anything.
    I definitely need to order from you when I can since will plant inside a lot
    more this year and depends on what you still have available when I can afford the.
    It’s finally quit raining here but humidity is still high as can be.
    Sounds like Will is hard at it fixing Old Trusty.
    It’s good to know about the Water Lilies. The Farm and Garden store near me
    usually has them so I’ll be adding them as soon as I can.
    I had some in the small pond last year but think I need to increase the amount
    to keep both ponds clean.
    Have a great day and happy planting.

    • Thanks Cindy! We’re growing and planning on putting up even more than usual this year. I’m not liking the world situation right now, not to mention what’s going on with those big banks failing! We’ve still got a good selection of seeds available as we did plant extra last year, as well.

      • I understand what your saying, Jackie and it’s really wise to put up even more this year. I am doing the same. What’s going on in the world around us and banks continuing to fail is unsettling but one has to keep focused and carry on wisely.
        I’m glad you still have plenty of seeds available when I am ready to order.
        Does one just send you a check or money order for seeds? I know I don’t use paypal these days so those are about only options I have currently.
        Have a wonderful and peaceful evening

  9. That is a lot of seedlings. Weather here in Southern Wisconsin beginning to warm up. I’m now in the process of hardening off my plants. Repairing fences is the big item now. My peas came up after the snow storm. Whatever happen to the lots for sale near your homestead? I hope none of them sold. Our storms brought down 6 large trees to cut up. Plenty to do this time of the year.

    • One of the pieces of land, a 20 acre piece next to the road, sold last year. We put in an offer on the 40 acres next to the Big Pines of ours but never heard back. Oh well, you do what you can do, right?
      You’re right; there’s SO much to do this time of the year!!


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