Yesterday, David and Elizabeth became the proud parents of a beautiful little girl, Melanie Noreen. Of course, we were glued to the phone all day but still, we managed to seed out several pumpkins and squash. I also got more dry tomato seeds put away safely in their bins for our wonderful customers.

David and Melanie Noreen

While we were waiting for news from the hospital, I had Will cut off the bulb end of a big Canadian Crookneck squash. Then I took out the seeds and insides, scraped the bowl clean and, for supper, mixed up meatloaf and stuffed it. After baking at 350 F, we had a nice no-dish supper that was very satisfying and tasty!

Today, we’re going to the hospital to visit our new granddaughter, Elizabeth, and David, who spent the night with his family. (Grandma Karla and Grandpa Wade were taking care of Delilah, who is so happy that her new sister, Meme, has arrived.) To celebrate Melanie’s birth, my Angel’s Trumpet burst into bloom. Such beautiful, double white flowers! They are simply huge.

My white Angel Trumpet bloomed yesterday with huge double blooms.

— Jackie


  1. Congratulations, a healthy newborn is such a blessing. Grandchildren are our future and to be treasured. We are wishing her “all the best”.

  2. Congratulations! I had to laugh at David tee shirt saying video games are calling. That’s not all that will be calling. Lol

  3. Congratulations on the birth of a new granddaughter. I know big sis is thrilled to have a baby sister and best wishes for the new parents and grandparents.

    • Delilah can’t wait until she comes home from Grandma Karla’s and Grandpa Wade’s house so she can be with her new sister.

  4. Congratulations! Babies are the best gift ever. Just think, Jackie, next year, she will be big enough to try to decorate the Christmas tree. I recommend making a few soft ornaments for her to use. You will never regret it. After all, the tree is for the kids. And big kids, too!

    • That’s for sure. We’ll make sure all the kiddos get to hang their special ornaments on the tree. We all love the holidays and now we have another grandchild to help us celebrate.

  5. Forgot to ask – is your Angel Trumpet in a pot inside? I live in San Jose, CA and have one in the ground and two in pots outside. I’d like more blossoms and wonder how best to encourage them.

    • I have three Angel Trumpets in pots inside now, but outside all summer. They love sunlight, lots of water and fertilizer.

  6. Congratulations to you and your family! This is a special time of life for all of you! Wishing God’s continued blessings on each of you. My two, now 37 and 34 managed to weather the storms of sibling rivalry so many years ago and are close friends now!
    Love the idea of stuffing a squash with meatloaf and plan to try it soon. Thanks for sharing a great idea.

  7. Congrats but wherever did I get the idea she would be a December baby? Meatloaf sounds good as would corned beef hash.
    Keep us posted re: Delilah. I remember my oldest being excited about her sister… until her sister started “touching her stuff” lol. They’ll do okay – I think 3 years apart is optimal. Mine are still tight 34 years later.

    • There’s always some sibling rivalry but, somehow, they seem to always work through it. Luckily!

  8. Such a blessing! We have watched David grow up and now have a family of his own. God blessings to you all.

    • It seems like so short a time ago when I was bringing David home from the hospital. Now, he’s bringing his own family home. We are truly blessed!!

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