That’s just what’s going on here on the homestead. Will worked on the broken-down Oliver tractor all day Saturday in the snow and got absolutely nowhere. Then, on Sunday, he figured out how to get the dratted front end lined up so he could shove the bolt into place. After a few hours, David came to help him. It seems that on Saturday night, David was driving home on slick roads when, while he was navigating a roundabout, a guy didn’t yield and hit him. Luckily, although his car was damaged, he didn’t get hurt. Of course, the guy was from out of state, driving a friend’s car with no insurance. And David’s insurance didn’t cover an uninsured driver’s damage to his car. Granted, it isn’t a wonderful, newish car, but it got him to work. Now, he’s got to get an attorney and hope like heck the guy will pay for repairs so the car can drive again, even with dents.

On Saturday, Will began working on the broken-down Oliver tractor.

Will and David worked all afternoon, in the snow, and finally got the tractor back together again. Hooray! It started and ran with no leaks. Today, though, Will went out to drive it down to where we park it. But when he got there, there was a big cloud of nasty smoke! Oh oh! He shut the tractor off and went around to the side. And, lying on the ground, was a rod. It had blown a hole in the block. Wow! Merry Christmas to us. Anyway, we sure know things could be worse. I’m so grateful Will’s not one of those guys who, when something like this happens, goes around swearing and throwing things.

Then there’s the amaryllis bulbs I’d ordered from Breck’s for Christmas gifts. Fed Ex delivered them last night and it was 12 degrees all night. Of course, I hadn’t expected delivery on Sunday night and hadn’t been on my computer to track the order. This morning I did go on and tracked them. I was in a panic when I saw “order delivered.” Last night. I tore down the driveway and got the box. I’m pretty sure the bulbs had frozen. Called Breck’s and they’ll replace them. But, holy cow, couldn’t Fed Ex have brought them to the house? The box was marked “Live Plants,” after all.

I usually get a few folks amaryllis as Christmas gifts, but this year, a box got left outside overnight. At 12 degrees.

Well, today, I’m going to seed out some Arnie’s Golden Buttercup squash, just trying to get back to normal again. Will’s out checking the starter on the Ford 660 tractor. It won’t start. We’re down to one tractor now, our little Kubota, which is a great tractor but too small to do much in the winter, like lift hay bales. Hopefully, tomorrow will bring sunshine and a better day. — Jackie


  1. Dealing with old equipment is always fix this, fix that, fix something else. Will is wonderfully talented in doing the fixing which is surely a blessing. Maybe it’s time to take the plunge and update equipment!!

  2. Thank The Lord David wasn’t injured!
    The Kubota runs. well ,that’s 2 good things (outa whole lota BAD things)
    some days we wonder why we get up! seems its usually the winter days.

    I pray that life turn around and start treating you an family a whole lot better.

    somewhere i remember reading a saying. cant remember the words, the jest was;
    a farmer was havein a badrun of luck, says to the neighbor “well it could be worse’ it got worse!! (
    (lets not go down that one)

    take care :)

    • I’m going to put a bunch of cards on the Christmas tree of all the things we’re grateful for. I think that’ll help. Plus, FINALLY, Will got the starter out of the Ford 660.
      We’ve learned NEVER to say “what’s going to happen next”.

  3. Well dang, Jackie! What a colossal run of bad luck!! But, the only thing to do is just keep on keeping on, right? This is the life of the self reliant and we just do what needs done and move on. I’m glad David wasn’t hurt in the accident. So is the Oliver now officially retired or will Will find an new engine for this one? Tractors, even used ones are incredibly expensive and it will be a tough decision on what is the most feasible. Hold tight, as you know, things will get better. Sending prayers for a blessed week.

    • We’re so grateful David wasn’t hurt or his wife and kids weren’t in the car. Yep, we’re keeping on keeping on. Today, Will got the jammed starter out of the Ford tractor. After 2 days of fighting with it.
      Will’s going to put a new-to-us used engine in the Oliver. Much cheaper than buying a replacement tractor!! Got to wait though as we’re pretty broke…..
      Thank you for your prayers!!

  4. And it just keeps coming for you! I’m sorry about all the problems you’re having Jackie. Glad David was okay. Uninsured drivers are a menace to the rest of us. I know s paying for insurance is tough on folks with meager budgets but it’s one of things you have to do. We’re driving my brother in law car because ours threw a rod. This car has no heat right now. So we take blankets in the car to wrap around our legs. Temperature was up to about 35 today – woo heat wave! Been mostly in the 20s. I thought of something could David swap jobs or something like firewood to someone to fix his car? I’ve known a lot of people who have done that. Just an idea.

    • He can fix it but right now he can’t afford the parts. So, he’s driving his old beater Dodge pickup to work. He doesn’t have time to swap work. He’s working overtime at his job with Caterpillar now.

  5. It’s time to put you and your family at the very top of my prayer list.
    I need the extra practice anyway 😇

    Thanks for sharing your valuable knowledge, it has been a great help to me.

    Wishing you all a blessed Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year 🎉

  6. I don’t know if it’s a indicator of our times but uninsured and underinsured drivers are a serious problem everywhere and to make it even worse start looking at the number of vehicles that don’t even have current tags.
    It’s a sad commentary but we have to carry the uninsured motorists insurance to protect ourselfs from those that will not live up to their obligations.

    • Sadder still is the fact that David’s uninsured motorist coverage covers medical but not car repair to his car.

  7. You’ve have far more than your share of negative events. Time now for good luck. We had a son in a 2 car auto accident by an uninsured motorist. He had to sue. That took forever and legal fees were 40%. He did get his car fixed. It was a learning experience. I’m wishing you, clear skies and no more bad events.

    • Thanks so much Everett. I’m not such a fan of suing for payment but I know sometimes that’s the only recourse. Things are looking up. Will finally got the starter off the Ford tractor!!

  8. Wow! Sounds like you’ve had a heck of a time lately! I’m sure things will get back to normal soon.

  9. What frustration for you all! Glad that David wasn’t hurt. Hope that things get back to normal soon for you!

  10. I am so sorry you are having a period of “going wrong”. I have those too. Don’t expect a lot from Fed ex. Last winter on several occasions they wouldn’t drive down our driveway either. We live a quarter mile off the road and do PLOW really wide. So I have found boxes up on top a pile of snow by the road. Also behind the mailbox in the snow. My husband’s cane comes in handy to fish those boxes out of the snow!!! Waste of time to try and make a complaint too. Merry Christmas to you and all your family!!

    • Thank you Cindy. And a Merry Christmas to you, too! We don’t expect anything from FedEx or UPS. It seems like most drivers could care a rip whether they’re doing the customer a fair job or not. Just getting the truck empty so they can go home.

  11. Fed Ex is the worst. They leave stuff at our mailbox down the road instead of bringing it up all the time! Hope you get things worked out and Happy Holidays!

  12. You know I’ve got to say, Jackie, about trials and tribulation in this world. . .we were just notified our amazon account was compromised. . .right after essentially all our Christmas orders had been all delivered. Whew! Because now we can’t even get in to order anything until amazon sorts this out!

  13. Thanks so much for this post, Jackie. I’m praying for you. There’s a good scripture about how the Lord will rebuke the devourer, in Malachi 3:11 (KJV). I’ve asked the Lord to show us what this means. To me, your situation was the devourer, and yet in the new testament it says, in this world you will have tribulation. Anyway, don’t say Amen to the negative, but to the positive. And I think you’ve done that. God bless.

    • Oh yes, we sure know we’ll have tribulation. And have experienced it many times. But it always improves, and we thank God for that.

  14. God bless you and Will and David.
    Such a wonderful family. Hurts my heart to see all these things happening to you and l can’t fix a one of them for you.
    But l can pray for you!!!

  15. “If it ain’t fer bad luck, I’d have no luck a-tall” seems like these last few weeks for you. I’m so sorry to hear of the breakdowns, and wish I could put a Genie up there to blink her eyes and make a new tractor for you! Santa, whatcha got for these NICE people?! Take a tractor away from someone naughty, please….
    I hope you will be able to borrow or rent until problems get fixed. Glad David wasn’t hurt but that is another item that is needed very soon to keep functioning. Its a tough December, but hopefully the calendar turns into a great new year. Your knee surgery is coming then.

    • Yep, and I’ll sure be glad to see the bad luck go away before then. We know our luck will change, as it always does. It’s just been one of those tough times we all have.

  16. Sounds like a frustrating weekend! Thankful for no injuries and replacement bulbs on the way.
    Katherine Jordahl

  17. Just got caught up on the last few posts…wow! So sorry it’s been such a mess. It’s so frustrating when you get one thing after another going wrong. Sure wish there was something I could do. Hang in there. Pyro

  18. I know we’ve always had uninsured/under insured coverage on our auto insurance. Might be a state thing, I don’t know. But it doesn’t cost much so perhaps David should look into it in the future. You don’t have to state from what “out of state” state but it might be worth notifying the state. Or at least using that as leverage against the driver/car owner. Most states (I’ll stay off my soapbox) have mandatory insurance laws. And if MN does, make sure the accident/damage gets reported.
    Birds seem to scarf up a number of our asparagus seeds and I usually move the babies that like to sprout in the annual garden bed back into their “area”. I know the turkeys like the seeds and I rarely buy male plants.

    • David does have uninsured motorist coverage. But he didn’t get the additional uninsured motorist coverage for his vehicle, as he didn’t know the uninsured motorist coverage didn’t also cover his car, not just possible medical costs on his end if hit by an uninsured motorist. Yes, the accident got reported and he also has a lawyer to represent him. Hopefully, it can be resolved fairly easily as it wasn’t an expensive wreck.

      • The trouble is the time and inconvenience – for which the injured party rarely gets compensated. There have been days when I will burn a vacation day (or take it unpaid) versus driving when bad winter weather. I always shuddered at the amount of time it would take IF I had to have a car repaired due to an accident.

      • Jackie, David might check with the insurance ombudsman fir your state. Husband office overlooks all the insurance companies in your state. They might give him some advice or help him with the issue he is experiencing with his insurance. I do know that whatever attorney he gets should specialize in in cases like his and work on contingency. Which means if David doesn’t get paid, neither does he! I hope and pray things get better for you and your family soon. Enough is enough I would say.

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