I had my total knee replacement on Jan. 9th and came home the following day. Unfortunately, that night, I had a terrific bout of excruciating pain and had to go by ambulance to the ER in Cook. After several shots, they finally got it under control, but boy did that ever suck the umph outa Jackie. It took a few days, but today I went for my first PT appointment and got through that okay. Every day seems a little better so Thank you for all your prayers! (I’m not up enough to thank everyone personally. Sorry.)

I’m a little slow but getting better daily.

Our weather’s turned much warmer and thirties above zero is in the forecast. Very welcome, indeed! I’ll try to get back on the scheduled blogs this week as I am able. Stay warm and have fun looking through seed catalogs! — Jackie


  1. I’ll pray for timely and complete healing and restoration to full activity. I have had both knees replaced and after the surgery and therapy, it is wonderful!! No pain and life can go on as usual.

  2. Hi just found you and your blog page. hope you are feeling better. been trying to order the 2024 seed catalog from you. Is Oregon not ideal for the seeds that you have/. Anyways glad to find you on here. Older gardener who gardened well in Idaho Montana and Wyoming. Trying my skills in Oregon has proved challenging.

    • Howdy! I grew up in Oregon, lived in 3 of the state’s very different climate zones over 40-some years until moving to Ohio. Now, any seed can germinate and grow, but will actually thrive and produce fruit only it the plant is suited to the climate zone. So the answer to what will grow in your area depends on what zone you are in. Eastern Oregon experiences hot, dry summers and freezing winters; the Willamette Valley is far more temperate; coastal weather is wet, wet, wet, with dry, cool summers.

      For the coast, choose early corn, squash, and tomato varieties, (Cherry tomatoes will do best.) Summers simply aren’t warm enough for later-ripening varieties of anything.

      Longer-season varieties will do well in the Willamette Valley and eastern Oregon, but do remember that first-frost comes earlier in eastern Oregon, so plan for that.

      In every case, remember that soils in different regions vary widely; some coastal areas have extremely sandy soils, while soil in eastern Oregon can include differing degrees of volcanic matter.

      You don’t really need a seed catalog. Just go to Will and Jackie’s website, at:

      seedtreasures.com On the upper ‘dashboard,’ click on ‘order blank’; print it out. Then, click on ‘catalog’ to select seeds, filling in the order blank as you go.

      Happy gardening!

  3. I was so glad to see this blog this morning! I have been very concerned about you and it was such a relief to hear you are up and kicking. Continued prayers for healing and recovery.

  4. Been waiting daily for your return. Praying for a full, speedy recovery so you’ll be ready for spring planting. You were missed.

  5. Thank you for checking in with us. That was a terrible ordeal with that trip to the ER. Hope the worst is in the past and it’s not to be repeated. As usual, take it easy. Love you.

  6. Glad to hear that you are doing better! Sorry about that ER trip. I hope and pray that your knee will continue to improve for you. I think as long as we, your chatty but invisible friends, know you are improving we can deal with longer times between posts. Take care Jackie!

  7. OMG! Must have been terrifying pain to send stoic Jackie to the ER in an ambulance no less. I pray for your recovery and a pain free knee soon.


  8. Glad to hear things are getting better Jackie and very glad to hear from you. I admit to start getting a bit worried about you. Sending blessings and prayers for your continuing recovery.

  9. What a relief to hear from you!
    I can’t even imagine the kind of pain that would send Jackie in an ambulance! I’m so glad you received some help with that and are now on the other side!
    Thank you for the update.
    Prayers for the both of you.

  10. Praying for your continued healing. Remember…your knee issue didn’t happen overnight, so it will also not heal overnight. Please be patient with yourself and know it will get better! God hasn’t dropped you yet, he will get you through this! Put your trust in him.

  11. I’m glad you are up and going. The first several days after a knee replacement are hard, to say the least. May you heal quickly and return to all you do. I’m glad to see that you are on the road to recovery.

  12. Sending lots of love and healing from Minneapolis! I hope Will is taking good care of you and you feel stronger each day.

  13. Jackie,
    Take care of yourself first and good things will follow, these knee issues are not fun. Thinking of you…..

  14. Thanks for the update. Take it slow–as difficult as that is, and know you are being lifted in prayer.

  15. From Missouri, I wish you a quick recovery. Heavy fog, rising temps creating major slush. Had almost 29″ of snow earlier with temps -18. Your catalog is great.

  16. Which of the summer squash is yellow? Thanks for the the update on how you are doing. Take care of yourself first, we will be here to hear how things are going when you are able. Praying for a quick recovery. Blessings Bev
    MO by

  17. So glad that the pain is managed now- take your time healing- Prayers and good thoughts are being sent by so many of us!

  18. Hi Jackie! Have been thinking about you-thanks for the update. Don’t worry about us-we’ll be patiently waiting and we are channeling healing thoughts! Take care.

  19. Was wondering about you and getting a bit concerned! So thankful you are getting better! Hang in there and take care of yourself.

  20. Takes a lot to take the snot of you so I have no doubt it was *not* a pleasant time. “Heat wave” today (as in 60 degrees warmer) *but* getting freezing fog, freezing rain, sleet, wintry mix/snow due to it being “warmer”. Such is life in the Midwest but if no more concrete snowfalls happen, you won’t hear me complaining!
    Had five deer “dining” during this weather event – I added oats this winter. While not too many farmers in the area grow them, the deer realized they do like them. Though corn and sunflower seeds are definitely their favorite. The cats enjoyed watching the snow and continue enjoying watching all the birds. The feral has been dining at a neighbors so he made it through this cold snap. He’s a tough tiger, that’s for sure. I managed to get some weight on him going into winter. All neighbor and I can do is feed him when we can and hope he uses the shelter we’ve provided.
    Take it easy and do what you can, when you can. Thanks for the “I’m still kicking” post.

  21. Sorry you’ve had to go through it again. Been there, done that and I know it’s not easy. Baby yourself and don’t over do it. Will is a good man, let him help. Speedy recovery wishes….Pyro

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