That’s what I’ve had to do. I planned to start planting my peppers today but yesterday didn’t go so well with rehab. I came home in intense pain and could barely walk. Now, I expect rehab to hurt a bit but WOW! So, today, instead of standing up, planting peppers off and on this afternoon, I did a lot of icing my knee, resting, and helping pack seed orders and make labels for packets, as Dara and Sherri were here.

I think one of the most necessary traits of a homesteader is being able to roll with the punches life gives you. For instance, Will has been working on our water delivery system from our two 350-gallon storage tanks via a 12-volt water pump, to a pressure tank, etc. He’s done it before and had no problems. Then, our pressure tank bladder ruptured, and our trouble began. He replaced the tank, and still, we had first a dribble, then, finally, a decent stream of water. (It made showers an unpleasant experience!) Then he found the pump was faulty. Replaced that. It’s much better but the pump still kicks on, seemingly for no reason, staying on for several minutes. (No, we don’t have a leak somewhere.) He’s got some ideas and will hit the project again soon.

I just thought we all needed some pretty summer photos to offset this weird weather and our bum luck

Then, there’s our propane kitchen range. The dratted oven will come on but not go up to temperature normally. He YouTube videoed it and the consensus was the control box on the top was faulty. He bought a new one for $300, installed it and … wait … it still does the very same thing. Yep, it makes you want to pull your hair and scream. But this stuff happens in life, and you just need to draw a few deep breaths and think of something else that will fix the situation. There’s nearly always a solution if you just think about it awhile. For me, it’s just waiting till I have my rehab tomorrow and, hopefully, plant my peppers this weekend. For Will, it’s just figuring out a solution to his problems, which nearly always happens … sooner or later.

Here, David and Will are installing our new, wonderful (we thought!) stove just a couple of years ago.

— Jackie


  1. I would bet money your stove’s igniter has gone bad. We’re on our third one. There’s lots of YouTube videos showing how to do it. It’s very easy and costs around $20 on Amazon. I have a samsung👎 fueled by propane.

    • Also, the generic igniters work just fine and save lots of money over brand specific. All the new models don’t seem to last long. Surprise, surprise!

    • I’ll sure tell Will!!! It’s such a pain doing all the fussing around just to get the oven to light. If it decides to do that!

  2. When it rains, it pours! I’m really sorry to hear all this is happening. It’s just life, we know, but when you are not at your best, it all seems so much worse. Its alarming to hear the therapy is causing so much pain. That should not happen. Be sure and discuss this with your therapist. I knew a lady who did not have good experience with therapy and she decided to do her own. She would lay on the bed and take a cookie sheet and placed it under her surgery side foot and could slide her leg up and down on the bed gradually increasing the extension. She did very well with this and walks well and has good range of motion now. I’m not advocating this, just saying there is more than one way to recover. Sounds like Will has a good handle on the repairs. Sometimes it is trial and error for sure. Sending prayers for a blessed week.

    • I did much better yesterday. Yes, I did talk to the therapist about it. And, yes, I use the cookie sheet on the bed at home for my daily exercises. I gained 5 degrees yesterday and I’m sure I’ll go do to do better. Thank you for your prayers!!

  3. You make plans and life happens. You’ll get over the hump – for most of your readers, we’re hard to keep down and hard to kill.
    Weather yikes – bad enough we had a tornado 12 miles from us in Jan 2008 (it was in the low 60s!). Yet we had another one 30 miles from us yesterday – it was 59.
    Sorry to see moderation but I totally understand.

      • I’m a few miles south of the WI state line. The storm that spawned that tornado went north just enough west of me that we were spared the worst of it. But my phone went off a couple of times for tornado warnings as I was working that evening.

    • Eek! Tornadoes in January and February??? That’s plain bizarre! I’m glad you weren’t in the line of one of them.

    • I remember that tornado in 2008. I was at the stables where I boarded my horse and it was 60° when I got there in the morning snd it was below zero windchills when I left in the early afternoon. Salem got hit the worst if I’m not mistaken, right?

      • Salem IL is pretty far south of me (like over 300 miles) hence I don’t remember hearing about it (in 2008 that is).

  4. When my propane oven did that it was the ignitor. Oven would start but not come up to temp. Easy to replace, not particularly expensive.

  5. Hope things at rehab are better today for you. Hang in there, it’s early days yet! It’s hard to deal with all the other problems when you are in terrible pain. Hope things get sorted out for you. Take care

    • It went MUCH better yesterday. I gained 5 degrees in motion and had no bad pain. Hooray!! Thank you for your caring.

  6. Hi Jackie! Love the flower picture. I hope Will and David get the stove and water situation fixed soon. Two things we really need and depend on. I’m sorry the knee hurts so much. Maybe a way can be set up that you can do the peppers and ice your knee. I know you hate sitting still when things need to be done. Glad you have family and friends to y’all get things done. Hugs to you and your family.

    • The knee’s so much better today! Will’s got the water issue fixed. Hooray. It was driving him nuts! Now we’ve got a good line on the stove’s problem, he’ll get at that too. What a relief!!
      Thanks for your concern and hugs!!

  7. Sorry you’re in pain! Keep looking on YouTube for help with your stove. We fixed a hot water heater and our washing machine by watching it done! Our gas oven wasn’t getting hot, the broiler came on but not the bottom. We put in our make, model and it was a burned out bottom ignighter, I think. Easy fix for under $45 bucks.

  8. On the roof of your oven do you have a sensor that could be your problem. Or the screw behind the turn on/off know might need to be adjusted.

  9. It has been one appliance after another end of last year and first of this. My oven stopped and will not work. I cook almost all from scratch. Actually, did not know how much it would affect me. But boy it sure does. I do have a larger air fryer with a baking button. I have used it for little things. So now using the air fryer, instapot, and crockpot, and gas range. We do have a in wall oven ordered. So hang in there as it seems to be we all start with plan A and end in Z.

    • For sure! I do so much baking that having the oven out is sure a royal pain in the… know what! Sounds like you’re experiencing my frustration too. (Maybe it’s YOUR ignitor in your oven?) It’d sure take a look at the YouTube videos.

  10. Just a thought is there a check valve on the pressure tank-could be faulty. The oven could have a faulty temperature sensor. I’m sure Will has thought about this. Problems like this are vexing. Everyday it seems something needs to be fixed. I’m so sorry you are so painful. Keep on “rolling”. Good luck on rehab and repairs (of you as well).

    • The knee’s so much better and I’m gaining daily. A few set-backs won’t stop me. No check valve problem on the pressure tank; everything else works perfectly. But he is checking out the thermostat and the ignitor today. I’m sure he’ll eventually find the problem. He just keeps plugging along until he gets something fixed. Me? I’d probably scream, throw up my hands and run into the woods!! LOL

  11. Jackie,

    Sorry to learn about your knee pain and all your equipment fails. Reminds me of Lee Child’s
    advice: “Hope for the best but plan for the worst.” Obviously, Will plays a huge role in your worst-case-scenario plan. Bless him AND you!


    • Thanks Cathie! That’s kind of our motto around here too, way before Lee Childs stole it. Ha ha. Things are turning around. My knee is much better and he did get the water issue fixed. Just the stove oven to go now.
      Will does make a great preparedness partner, for sure.

  12. Sending a big EHug to my favorite Blogger, sounds like you really need one my friend. Hopefully things will be back to your normal soon Jackie. Sending blessings and good thoughts from Oregon .

    • I’m wondering what “normal” is. But things are going better around here. The knee is much better and he got our water fixed so you can take a pounding shower with no dribbling. Yea!! I’m sure the oven will finally get fixed before too long. Thanks for the blessings and caring thoughts.

  13. I can relate and hope things get better Jackie. I also agree with the sentiment that David is displaying about it all!! : )

  14. Praying for a good rehab session today and for your pain to ease! Thank goodness for youtube, eh Will? My husband is just as handy and it’s so amazing to me(he is still working on fixing our snow blower before “second” winter arrives next week. Something never works quite as planned)

    I still remember the day that my dad told me “go with the flow my child”. They were words that I never expected to hear from him, I was very much a plan everything to a T person. Over my childhood he grew from ex military mindset to my dad. And now I have the utmost joy in watching him be a wonderful grandfather, showing me at every turn how to just go with the flow.

    Life is too short and too precious to get all caught up in the details when something doesn’t go as planned(and let’s be real, it seldom does!).

    • That’s for sure! Yep, rehab went very well yesterday, with little pain and increase in range of motion. Whew!! I sure wasn’t looking forward to going.
      I hope your husband gets the snow blower fixed. That can be a huge pain when you’re experiencing snow and have to break out the shovel. If that’s even an option. Ugh!
      What a great dad! Mine was awesome, as well and I owe a whole lot to him having taught me so very much about building, fixing and life.

  15. Sorry to hear that. Hope all is fixed and that rehab goes better. Sometimes the therapists get a little energetic!
    We’re waiting on the technician for the oxygen concentrator my husband just started using 2 weeks ago. Lots of noise last night from it. I’m tired and cranky today so your pretty flower pictures helped!
    Katherine Jordahl

    • Aww, I’m glad. I sure hope the technician fixed the oxygen concentrator! It’s kind of scary when a medical appliance gives out. I remember when David had flesh eating bacteria and surgery. He had a belly pack that delivered antibiotics IV every few hours, 24/7. In the middle of the night, it beeped a warning that it was not working properly. Fortunately, we were able to get it going. But it sure scared the heck out of us!!
      The knee is doing much better!!

  16. Goodness, that’s a lot all at once! I agree that’s a very good trait to have as a homesteader. I hope things start flowing easier for you two very soon. Husband says he’d check the sensors on the stove next.

    • Yes, sometimes the “bad” gets heavy. But, fortunately, things are looking up. Will is checking the sensors and ignitor right now. So, hopefully, soon we’ll have a good idea how to get it fixed.

    • Thanks Sandy! Slowly, we’re getting there. The knee is better, and the water problem is now fixed. Two out of three. Yea!!

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