Well, okay, they are the Amaryllis I bought before Christmas. But as much as we enjoy and need bright colors this time of the year, they were well worth the price. So far, I’ve had two flowering stalks, each with four or five huge blooms on it. And the reds are so intense. Yes, it does make me want to plant more seeds. But it’ll be 90 days before we can plant outside so, obviously, I’m holding off, even if it kills me.

Isn’t this Amaryllis bright?

Those first habaneros are doing very well, growing nicely, although slowly, as is their habit. I bought some 4-inch plastic pots online to transplant them into as the pots hold more soil than do my usual Styrofoam coffee cups. I did this as I plan on holding them in the pots longer than I do when planted in the cups. Then, they’ll be transplanted into large nursery pots to spend the summer in our greenhouse, which is heated in the spring and late fall. I’m determined to get a good crop of habaneros for a change, instead of just one or two! (No, I don’t eat them, only use tiny bits for seasoning various dishes.)

I’m happy with the way our habanero seedlings are growing. Some already have one set of “adult” leaves.
Now, if I can get habaneros to harvest as well as my Sugar Rush Peach hot peppers!

I had my last trip to rehab today for my knee. It seems to be progressing well so I’m glad. I see the doctor tomorrow, with X-rays, so we’ll hope that visit goes well, too. Going to rehab cost us six hours a week, which is really hard on us as there are so many other things we need to be doing (like blogs!). I will continue doing my exercises at home and am confident I can get the knee where it needs to be. — Jackie


  1. Love the bright colors especially during the dreary winter months. My Christmas cactus started blooming shortly before Thanksgiving and is still blooming. That’s my bit of color. It usually goes from Thanksgiving to Easter which it appears to be doing again this year.

  2. Jackie, Such beauty in the midst of winter! me thinks I just may have to indulge myself this fall an purchase a red amaryllis. 90! days! hooo boy, but thanks for the gentle reminder; do not plant -until consistent warmth. i hear that a few brave soils are putting in their peas(down around the 500 ‘ level, . I ve tried in past years, only to have the weeds overtake the 2nd planting sprout and fly past. so content to just start my peppers in the greenhouse. so happy for you that knee is progressing well. the time spent commuting is hard I am sure.take care . hope the x ray was pleasing news.

  3. Doesn’t that splash of color from the flowers make you feel like a million bucks?! Its funny how such a simple thing can change your outlook and brighten your day. I love flowers. Im happy to hear you are done traveling to rehab. That will free you up so much and as busy as you are your knee will continue to progress without any problems. Isn’t the weather crazy! Those poor folks in the Sierra’s are getting slammed with a blizzard and Texas is on fire. I feel so badly for them all. We are going to be almost 80 degrees on Sunday, and windy. We are on fire watch here and have had burn bans in place the first part of the week and Im sure will be next week as well. Your hot peppers are sure plugging along and look good. I just love seeing things grow. Sending prayers for a blessed week.

  4. Beautiful flowers, Glad your recovery is progressing. Its never as fast as we’d like!
    Katherine Jordahl

  5. Jackie, News about your knee is a relief to us all who watch you and Will make your way through all those chores year after year. Your doctors wouldn’t be able to put in the kind of days you two do constantly, so I know you will get in your exercise. Those pepper plants are making me anxious to start planting seeds. I had a clear plastic container with a couple of store bought tomatoes that started to erupt with seeds through the skin. Instead of tossing them, I just covered them with dirt, put them in a warm spot by a west window and now I have lots of little tomato plants popping up. I know these won’t taste like the ones I’ll plant later but I couldn’t just kill them… At least I have something growing to tinker with. Spring is right around the corner and we are all just waiting….
    Take care and know that we all are wishing you an amazingly quick recovery

  6. Dear Jackie,
    I got an amaryllis last November and after it bloomed, I put in in the garage with a box over it to keep it from freezing. About 5 weeks ago, I drug it out, watered it and put it in the sun in my kitchen. It is now huge, with four babies that need transplanting, and also has two stems with buds. One opened this morning and will have four flowers. I am so excited about my flowers and my new babies. I was told to treat them like Iris and break apart in April and transplant. Hopefully, that will work. So, keep your red amaryllis and give it banana water. That seems to work well. This plant is about 3 1/2 feet tall and still growing. The four babies are about 18 inches tall, so the banana water must work. I put a few banana peels in a quart jar of water. When I water my plants, I just renew the water and put a lid on it for about a week or next watering day.

  7. Hi Jackie, glad to hear that you are making an apparently good recovery with your knee! Looking at your wee pepper plants remind me that I need to get my stuff started. Outside we still have about a foot of snow on the ground, with a winter storm warning for the whole weekend. But I need to be ready for the meltdown off all the snow to get the hoop house up and the garden tilled up. I wish I could eat habaneros. But I think they would cause my stomach to explode. Can’t tolerate spicy food like I did when younger. Be careful when you work with the grown habaneros, wear gloves, you don’t want that burning spice on your face.

  8. I live in Ontario Canada, and a few weeks ago it had been so consistently warm that I found 3 dandelions in flower!

  9. I am so glad to hear that your knee is progressing. That Amaryllis is stunning! What a great color. Here’s to happy Habeneros. I like your forethought about the bigger pots to start with.

  10. I’m sure Will won’t allow you to die waiting. He’ll dangle other projects in front you to make the time go faster.
    Super excited – all the clearing/cleaning is done on our lots. My dad has driven the main road near us for almost 70 years. He’s never seen the lot that abuts to the road so clear (but NOT clear cut). More (black) walnut trees than I knew about too! More work in the summer and seed native wildflowers/grasses in the fall. Signed up for the company to make three visits next year to remove any undesirables that attempt to sprout. There will still be an area where a structure (not a house!) and green house can be built. While I love the fact no one will ever live across the street from me, the views from the lots is spectacular. The views were great before the clearing/cleaning.
    We hit almost 80 on Tuesday (mid-70s the days before that). I need to see if any more garlic popped up as well as asparagus. Hostas, tulip (only one so far), and daffodils are coming up. Went from almost 80 to 16 (windchill of zero) on Wednesday. Maybe the plants will decide “eh, it is a bit too early”.
    Glad the knee is progressing well. Resist the urge to overdo it!

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