I was having a hard time sleeping the night before last due to pain in my knees from over-doing it. (Yes, they’re better but when I push them, they react!) I’d just gotten my copy of Backwoods Home Magazine, so I grabbed it and started reading by flashlight. I don’t usually read my own articles, but I’d finished the others and started in on the tomato article. On page 32, I saw a huge error that made me feel as though someone had dumped a bucket of ice water over my head. In the manuscript I sent, the sentence read “Open-pollinated tomatoes may be heirlooms or more recently bred by traditional breeding techniques.” But in the magazine, the sentence read “Open-pollinated tomatoes may be heirloom or hybrids.” Eeek! Open-pollinated varieties are about opposite of hybrids in that the open-pollinated varieties will always breed true from seed, generation to generation, where hybrids will not. I’m afraid of two things from this editorial or typo error. One is that experienced gardeners will think I know nothing. The other is that newer gardeners will think open-pollinated, and hybrids are one in the same because “Jackie Clay said so.” Sam Duffy apologized and said a correction will be in the next issue of BHM. Meanwhile, pass the word!

This is June, last year. I can’t wait for green!

Finally, finally, my main crop of peppers is starting to come up. I was really getting worried as I need to start my tomatoes very soon and I don’t have room where it’s warm. And, living off grid, I don’t have the option of using seed heat mats. But my little babies are starting to show up like crazy. Whew!

I was so tickled when Will said our peppers were starting to come up.
As I plan on making way more Gaucho relish from my Sugar Rush Peach peppers, I planted extras and here they come!

— Jackie


  1. I know what you mean about even the most well meant editorial corrections. Several years ago I wrote an article for our Audubon newsletter in which I commented that Sandhill Cranes gain 20% of their body weight in Nebraska before continuing their migration to Canada, Alaska and even Siberia. Somehow that got changed to 20lbs. In a bird which weighs around 10.4 lbs that is massive. It must have left the readers thinking there would be a constitutional amendment routing Hwy 80 around the state of Nebraska to avoid weight gain. I also had visions of Butterball Turkeys trying to fly to Siberia! Not good.
    No worries though – we know you and will pass the word to anyone who has questions.
    Jackie rules!!!

    • Wow, and I thought the tomato boo boo was bad! So, we now have 30 pound Sandhill Cranes?? THAT I’d love to see!
      Thanks Maggie!

  2. Trust you Jackie! editorials not so much. don’t worry and save the knees. you just got them replaced! don’t wear them out. yep , i know, its HARD not to do what we are used to. the seasons roll past us but the joints not so good at rolling these next seasons. take care. YEA your peppers are up! now (slowly) get them tomato seeds in. Take care.

    • Yep, I do have most of my tomato seeds planted now and should finish tomorrow. God willing! The knees are slowly getting better. Today I even went into Walmart with Will. That was a first shopping trip although kind of a short one. I didn’t want to push it!

  3. I knew it was typo. Things like that happen to writers, so please don’t fret. We’re supposed to get more snow this weekend and through the week. It’s supposed to be light and not much costing. I’m willing the snow we have to melt. The drifts and piles from shoveling and plowing are finally shrinking. We’ve had several beautiful days with temps in the high 40s. Tee shirt weather here. So hang in there with your knees and don’t overdo it too much.

    • No, I won’t. We’re supposed to get up to 18″ tomorrow night so we’re neatening up the drive, etc., getting ready to plow. (So far, Will has only plowed one time!) I’m sure we’ll be getting more warmer weather soon.

  4. Don’t get too worried. I suspect most who read “open-pollinated and hybrid” in the same sentence will question it. And do his/her due diligence. Plus the online version (if there is one) can quickly be corrected.
    Well a-bit-of-snow turned out to be 6-7 inches of heavy wet snow at my house. One area not that far from me got 8.5 inches. Even *if* the storm pushed farther south than predicted, a bit more snow than predicted. We’ll take the moisture.

    • I still am fretting about the error and sure hope it didn’t do any damage. We, too, need the moisture. If we get a foot or two of snow it will be a good thing as it will weight down the tall swamp and woods grass, lessening the fire danger. We’ll see what we end up with.

  5. I knew that was an editorial error. I got the Sunshine mix-it’s very good. PS my right knee still aches after replacement surgery-8 months later. I certainly have much less pain at night. Previously it would interrupt sleep. Rest easy

    • Thanks Everett! Both of my knees hurt. The year-old one because of how I began walking with my “new” January knee. The “new” knee because it had surgery. Both are feeling much better and I am able to be up longer without swelling. But, at night, they still bother me off and on. Thank God for ice!!

    • I sure hope others figured that too. Especially beginners who might not have a clear picture of those varieties. You can bet I take care of my knees. Outside work is just around the corner!!


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