I’ve been planting our melons, squash, and pumpkins inside. We do this as we have such a short growing season that by planting four or five weeks ahead of our frost-free spring date, we are assured of getting lots of mature seeds inside the fruits, not just food. I’ve still got a couple of rare squash to get planted in containers but I’m waiting for a pack yet, so I’ve switched gears. As we’ve become so busy with the seed business, I didn’t plant any onion seeds this year. Instead, I ordered plants from Dixondale Farms in Texas. My friends, Heather, Sherri, and Dara also ordered with me as when you order a lot, you get a very reduced price per bunch. A long time ago, I had a market garden down in Sturgeon Lake and bought plants from them. So, I was confident we’d get good service and good plants. Well, they arrived today! Eeek! We weren’t expecting them for another week or so. Will had tilled the Sand Garden a couple weeks ago but there were already some grass and weeds showing. We don’t want to plant onions in that. Today, he’s down there, quickly tilling it again in order to get those onions planted, hopefully tomorrow if the rain doesn’t get too bad. (I got a little overboard ordering onions as we love onions three meals a day, plus I dehydrate a bunch too.) Oh well, the plants look good and I’m sure I’ll be sharing them with others along the way.

Here’s our box of onions. That’s a lot of planting! Fortunately, I’m sharing them tomorrow.
Will, busy tilling the Sand Garden again to get ready for planting our onion plants.

Will got busy and fastened the new picket fence up to the six-foot welded wire deer fence. It looks very nice. Just in time too, as our flowers are coming up in the beds closest to the house. Lots of daffodils blooming and the peonies are popping up like crazy. They love the rain and warm sunshine afterwards. I’ve got to mow the cornstalks in the Main Garden this afternoon. Will did the Berry Garden yesterday and one asparagus patch. As soon as I get that done, we’ll till it up, too. Spring is very busy around here!

Doesn’t our fence look great?
Aren’t these daffodils beautiful? Spring is here!

— Jackie


  1. Dixondale onion sets are fabulous!! Just got mine too and got a discount because I waited so long…lol.
    There is so much promise and hope in the spring. God is so good to have birthed us in a garden.

    • We had our onion planting party and got 8 bundles of onions planted although Will and my friends Dara and Sherri did the planting. I ran stuff back and forth with the golf cart, sprinkled on fertilizer and corn gluten meal to suppress seedling weeds and made lunch. My knees won’t let me get down in the dirt anymore. Bummer!!

  2. Hi Jackie, love the fence, looking forward to seeing flowers growing inside and the deer outside.

    • Me too. I’ve been planting the new area daily, both with plants and seeds. Now, with a good rain, things should kick off nicely. Yea!!

    • Thank you so much Sheryl. We do try but we have our “messes” around the place too. We’re far from perfect!! : )

  3. My onions are in, peas up, potatoes planted . Last year a drought and this year much more rain. Nothing beats country living.

    • Isn’t spring fun, though? We’re having an onion planting party on Thursday. I got so crazy ordering onion plants. What was I thinking?? Ha ha

  4. Was on a tight timetable this afternoon but saw Pro-Mix at “the wal-mart”. Two cu ft of premium potting mix, $20+tax. Not a lot of it outside, no idea if that is all they have.
    All the fall planted garlic is looking good – usually I have a couple that don’t survive the winter but not this year. All the Good Friday tater plants are up, we planted a few more last week. Still have a few seed taters left, eyeing a few other spots. While I’m a bit lazy about harvesting the few annual herbs I plant, the birds seem to enjoy the seeds.
    Asparagus is doing well – weeded it this weekend – grass and volunteer trees are my nemesis.
    Face it, those of us on this blog just love being outside and getting dirt under our fingers. Then literally consuming the fruits of our labor.
    While I still think a bit early, found the largest ever morel at this house last Friday. Found another almost as big on Sunday. Skunked tonight but an hour of fresh air, walking, balancing, and twisting is nothing to sneeze about.

    • It’s so much fun, watching things popping up this time of the year. It’s truly a time of renewal. I’m hearing the frogs singing and the birds chirping their spring songs, watching the trees bud out to bloom.
      We’re planting onions Thursday. So, that’ll be our first plants out in the garden this year. Then will come the peas and on it will go. We love our life!!

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