We’ve been kind of dry for the past several days, which was a blessing, as we could plant, plant, plant. We’re pretty sore but got in more pole beans and seven 80-foot rows of bush beans. Then there were three 80-foot rows of carrots, two rows of snap beans to eat and can and an 80-foot row of Detroit Dark Red beets, our old standby. I did that while Will worked on using the chisel plow to dig up the North, Sand, Central, and finally, Wolf Gardens. He didn’t want to hit any more boulders with the tiller! The chisel plow hooks the big rocks and brings them to the surface — hopefully.

Here’s the Wolf Garden bean patch. With the inch of rain, it should pop up quickly.

I had planned on planting more today, as the rain had quit in the night. But the gardens were soggy, so that won’t happen. We did get over an inch of rain, which was needed to get stuff going, though.

I hope some of my friends will relieve me of at least some of my extra tomato plants, seen here in the background.

Today, I’ll get some housework done (not that it doesn’t need it!) and plant a few plants around the house. Then there’s a lawn to mow. (It’s only a foot high!) Oh well, good for the pollinators, right? We’re supposed to get more rain this afternoon, but I sure hope it dries up some so we can get to planting. I feel an anxiety attack coming on … Ah, spring! Only 4½ acres left to plant in a week and a half.

Gee, I guess I have to get the lawn mowed again, before more rain!

— Jackie


    • Yes, a lot of it is for our seed business. But I also can up a whole lot too, plus give plenty of food away, come fall. Our poultry and livestock also enjoys the bounty.

  1. Goodness! All I can think of to say is “whew”. I absolutely don’t know how you do it. Makes me feel like a sissy to hear all you plant. Proud to know you.

      • I understand. I do like the sleep that comes after a day’s work. I just don’t accomplish all you do.

        • We all do our best. My best is not as good as someone else’s best but it’s what I can do. I try to be satisfied and grateful I can accomplish what I can each day.

  2. Wow- that’s a lot to plant. I have 2-30ft by 90 gardens and it is all I can do. I don’t know how you do it and hold up. Also that’s a lot of food production. I believe you are right it was ground squirrels that were snapping of the transplant. Voles did eat most of my Egyptian onions. I found their holes and filled them with gravel-temporary barrier. Today I finished all planting. Fortunately I started extra plants that filled in what I lost.

    • One thing we found that repels rodents is to pour used kitty litter down their holes. They don’t like it any more than we do! Our little Kubota with the tiller sure helps us out a lot. Before the tractor mounted tillers, we did it all with our TroyBilt 8 horse and that was a huge amount of walking. My knees rebelled. Now, we do as much as we can then quit for the day or time being.

    • Okay, I sure can up a wide variety or recipes using a lot of that food, especially tomatoes, onions and peppers. Then we give a lot away to the folks who come help us out. And, we feed some of the excess to the chickens, cows and other critters who, in return, give us their own forms of food. We also give quite a bit to food shelves in local areas.

  3. I’m amazed at what you get accomplished! I finally finished our planting here in Michigan. Wishing you the best weather for what you need to get done!

    • We’re stalled today due to rain and very soggy garden soil. So, working to clean out the leftover tomatoes in the greenhouse. Luckily, some friends took a bunch already!! Yea

  4. Too bad we can’t schedule rain – some strawberries got water logged sad to say. But not a bad harvest so far. We’ve had a couple of bumper years in the past but I can’t complain about this year. So far no scapes on the garlic – last year I had *no* scapes, which kind of surprised me.
    If there was market for cicadas, I’d be rich (and there would still be plenty for the next cycle as I would not over harvest).

    • I agree on the scheduling rain. But then, we’d all be fighting about it. “I need more rain!” “No, I want sunshine!!” I guess we get what we get and just deal with it. Or the lack of it.


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