While the gardens were still pretty wet from the torrential rain we experienced last week, I was able to get all of our pepper plants into the ground. Will followed, mulching first with rotted manure, then with hay. The tomatoes look so nice and healthy, all caged, staked, and mulched. Some have already got some tomatoes set on the plants.

I managed to get all the pepper plants in the wet ground and Will got them mulched.
Our tomatoes look great, all caged, staked, and mulched in the Wolf Garden.

Finally, yesterday, the soil had dried up enough in the Wolf and North Gardens that Will was able to till them with the tractor mounted tiller. He switched the four-foot tiller that came with our Kubota tractor with the five-foot King Kutter we had previously used as the one that came with the Kubota keeps breaking tines. The old King Kutter has never broken one, even though we used it as a first tiller on some very rocky gardens. He was able to till most of both gardens. They are a bit clay-lumpy so we let the ground dry out for the afternoon and night and he’s going to re-till them today so, hopefully, we can plant some corn with the two-row corn planter. A bit late but in homesteading, you do what you can do, when you can do it! And pray for a late fall.

After tilling the soaked, dried, rock hard, part clay soil, Will turned it into nice, fluffy dirt, needing one more pass to get it ready to plant.

While I was busy mowing our big lawns with the riding mower, Will fired up the TroyBilt tiller and got busy tilling the beans, carrots, beets, and onions in the Wolf Garden. It looks very nice, I think! I replanted some of the washed-out sweet corn and it looks like a couple rows of beans need it, as well. But that’s what you do. Never quit!

Today is hot and sunny. Will took the opportunity to till between the rows in the Wolf Garden to get ahead of the weeds.

— Jackie


  1. You and Will certainly do make a good team, and get masses of work done working together! It takes endurance to get everything done in the window nature gives us, that’s for sure. Outside this morning my wrens are singing so beautifully and I just saw the most beautiful oriole in the back yard. I really enjoy these gifts and it makes working outside even more pleasant. We have been getting some very nice rains and the garden and yard are growing quite well. Hoping for a good harvest. My dill and basil are getting close to ready for harvest and I am going to try to dehydrate them this year. Sending prayers for a blessed week.

    • Thanks again, Marilyn. We love all that is going on around us while we work. Two days ago, we saw two otters playing in our beaver pond and then saw a wolf pup cross the driveway in front of our car. Then, there are the two does, each with a fawn, that always have their babies near our house. I think they feel safe and know the dogs will keep predators away. Our birds are also so wonderful. I feed them yeararound and they reward us by eating tons of bugs and weed seeds, not to mention their beautiful songs.

      • I just have to jump in here and second the fact that you and Will are such a good team. I love that!
        And oh my gosh! That is so exciting to see the otters playing!
        It is so true about the birds! I started planting bird friendly plants, shrubs, and trees for the birds years ago and it has paid dividends.

  2. We could use a touch of rain around here, it’s been a little too dry of late. I got our garden all planted out – it’s not nearly as big as yours – and the stupid groundhog came and chomped on all my cabbages. Beloved husband and I spent a morning making small cages from chicken wire for each plant. Fortunately the plants weren’t killed, they’re pushing out some new leaves so I don’t think I’ve lost them, but just to be on the safe side I started a bunch of new cabbage plants this week, I think the new Early Jersey Wakefield plants will be full grown by the time we have the first frost. Annoying animal.

    Two weeks ago I walked down to our barn, about 200 feet from the house, and noticed someone rustling around in the bushes. Turned out to be a bear, not far from the house. We scared it away, but the darn thing kept circling around and coming back, went back up the same tree and that’s when I saw three little faces. Of course she wasn’t going to leave her babies behind. A few hours later the family shimmied down and went off into the woods. Hope we don’t see them again anytime soon.

    • Wow, that was cool to see mama bear and her three cubs! I agree, that’s not something you want to make a regular happening though!
      We’re so lucky not to have groundhogs. Yet. They are so pesky!! Good luck with your cabbages.

  3. Glad the weather is being a bit more cooperative. While we haven’t had a deluge of rain like other areas, we are having more pop-up showers – aka “the front moved ” explanation from the weather peeps.
    Have harvested a zuke and one yellow squash. Cut off a couple of yellow swash that were low growing during a rainy stint and were starting to rot. I may have to dig the garlic here soon and accept the harvest we get. Looks like somebody slept on part of the patch and flattened the plants. Cut one scape yesterday (had no scapes last year). I’ll give them a bit more time to “brown up” but keep a close eye on them.
    And of course, always need to weed.
    Got the latest issue of BHM earlier this week.


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