1. Been reading you since I was a kid; now middle-aged and raising a 4-year-old as my first child, I no longer view personal defense as a choice, but as an obligation. I defend my family, therefore I must always defend myself so as to keep myself in proper condition to defend my family. I’ve had my eyes opened since becoming a father, to just how many places I take my daughter where armed citizens are not welcomed. A local ice cream shop was our favorite, but after Newtown, they put a sign up stating all weapons were prohibited. Apparently many other regular customers felt as I did, and took their guns and their money elsewhere, because the sign came down after about 3 weeks. But it served to illustrate for me just how many places the world expects me to go with my family, where that world would seek to deprive them of any protection. Sandy Hook proved what I had suspected might happen ever since I saw it in former Yugoslavia: That eventually, it would not be a teenager acting out against classmates but a psychopath unleashing on LITTLE kids, and that everyone on both sides would seek some way to sooth their wounded emotions. That has been the case now. Maybe faculty and legislators could take lessons from skunks, porcupines, badgers, and armadillos, all of whom go about their days with SOME means of repelling violence, and the absolute will to employ such means against predators who know full well that these animals are no easy targets.