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An attorney friend wrote me this morning to say, “… been following your blog, great stuff.  Forgive my crass, sniveling, pond-scum lawyer attitude BUT, you ought to be plugging Deadly Force in the blog to boost sales …”

Which does, frankly, make sense.  My new book “Deadly Force: Understanding Your Right to Self-Defense,” just came out.  So far, according to Amazon, it’s doing well, and listed as their best-seller in its category.


I grovel in gratitude to my beautiful and long-suffering editor, Corrina Peterson, who managed to get it out in time for Christmas.

SafetyWebIt’s actually my third book this year, all from the same publisher (FW Media, the Gun Digest folks).  The earlier two are “Gun Safety in the Home” and “Gun Digest Book of SIG-Sauer,” second edition.

One more class to finish this week and another mid-month, and the old guy here is gonna kick back for Christmas. SIGbookWeb

And if anyone says, “OMG, you self-promoting SOB,” well, I guess I can honestly reply, “I did it on the advice of a lawyer.”



  1. I did not know your book was out; now I do. Just purchased it as an early Christmas present to myself. Thank you and have a most excellent Christmas and New Year.

  2. I’m old and my memory is fading. What did you say the name of your new book is and where can one purchase it? And it is a follow on to what well-known book which is available where? Do I know that sniveler pond scum?

  3. Just ordered my copy. There are some media people who need copies too! Hope you and Gail have a Merry Christmas.

  4. “I did it on the advice of a lawyer.”

    A poor excuse Mas. Our Dear Leader can make the same claim, saying he did his dastardly deeds on the advice of his lawyer boyfriend, the current extremely honest and non-racial Attorney General of the United States.

  5. I was surprised this week when I went to my mailbox and had a package from Armed Citizen Legal Defense Network and when I opened it there was your new book. I read the letter from Gila Hayes and her advise was to treat this book as if it were a textbook. So I am taking my time and reading and studying it. I took Gila advice and thought I could be taking a test on this subject one day and that is a test I want to make a 100 on. I have enjoyed all the book of yours I have read. Thanks Mas for taking the time to get people to see when you carry it only starts there, and the ending is where you have trained and studied and prepared for. I pray that I never have to take a life but if I am ever put to where I have to I have prepared trained and studied to make the end to come out in my favor. When it comes to the fight for your life or the life of your loved ones it is very well worth the time it took to be ready. Again, Thanks.

  6. I just purchased it! I am enjoying the availability of books in the Kindle format. We lost a lot of printed books in our storage room this summer so I am optimistic that the electronic format will outlast me.

  7. LOLOLOL “The lawyer made me do it!” Didn’t know it was out and now plan on getting it. Thanks for letting us know. Merry Christmas (early).

  8. Honorable Sir, plug all you need to. My civilian knowledge of what Not to do or say comes from your wrightings & teachings.
    I finally stopped losing my copies of your books after giving copies to my sons and their friends.
    You HAVE always been on track & dead nuts bullseye with your advise & teachings.
    Thank you & Semper Fi, D’doc

  9. I received my copy of “Deadly Force” this Monday as this years educational material from the Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network. I have read about half of the book and it is excellent! The only problem is that it IS really much longer than it looks, because it is so good you are going want to reread it several times in order to absorb all the good insightful information.

    Mas has a little additional Holiday Cheer for you complements of the Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network’s December Journal. The several page feature story is titled Understanding Defensive Display of Firearms, An Interview with Massad Ayoob. Once again, packed with great insight and you will read it more than once.

    Link: http://www.armedcitizensnetwork.org/our-journal/319-december-2014-network-journal

    Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays & A Safe New Year

  10. Mas, I just received the gift of your incredible new book a few days ago as part of the educational program of the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network http://www.armedcitizensnetwork.org/.

    Wow! ACLDN really outdid themselves here and your new book will be revered in my library as a bible of self-defense law. You are truly the godfather of modern self-defense study. Thanks for all you do!

  11. Well Mas, you should promote them because everyone here is a fan of yours & some of them may be unaware that these books are available. I bought the Sig Sauer book a couple of months ago & Deadly Force when it first became available. Both are excellent! Even for an avid reader of your books & articles like myself, there is a lot of new information that I have not seen before, which is surprising to me since I’ve been reading your writings for so long. Even when I do come across something that I have seen or heard from you before, as with parts of Deadly Force, it’s good to have it collected all together in one place where I can find it to refer to someone else. I think Deadly Force & The Gun Digest Book of Concealed Carry are the best books on those subjects that I have ever read & should be required reading for gun owners. I have already given several copies of the concealed carry book to friends & relatives as gifts, & I will be doing the same with copies of Deadly Force. Keep writing them & I will keep buying/reading them!

  12. From one ‘old guy’ to another; “OMG, you self-promoting SOB,”……Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  13. Richard, you’re correct, the P224 is not in the book. SIG has a very large line, and alas, there wasn’t room for every single product.

  14. Mas, I was unaware that you had these new books available.

    I am ordering 3 copies of your book Gun Safety in the Home for my daughter and two nephews who have within the past three years become gun owners and now have their own households with children. I acquired several of your books back in the 80’s and successfully applied your advice for gun safety in my own household raising my daughter in a house full of guns. We never had a gun safety issue and for that I am grateful to you and your advice. Thank you!

    Your knowledge and teaching now moves on to benefit the second and third generations. What a legacy.

    I also have to say that your early book “In the Gravest Extreme” made a big impression on me regarding a subject that few were writing about back then. Out of all the different gun books that I have read over the years, that one book is the one that stands out.

    Oh yeah… I am ordering your newest book Deadly Force for myself and will be telling everyone else in my family to order it, as well.

    Have a very Merry Christmas.

  15. Wonder why our biased Lame Stream Media never gave this National attention?

    White teen who was killed by a black cop in Alabama mirrors Ferguson
    Terresa Monroe-Hamilton
    02 Dec, 2014 by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

    This has nothing to do with race. It has everything to do with obeying a police officer. I’ve got news for you… if you charge a cop — even if you are 5’7″ tall and weigh a whopping 135 pounds — even if you are naked as the day you were born — if said cop tells you to stop and you charge him like a deranged rhino, he is going to shoot you. When a cop pulls his gun, he shoots to kill. Not to injure, maim or slow you down… when you pull your gun, it is with the intent to put another down if need be. The officer has a right AND a directive to protect himself. The kid was high on something as strong as PCP. What makes anyone think a billy club, mace or even a taser would have brought him down? White, black or purple with pink poka dots — if you don’t obey the law, the price is going to be severe. And that is the way it should be.

    Officer Trevis Austin shot and killed Gilbert Collar, a white, unarmed 18-year-old man who was under the influence of drugs. A Mobile County Grand Jury refused to bring charges against Officer Austin, concluding that the officer acted in self-defense.

    From the Washington Times:

    A two-year-old case involving the shooting death of an unarmed 18-year-old white man by a black police officer is gaining attention on social media in the wake of this week’s protests and rioting in Ferguson, Missouri.

    Gilbert Collar, a white, unarmed 18-year-old under the influence of drugs was shot and killed Oct. 6, 2012, by Officer Trevis Austin, who is black, in Mobile, Alabama. Despite public pressure for an indictment, a Mobile County grand jury refused to bring charges against Officer Austin, concluding that the officer acted in self-defense.

    The circumstances mirror those of the Aug. 9 shooting death of Michael Brown, a black unarmed 18-year-old under the influence of drugs by Officer Darren Wilson, who is white, in Ferguson.

    A St. Louis County grand jury’s decision Monday not to indict the officer ignited violence and looting in Ferguson and days of protests nationwide against racial injustice.

    The discrepancy in the reaction to and coverage of the two grand jury decisions has not been lost on social media, where critics are citing the Collar case to counter those who say Brown was the victim of racism in both law enforcement and judicial system.

    On Thursday, the website Conservative Tribune headline trumpeted the case: “Unarmed White Teen Gunned Down by Black Cop … Where’s the Outrage?”

    These civil suits where people go after the cop because they don’t like what a Grand Jury says need to stop. They are probative and seek to prove guilt in one form or another regardless of the facts or standing. To persecute a cop for doing his job is just plain wrong. It is one thing if an officer illegally enters or kills someone that is minding their own business and who is within their own rights… it is quite another if that officer is attacked. So, where is the outrage? There should not be any, but if there is, it should be on the side of the law.


  16. I’ve been reading your books and articles for decades so when I heard you on the GunTalk podcast the other day discussing the book I made a mental note to pick it up. Your lawyer-advisement was a timely reminder. Thanks, and keep up the good work!

  17. Got mine in the mail from ACLDN recently as well. Finished it this morning. Truly excellent work! Bought a few more copies for friends, family and students and I’m sure they will appreciate these new Christmas gifts.

    Mas, congrats on a dynamite book. Worth every penny and then some. The Zimmerman case write up alone would make this make this book a “must have.”

    Have a Merry Christmas and may you keep Shootin’, Movin’ and Communicatin’ for many more years!

  18. I’ve had my copy of “Deadly Force” about a month now, as I ordered it from Amazon before actual publication. My copy from the ACLDN was a surprise. I think I’ll give it to Santa to give to my son as his training has only been the minimum as required by the State.
    Sig Sauer, Huh. Mas, when did you start writing books about Chinese cars?
    (that is meant as a joke)

  19. Howdy Mas,

    What i’d really like to see is you do a review on the FN Five-Seven pistol. I’ve never had the pleaseure of shooting one and would like to know more about it.

  20. 1. Join ACLDN and get a copy of Mas’ new book.

    2. If you’ve attended any of Mas’ classes you know it should be used to update your “library box”. Read it, underline a few passages you really like (and would want a jury to remember when deliberating on your case) and then add it to your box that contains a copy of all the training materials you have read. Mail the box to yourself, return-receipt-requested, and leave the box unopened. If you ever have to use your self-defense weapon, your attorney can use its contents to prove what info you had available to you before the event.

    3. Buy FOUR more copies of the new book, One to keep on YOUR bookshelf to occasionally refresh your mind on its excellent advice. A second one to give to the ACLDN approved ATTORNEY you would call immediately after holstering your firearm. A third one to the CLOSE FAMILY MEMBER that would receive your second call. A fourth one as a GIFT for your close friend who also carries. And, maybe even more to drop off as a gift to your local library, gun club, police/sheriff dept. etc.

    And no, I don’t get a commission!

    Thanks Mas for the many years of excellent advice and, hopefully, many more to come.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

  21. Promote all you want. I was not aware of your current books! So, thank you for telling us about their existence.

    Sig Sauer pistols are the best gun right out of the box . . . Period!

    The way my shooting buddies have had to tweak their 1911s to get them to perform well reminds me of the early Hot Rods in America with people constantly fiddling with them to make them “just right.” Not my Sig P220 .45s! (Two years ago we had one string of fire at an IDPA match, just 7 yds., 2 rds. from concealment. I did it in 1.99 sec. center mass with my Sig P220 .45. Yeah Buddy!)

    Keep your wisdom and knowledge coming!

    Tim Arrington

  22. T.A–I didn’t intend to hijack this blog. I have most of Mas’ books and most are signed by him. The name of Sig Sour sounds kind of Chinesey. That was my only intention. I used to have a Sig 9mm (can’t remember the model) but it was too heavy for everyday carry. I still have a Sig AR though.

    I will agree with you about the 1911 being finicky. I have 3 Colts and 1 Ed Brown Signature model with Mas’ name on the slide (I matched Mas’ score with it in my Mag 40 class). Nothing feels quite right in the hand as a 1911. We ARE talking guns here now?

    I also have 6 Glocks and a 7th one on the way as a prize from GSSF (I ordered a 30S). That doesn’t mean I like Glocks. (horrible trigger pulls and the grip feels like a 2×4) However, if you shoot GSSF then you have to shoot a Glock.
    Mas’ new book is excellent and I highly recommend it, if my opinion counts for anything.


    At almost 80 yoa, I still remember listening to FDR make that speech, as he declared war on Japan.



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