Another American beheaded by the jihadis.  RIP, Peter Kassig.  And another announcement of holy war against us and our countrymen, everywhere including here.

On the main page of the Backwoods Home website is posted the current issue of the magazine, which includes this article: . It was assigned by BHM founder Dave Duffy, and written, before such recent events in our country as one lone wolf jihadist who beheaded a helpless woman in Oklahoma, and another attacked rookie cops with a hatchet in New York City.

It is significant that both of those potential mass murders was cut short by swift action.  In New York, two of the blindsided cops went down badly hurt, and then the other two ended the “ax attack” with a hail of 9mm Gold Dot +P bullets from their service pistols.  In Oklahoma, the carnage was terminated when the guy in charge of the workplace shot the jihadist down.  The businessman who performed the heroic rescue happened to be a reserve law enforcement officer who had his patrol rifle accessible. Was he an armed citizen, or a cop?  In my view, he was both, and it doesn’t really matter.  What matters is, a good guy with a gun was there to stop a bad guy obviously bent on mass murder.

This morning, I saw a talking head on national TV news ask the incredibly stupid question, “Should we take this threat seriously?”

Oh, I dunno…ask Peter Kassig.


  1. This is not the America we grew up in. Attacks on our citizens abroad, the outright disrespect shown our sailors in Turkey (a supposed ally), domestic terror attacks by Islamic slime, and a rising racial divide stoked by the president and his attorney general, have transformed this country into an unrecognizable shadow of its former self.

    For the first time in my life, I’m beginning to fear that our country may not survive a bad president. Our society is crumbling in front of our eyes and we appear to be frozen as spectators watching a home burning down, afraid to attempt to extinguish the fire lest we be criticized for interfering with urban renewal.

    Mas, I think it might be time for you to guide us through a refresher on street survival, threat recognition, and response.

    Our generation may be the first to leave our children and grandchildren with a future less bright than we inherited.

  2. Wow Mas, thanks for two excellent articles!!! I try to think like a terrorist, but I’m not very good at it. When I see the Islamic State, or ISIS, in the Middle East, I think, “OK, take over the Middle East, which is mostly Muslim anyway, then attack the Little Satan. Then go north to Europe, and after you take over that territory, if you can, then attack the Great Satan.” But there is no need for such old-fashioned thinking. The terrorists could attack everywhere at once, like The Tet Offensive, if they wanted to. Plus we have the lone wolves, probably hiding everywhere. Add to that the threat of Iranian nukes, and the fragility of our modern way of life, with our dependence on the electrical grid, and the picture is pretty scary.

    How can any sane person not be into preparedness? I always say the biggest Doomsday Prepper is Uncle Sam.

    I remember trying to guess what the terrorists would do in 2003, when we invaded Iraq. I thought they would lay low, until the Coalition Forces left, then launch a revolution. But they didn’t do that, they fought us right from the beginning, even though they lost a lot of blood. Add to that the fact that different sects failed to unite against us, and were even FIGHTING EACH OTHER AT THE SAME TIME THEY WERE FIGHTING US!! I never saw any of that coming. I am not good at learning to think like the enemy, but I will keep on trying.

  3. I was digusted to learn of the muslim prayers allowed to take place at the National Cathedral. The US just does not seem to want to recognize and say what the threat is.

  4. Yes this needs to be taken seriously. Of course the current administration want people to belive no real threat exists…. We may very well find ourselves in a Cowboy vs Muslims situation …

  5. Mas-

    A paper I wrote in grad school covered the subject of the 2008 ” Mumbai Massacre”, the infamous incident where a group of ten committed terrorists killed 180 plus innocent civilians with a few AK’s and hand grenades, terrorized an entire city and shut it down entirely for more than 4 days. Indians are not allowed personal arms and, sadly, the Indian police service was caught unawares, and unprepared ; some officers fought bravely, the Chief Anti-Terrorism Constable and his deputy were killed in the fight, on the other hand many municipal officers abandoned their posts and fled rather than engaging the bad guys. The Jihadis KNEW they would be un opposed and the railway station in particular was simply a shooting gallery for the attackers. One Indian newspaper reporter, crouched down behind a baggage cart next to a policeman, begged the policeman to shoot an AK armed thug, the officer refused. When the reporter asked the officer to give him his Enfield No 2A1 so he could himself use it to engage the bad guy, the request was refused- it was the cop’s rifle and could not be trusted to a private citizen. The officer subsequently left the scene, leaving the camera-equipped reporter to fend for himself.

    There simply is no way to disarm the bad guys to prevent attacks such as these. The only credible defense and response during such an attack is that which can be provided by an armed populace; hmmm…. also known as THE MILITIA, oddly enough – the unorganized militia.

    Imagine what a different scene would have unfolded if the attack had been not in downtown Mumbai, but in rather in downtown Phoenix, or downtown Monroe, or downtown Dallas.

    Lone Wolf attackers- ” Do it Yourself Jihadis”, are a reason why every responsible citizen should be armed.

    When the Progressive Elites say they don’t believe a “Good Guy with a Gun” is necessary to combat an armed thug, ask why THEIR bodyguards carry guns. The bottom line is they don’t want Jim-Bob and Suzy-Q to be armed because they haven’t been anointed with a badge or a uniform. If that gets a few Jim-Bobs and Suzy-Q’s killed by bad people, including jihadi thugs, oh well- just some collateral damage on the Progressives way to an “arms-free” utopia”, where only the powers of the state are armed.

    Look to Mumbai as an example of how well THAT works.

  6. Ebola.
    While a truly devastating disease. Also was a recent media fear-fest droning on and on 24/7 via all media channels (And just so I’m understood, I don’t think we had a great take away of the real problems surrounding that disease and our Healthcare systems health).

    How’s Ebola’s twitter chatter now?

    My Point.

    My Point is everyone is so very used to a 24/7 sound bite life with the current state of media, social and mainstream. And in that we get used to things cropping up and dithering away.

    Unless and until right-regular situations occur in these States United, no one is going to give them more than a #hastag-moments notice I feel.

    It doesn’t matter that outside-terrorist attacks have been predicted here since the 1960’s. It doesn’t matter whatever you or I know about history or even the scientific predictions based on real statistics; or real statistics themselves.

    I’m not much into the idea of, “I told you so” mostly because that is a luxury for safer times. Maybe even lighter moments.

    All that matters is today. Be prepared. Be prepared to be ridiculed along the way. Be prepared.

    RIP to Mr. Kassig.

  7. Too damn much PC around here. We need to tell it like it is and the left and our “leadership” needs to wake up.

  8. That HBO Westgate Mall was very well done and enlightening. Aside from trying to be armed everywhere, what I took away was the danger of being shot by LEO or the army in those situations if you actually act like a sheep dog. Much pause for thought, I’m afraid.

  9. obama, ‘president’ only because of his race, thinks he can establish a legacy by spending billions of our dollars on bogus global warming schemes and opening our culture to destruction by illegal aliens.
    The thousands of murders committed by ISIS inside Iraq can be laid at obama’s feet, he has their blood on his hands. Against all rationale and reason he threw the Iraqis to the wolves. The bastard has no conscience. What he has done for the people of Iraq, will he do for us? Why not, we’re just infidels.
    It is so handy for ISIS to have a muslim in the White House.

  10. Was he an armed citizen, or a cop?

    IMHO if he didn’t have a radio, and the other duty gear he was used to relying on, he was a lot closer to armed citizen than cop.

  11. Great article Mas.
    You forgot to mention what is going to happen in Ferguson, MO. The Grand Jury decision is supposed to come down any time now.
    My shop is in a predominantly a black neighborhood. To get home I also have to drive through a predominantly black neighborhood.
    I carry my Kahr with 21 rounds. Just this morning, I decided to augment that with am AR-15, behind the backseat and.cased.
    Hopefully, the cold weather will dampen any violence.


  12. Mas –

    Just a brief note. The suspect in the Oklahoma beheading was not killed, unfortuntately, but is under arrest and charged. Still a great job by the manager to stop the threat when he did.

  13. Hey Mas,

    Great article and point. Mr. Nolen, the Oklahoma City be-header, was shot by a pistol and survived. He is in the hospital awaiting charges, and his terrorist attack is being called an incident of work-place violence by our illustrious administration. The point being the same though; a good guy with a gun stopped a bad guy from killing people. I agree with your blog and your commenters, our country is in trouble. To be un-prepared is nobodies fault but the un-prepared. Keep up the good work. I try to read everything you put on here.

  14. Eternal vigilance (best from the God’s eye view, if you will) is the price of freedom. Active and sensible observing and reporting are at the heart of vigilant security. I would like to see more private citizens take security guard training, even if they have no plans to work as a guard. Such training is usually locally available and not unreasonably expensive. It combines instruction in local legalities, proper observing and reporting, and security-related firearms competence, along with indispensable survival tips. Obviously, a Mas Ayoob LFI course would be a good step, too.

  15. Let me suggest something. I have watched the various news folks speculate on why ISIS did not release video of the execution of Mr. Kassig. Some have said that as an Army Ranger he may have fought back at the last minute. I for one would like to believe that.

    Combine the above with how these ISIS maniacs use social media. Use it quite well actually. The West has not responded in kind. Sadly. While we have more than enough talent to do so.

    So here I would like to see a social media campaign to chastise, taunt, shame, ridicule, and embarass these ISIS thugs into releasing Kassigs last moments. I don’t care to watch it, but wouldn’t it be something if these cowards faced a brave Ranger? Maybe thru your contacts Mas you might pass the idea along?

  16. I’m not too worried about ISIS (Incredibly Sadistic Islamic Savages) because with cooler weather on the way, I’m getting a nice custom made turtleneck sweater made with a titanium re-enforced Kevlar collar to resist cutting.

    In addition to carrying a can of pepper spray, I also pack a can of powerful bacon spray to protect myself from nasty homegrown moslem jihadists.

  17. i have a question for Massad Ayoob. I hope this to be an acceptable avenue to reach him. If not please direct me. This is off the subject. However, I truly would like to know that if a law abiding citizen with a carry permit were to pull his weapon in self-defense but not have to pull the trigger, should this person call the police even if the perpetrator were to flee the scene. I know from reading Massads books he has had to pull his gun at least one time but didn’t have to pull the trigger.

  18. Sharp eyed readers: Many thanks for the catch. Correction made. That’s what I get for writing from memory.

    Brian Gates: You definitely want to call 911 in such a situation. I’ve seen many cases where someone in that position didn’t, but the perpetrator called in and claimed to be the victim. Whomever calls in first is generally seen as the victim/complainant, and whomever doesn’t, is automatically the suspect. Bad situation.

  19. I gather Peter Kassig converted to islam while captured. I think safe to say that was forced conversion made in attempt to save his life. And I would probably do same thing and renounce it if I was released.

    I saw a brief tv spot of his funeral and it looked like muslim funeral. Then I found this in link below where parents are referring to him by his muslim name. I can not believe that his parents would accept his forced conversion to islam. Have I missed something? Link

  20. Dennis – it pains me no end to agree with your thoughtful commentary. I have undergone a most thorough metamorphosis in my life. I was a pot-smoking, long-haired hippy freak that got drafted in 1967 and only escaped war by squeezing into a Reserve unit 2 days before I had to report. I managed to lead a double life of sorts – “playing Army” on weekends/summer camp (while wearing a short-haired wig!), going to smoke-ins, demonstrations, etc. I am telling you this because I feel it is MY generation – the boomers – who, in the majority (the minority – think Mas here, have been solid from day one) who have “led” this nation to the abyss we are now teetering upon. Now that I have grown children of my own, with a grandchild nearly here, I feel immense responsibility for the malaise that is prevalent in our society. We ignored – even made fun of – the leadership of true Americans like Ronald Reagan and others for years. However, there is hope as so many of my generation that I speak to these days has “become aware,” realizing where the right path really is – and pursuing it. I have reacquainted myself with that precious document we call our Constitution and will go to my deathbed defending all that it stands for. May God continue to bless these United States of America!

  21. Thanks Lew, for your concern. I probably sound like a racist, but I am just being practical. If the weather stays like it is now, 10 degrees, I don’t think anything major will happen. Maybe that was the intent all along, to delay the Grand Jury’s pronouncement until the weather took a turn for the worse.

  22. Have you guys read about CAIR’s involvement in Ferguson? I guarantee it will not make you happy. I first read about it on FOX’s website. All Americans should be aware of what they are doing. Randy – please try to stay safe!

  23. Ideally cops ARE armed citizens. Just with a bit more training perhaps.

    Unfortunately that LEO training and mindset can get cops in trouble when they don’t have their duty gear, uniform, and more importantly quick backup.

    A week or so after I got back from Vietnam I ran across a two-car-with-injuries accident compounded by a grass fire. I was very nearly in the middle of trouble before I realized the person I ordered to call for help was deer-in-the-headlights, and the platoon I expected to back me up was half a world away.