As I explained here in August the shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin was poorly and incompletely reported as a presumably racially-motivated shooting of an unarmed black man by white police. In fact, Blake was armed with a lethal weapon and within a fraction of a second of stabbing the officer who shot him at the time the service pistol was discharged.

I listened in real time on Tuesday when the prosecutor explained in detail why his office was not going to bring charges against the officer who pulled the trigger. I thought the prosecutor did a masterful job of explaining the details and the rationale of the law.

For decades now I’ve urged police to “get ahead of the narrative.” If the truth revealed in that press conference had been shown to the public within a day or two of the shooting, the burning and looting that ravaged Kenosha would very likely not have happened.  The same is true of the triple shooting (double fatal) which occurred during that long spasm of violence.

Please take the time to view the digital explanation linked above. Far too many people already have leaped to a wrongful judgment because they didn’t know those details, which need to be understood to form a meaningful opinion on this matter.


  1. Mark Twain famously said: “A Lie can travel around the World while the Truth is tying it’s shoe laces.” For this reason, the Truth needs a head start. As Mas notes above, the police always need to “get ahead of the Narrative”.

    This is because, in today’s America, where “Speaking the Truth is a Revolutionary Act” (As George Orwell phrased it), it is 100% predictable that the globalist, left-wing, Anti-American Media will waste no time in “spinning” any police shooting, of a minority, as a racist act that requires retribution. They will whip up the brain-dead zombies and thugs, of the Antifa and BLM Brown Shirts, to violent protest and burning in a heartbeat.

    Two more elections were just stolen in Georgia. I was watching the news yesterday evening. When I first started watching, about 87% of the vote had been counted, and both Republican candidates were ahead by a comfortable 2 to 3 percentage points. However, I knew the “fix” was coming!

    I changed channels and watched a movie for a couple of hours. Then I checked back. Sure enough, the vote was 99% counted and the Democrats took the lead. This morning, we see the election “confirmed” with the Democrats just getting enough to win the seats. Under 1% for each. The Leftists want total control and so they made sure of the Senate. Now, they have control of both branches of Congress, the Presidency and, despite Trump’s appointments, there are still plenty of Leftists, activist Judges sitting on the Federal Bench. God help us!

    That is what happens when the last 5% of the votes counted are always 100% for the Democrats.

    I could weep over what is happening to America today.

    • I’m not advocating any kind of violence, but most of my high capacity rifle magazines are now fully loaded with expanding ammunition. As certain characters in the now finished popular TV series Game of Thrones used to say, “Winter is Coming!” Crooked Joe’s henchperson, Beto with his heavily armed stormtroopers will be coming soon for our guns.

    • If the Jacob Blake incident had taken place in Arizona, one believes that the automobile involvement would have rendered Blake’s actions as prima facie carjacking. An example of different strokes for different states?
      Friend TN_MAN, the election ain’t over ’til it’s over. The Constitution provides for one Representative from each State for voting in a Contingent Election. The hands-off policy of the Supreme Court regarding Electoral voting issues is an open invitation to the President of the Senate to decertify each State with dueling Electors. He appears to have sole discretion (arbitrio suo) under law of the Electoral proceedings, including timely reversal of decisions. One’s advice to all is to fear naught, and to NOT BE INTIMIDATED, for Pete’s sake! Especially our Vice President, who should not want to go down in history as being afraid to bring justice. He has enough Constitutional support to chew bubble-gum and take names.

      • Wishful thinking there, Strategic Steve. Only Donald Trump has the courage to stand up against the Swamp / Deep State. I am afraid that President Trump’s courage is not contagious. As far as the Republican Party goes, you end up looking for courage in a den of cowards.

        Certainly, Vice President Pence did not catch his courage. See this latest news story from the AP (note the tone of JOY in this story. The Anti-American Media are HAPPY today!):


        I expect the Republican Party is toast after today. Maybe it is time to finally build a new, third Party that will be willing to stand up to the Leftists and their ChiCom backers.

      • In my lifetime, all Democrat and most Republican politicians were swamp creatures and only Ronald Reagan, besides Donald Trump, were not completely D.C. swamp denizens. Right now, I feel like a Jewish person in late 1930’s Nazi Germany, except unlike most of those unfortunates, I’m armed and so are many of my fellow Americans. How many of them will actually resist the Dark Side is uncertain.

    • My feeling about President Trump is that he is a good-hearted guy who would rightly not expect violence from a typically civilized, Trump Rally crowd. The Media Mob have been too effective in encouraging violence from Trump’s adversaries, who have largely been subsidized, destructive criminals. Trump clearly did not orchestrate an invasion of the Capitol, He was fully aware of political harm from backlash. We need to know as much as possible about whatever riot crowd leadership obtained, and why entry to the inside looked just a little too easy. Trump called up the NG on the 4th, I believe. Why were they not directly at hand, complete with MOPP gear.? And with bayonets on rifles?

    • Evidence is quickly mounting (and being covered up about as fast) of Antifa criminals taking advantage of the January 6 Trump Rally in D.C. to hijack entry into the Capitol. Not much ethical difference obtains between Antifa and any other hotheads who criminally screwed up a legal attempt to salvage the 2020 elections. Certain “high” politicians who are taking low roads into office on Inauguration Day remind me of another criminal, Al Capone. The end justified the means for Al, too. An ungodly end in an island prison was his unanticipated reward, though. What goes around will come around. Avoiding D.C. completely this January 20th could be wise for anyone, given another unforeseeable disaster out of the Blue.

      • Greetings from a retired USAF Sergeant. USAF Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Thomas McInerney was on the Web today telling us to make no mistake, that President Trump did not concede anything. The General indicated that false media gossip was continuing to undermine Mr. Trump, and that the 2020 elections have been grossly corrupted by carefully substantiated foreign, computer-related intervention. Along with millions of other American veterans, I am in full, unlimited support of whatever legal decisions Mr. Trump makes. States must be allowed complete, non-artificial ballot audits, plus true Electoral vote certifications, or single Representative vote tallies. Or new, tamper-proof elections, no matter how much time is required. 2018 Act, Insurrection Act, Martial Law, whatever is on the books as options. Let us have true 2020 and future election results, while refunding, recruiting, and supporting peace officers.

      • More Wishful Thinking there, Strategic Steve. If there is any lesson that the last four years should have taught us, it is that the American Radical Left (as represented by the Democratic Party) cares nothing about the Constitution or the Rule of Law. They have violated both daily for years now.

        They get away with it because (1) they totally own 95% of the regular media and social media organs and (2) they have totally infiltrated and control most of the Central Government Agencies. This includes the Department of Justice (laughable title at this point) and almost all of the intelligence agencies.

        The media and these agencies spin and/or cover-up the numerous crimes that the Democrats, and their operatives, have committed over the last four years. They also single out and attack anyone or anything that attempts to oppose the Democrats. Therefore, these Government / Media agencies are being used as both “Sword and Shield” by the Leftist totalitarians.

        The only time that the Leftists even acknowledge the “Rule of Law” is when they twist and subvert it into a weapon with which to attack their enemies. Witness the way that the legal and Constitutional process of Impeachment has been (and is still being) subverted into a weapon for use in destroying their political opponents.

        Republicans are too cowardly to offer serious opposition to the radicals and are acting, for the most part, as quislings. The Courts are a mix of either (A) Leftist, activist Judges who directly support the radicals and their agenda or (B) Judges who also lack the courage to stand against them and who fall back on the excuse that they can’t “interfere in politics” to cover their cowardice.

        The short version is that the Democrats routinely get away with their criminal and illegal acts because no one has the guts to stand up against them. Certainly, no one in Government or the two Major Political Parties does.

        Therefore, expecting forces in Government to suddenly develop a backbone, to stand up to the Leftists, and to begin enforcing the “Rule of Law” is truly nothing but “Wishful Thinking”. Indeed, it is almost the definition of wishful thinking.

        Our leaders in both of the major political parties have failed us. Their failure is now complete with one party becoming nothing less than a direct threat to America and her Republican Form of Government and the other party becoming a den of quislings and cowards.

        Let’s face it. For effective action, it will take a completely new leadership and a completely new political party. One that does have the backbone to stand up to the totalitarians and their host of quislings and propagandists.

  2. I really liked the self defense statute of Wisconsin. Spells things out quite clearly. Was also interesting that the state has an obligation to prove lack of self defense beyond a reasonable doubt. I expect that still does not shift the burden of proof from the defendant. Mas, could you comment?

    Getting out ahead of the narrative could be difficult as a lot of folks would simply claim “coverup” without all the detail included in the presentation. The devil is indeed in the details and the media-and various interests-aren’t interested in details. Especially when they get in the way of the political objective. However, a good faith effort would be worth it, if the media and said interests would moderate the frenzy while “the investigation continues”.

    • WR Moore,

      You are probably right that some would doubt the police version of the story. Some litigators will claim it would prejudice the investigation and trial. However, given the fake media we have, I think it would be good for the police to become their own reporters. Let’s call it “diversity of news” until someone can think up a better phrase. The fake media will claim that police should not be reporting the news, but the police can reply, “Diversity is our strength.” Then they can point to the diversity of products we see in grocery stores, and prove that Americans like diversity.

      I loved it during the 1990-1991 Persian Gulf War when we got our news from Generals Schwarzkopf and Powell.

      • Colin Powell would have never risen to his high rank if he was white. Definitely a D.C. swamp creature and closet liberal in the same class as John McCain and “Hanoi John” Kerry.

  3. Thankfully, one public official had the guts to do what was right. Will have to see if the new Attorney General will file civil rights charges against the officer.

  4. Too many people believe the prosecutor reviewing all the evidence and deciding not to bring charges means justice isn’t being served.

    And George Zimmerman being found Not Guilty is justice not being served.

    Many of these people truly believe every police shooting of a black man is racially-motivated. The actual evidence isn’t important; the fact a black man was shot by police is evidence enough of systemic racism, and “justice” is nothing short of publicly lynching the officers involved.

    Sorry, that’s not how this works. Prosecutorial review is part of the process, and if the evidence doesn’t show a crime being committed, declining to bring charges IS justice. It is every bit as valid a legal conclusion as a Not Guilty verdict (more valid, in some cases; Zimmerman should not have had to go to trial).

    The race-baiters are acting like four-year-olds. “Justice” is synonymous with “what I want” (an actual child would use the term “fair”, as in “That’s not fair!”), and they’ll throw a tantrum to get it.

    Unlike four-year-olds, however, their “tantrums” involve looting and destroying innocent people’s homes, cars, and businesses, and causing billions of dollars in damage over the past couple years.

    And while we’ll always have “true believers”, most of it could have been avoided if people were still taught in schools how and why the government and the justice system are designed the way they are.

    • Archer,

      I’m afraid you are too smart and too much of a truth-teller to be believed by the average American. They allowed their own children to be lied to by the government schools, which were paid for by their own property taxes. Now the deluded, along with the rest of us, are going to live in the “workers’ paradise” the Left is making for us. As we watch America descend, some will realize that Trump’s America really was better, but it will be too late.

      In the Philadelphia State House (Independence Hall), there is a chair with a sun carved into the back. During the Constitutional Convention in 1787 Ben Franklin would look at it and wonder if it was a rising or setting sun. He happily came to the conclusion that it was a rising sun. A look at our history shows Ben was right. America rose higher and faster than any nation before or since, AND it shared a lot if its blessings with the world, like medical technology and drafting our young men to fight for the freedom of France, France, the Philippines, South Korea and South Vietnam. America even blessed its enemies like Germany and Japan. But now the sun on that chair is a setting sun. The decline had to come, but it is too bad it came by national suicide. Lincoln was right about that.

  5. Honestly, I’d like to see the evidence collected after the shooting. My 61-year-old eyes see something like a cross between a karambit knife, a .22 palm gun and a typical keychain. Guess that produces ‘reasonable doubt’, right? That said, I still maintain that given the position the suspect was (eventually) in – between the door and the car frame – and the position of the covering officer: on the outside of the door facing the suspect – should the suspect have done something – anything – questionable, the cover officer could have simply slammed the door on the suspect. No shots would’ve had to be fired (let alone MULTIPLE shots) unless the suspect extricated himself and pivoted around to a threatening position. I’m 100% LE all the way, but my military training also dictates that one must have some sort of plan before entering any situation, with “Plan B, C, etc” for contingencies. Thinking on one’s feet seems to be a distant second thought with the PDs feeling all this heat from the Sharptons in the world, and I can’t ABIDE THEIR ‘piling on’ mentality at ALL! Tactical thinking and improvisation simply MUST be drilled into each and EVERY officer as a prelude to pulling one’s firearm. We owe it to our LEOs to give them this training and keep it going, so no whiny-assed, ‘I’m ‘disadvantaged-because-of-whatever-and-you-owe-me-something’ perp (or innocent individual) buys a dirt nap for the WRONG reason(s).

    • I have this strong feeling that had the officer ued the car door as yu siggest, he’d be facing some sort of charge for battery or something similar. Options for officers are being narrowed to the point of insanity. The playing field is increasingy tilted against the oficer, yet he still must take the sshort end of the stick all too often.

  6. It fits the narrative of Lefties to promote police violence as a systemic issue any time force is used. The only way to get ahead of this is to take back the prosecutors’ offices from the Soros money crowd, but with the ballot box stuffing and vote harvesting that we’re seeing that goes unchallenged it will be difficult for legitimate candidates to get elected.

  7. From up here in Canada, the view of your country and your republic crashing and burning saddens me beyond belief. The lights on that shining city on a hill are fading. Your Nov 3rd election I truly believe was stolen with massive fraud and cheating. I don’t know if the Georgia election was a true vote either, but I wouldn’t put it past them to cheat there as well. All the events of 2020 have changed our world and our countries for the worse. I am convinced there is more that is much darker on the horizon, and the needed to remove your President to continue their reset plans and major firearms confiscation in both our countries. My thoughts are with you all, but especially now for Kyle Rittenhouse, I saw those video’s, and although concerned about his age and carrying a firearm, it was truly self defense of the first order. All I can say is, no matter how dark it gets, we must never give up and never stop fighting this evil in front of us all.

    • At Kyle’s age, he could, per common protocol these days, have instead of fighting for his survival on the streets of an erupting Kenosha, been fighting for his life in some desert sandbox way over where Asia and Europe collide. I have NO IDEA why so much is made of his age. He legally possessed that weapon when and where he was at a all times. I remember reading thathe had been charged by the rotten State of Illinois for interstate transport of that rifle,which at his age WOULD have been illegal in Illlinois. They went mighty quiet when they learned the rifle had never left Wisconsin. Funny we never heard a tenth as much about their “error”as we did about Kyle’s purported “crime”.
      They have an agenda, and will crucify anyone to further it. IL never shold have extradidted him toWisconsin. I hope when all this is behind him, he leaves BOTH states far behind.

    • Gerry Kirkham,

      I believe the Democrats successfully stole the national election and the Georgia election. They got away with it. Why should there ever be a fair election again? Why should the Democrats every give up power when they now have a way to hold onto it?

      • Roger, many thousands of sworn affidavits from American citizens and video footage of huge numbers of bogus and improper ballots being secretly counted and re-counted numerous times for Harris/Biden is not evidence, and does not prove that honest Democrat poll workers and supervisors helped steal the election for the Communists.

  8. “If the truth revealed in that press conference had been shown to the public within a day or two of the shooting, the burning and looting that ravaged Kenosha would very likely not have happened. ”
    I truly believe that it would have happened anyway because the left will always find an excuse to riot. The leftist agenda is chaos leading to a socialist/big government takeover and these riots are paart of the plan.

    • Agree. The riots would have happened anyway.

      The leftists don’t care about facts or truth. The politicians and their propaganda arm, the media, will always spin the story to promote their agenda.

      And the hood rats who take part in riots don’t care about Jacob Blake (George Floyd, Rayshard Brooks, Rodney King, whoever). The riots are just an opportunity for looting and grabbing some free stuff.

  9. From reading the narrative, it seems to me that it wouldn’t have been possible to present a reasonably complete and believable account of the incident soon enough to prevent the resultant violence that happened the following days. News groups, whether published or video, react first (for the ratings, of course) and IMO don’t worry too much about how accurate their content happens to be. They, of course, have Constitutional protection in doing so.
    Over the years I’ve attended numerous meetings where one or more newspaper reporters also were there, and reading the newspaper afterward wondered if we were at the same meeting.

  10. Get ahead of the narrative, sure.
    Great plan but how is the narrative broadcast ?
    The democrat propaganda apparatus.
    Black person dies during encounter with police, before it makes national news riots are in progress.
    Rioters are violating a law or two or am I mistaken ?
    Governors, mayors and even some LE stepped back and let the criminals have everything they wanted.
    I don’t give a crap what the criminals claim started the riots, they’re criminals and belong in jail !
    Fascist criminal gangs antifa and blm were used to sway political opinions during the election year.
    Cowards hide from their responsibility and let criminals run wild.
    What else do the democrats have in store for our “Constitutional Republic”

  11. To expand on WR Moore’s observations, I too, caught interest in the burden of proof placed on the prosecution in self-defenses cases:

    In a criminal case, once “some evidence” of the privilege of self-defense is
    present, the burden is on the State to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that
    the defendant’s conduct was not privileged

    In essence, unless the State is able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that
    the officer’s use of potentially deadly force was unreasonable, the jury would
    be instructed to find an officer not guilty.

    So how does this square with Kyle Rittenhouse’s murder charge? Unless they make the first murder charge stick, which I would tend to believe would negate Kyle’s later shootings in self-defense, it would seem to me that the discussion of the ethical challenges provided on the very next slide have placed the Kenosha prosecutor on legally thin ice, and professionally opened him/her (can’t recall which) up to ethical charge. I wonder if the prosecutor will re-think the charges, and what that might effect that will have on Kenosha.

    I’m also waiting to see how the murder charge plays out in Minneapolis, which is powder keg waiting for match.

    As always Mas, we learn from your observations, commentary, and explanations! Thanks again!

  12. Thank you Mas for sharing this information with us. You insight can always be counted on to cut away the bravo sierra. I also appreciate that when you don’t know something, you say so and don’t pontificate.

    It is always sad when the police have to utilize their firearms to save their life or others, but that young man shouldn’t have done what he did. I’m glad he isn’t dead, but I’m even more glad that the officers get to go home.

    Just think, if all of this information had been available, the crap storm that followed in Kenosha wouldn’t have happened and Mr. Rittenhouse wouldn’t have needed to defend property and ultimately his life with his MSR.

    We all need to pray for our country in the next few months.

  13. CaShields is right, I never saw this in MSM.

    I don’t think trying to slam a door on an armed felon is a realistic or sensible intervention.

  14. Wisconsin is one of the states that deserves to absorb a major share of Joe Biden’s generous invitation of occupation by limitless, uninspected foreign refugees. Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, New York, and Pennsylvania are other obvious cases. California, Oregon, Washington, and the rest of the blue states, and D.C., ought not be far behind. We apparently still have the blessing of less than two weeks left of a Trump-renewed economy before the wet wash hits the fan. Mike Pence now has the political survival chances of a snowball in the bottom of Death Valley on a 4th of July. He bears sole discretion for abandoning a Constitutional rescue of legal 2020 votes. An epic, historical disaster.

    • Pence, Barr, and the governors and secretaries of state of the swing states helping to steal the November election for the Democrats will probably receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Aunt Kamala when she replaces her court jester sidekick, Crooked Joe soon after their coronation later this month.

      • Tom606,

        I think I have a little understanding of the difficult choice Pence had to make. Following the precedent which has been established since the first Presidential election in 1789, Pence should simply recognize the electoral college vote. He said the Vice President does not have the authority to overturn an election. But look what he did. He authorized an unfair election which was stolen from the rightful winner, Donald Trump. So, by following precedent, Pence recognized a fraudulent election. That is unconscionable. He did what was legal, but failed to do what was right.

        Like TN_MAN wrote, Pence was probably afraid to make a stand. He should have looked at Donald Trump for courage. Trump keeps fighting the swamp and has had a lot of victories along the way. He is an amazing winner. Pence could have been like him and become a hero. Now history (the true history, not the one the media will record) will write that at the time of trial, Pence gave in to peer pressure, and certified a false election. He should have stood strong, win or lose. No matter what happens in the future, Trump will be seen as a hero by the patriots because he fights evil.

      • Roger, the history books are written by the victors. The loser’s version is derided as sour grapes hearsay. HillBilly, Obama, Comey, Holder, Brennan, Clapper, the Biden criminal family, and numerous other violators of the law will never be brought to justice now. Donald Trump better watch out after he leaves office as he may be ‘Epsteined’ by the vicious liberals who may go after his family too.

  15. I am not the only one who thinks that the “fix was in” on the recent Georgia Senate races. See this story:


    It is the November Election trick all over again. If the Democrats can “adjust” the totals on any election at will, then the Republicans will never win another close election. Any election where the winning margin for the Republican is less than about 5%, you can expect the Democrat opponent to “magically” pick up enough votes, right at the end, to push him or her over the victory line by some fraction of 1%.

    Pretty soon, the only races that a Republican can win will be those in which he or she runs unopposed!

    As I noted in my earlier comment, with the Democrats being allowed to “fix” election races at will, and with the courts and justice system turning a blind eye to it, the Republican Party is toast.

    America will soon join China and North Korea as being a nation with a single “Ruling Party”. Some of the Blue States, like California, have been single party States for years already. I have said it before, look at California today and you will see the future for the rest of “Amerika”.

    • TN_MAN:

      If the Democrats do what they claim, no Republican will ever win another election as they will have 30+ million additional voters transformed from the massive population of illegal invaders on our soil into newly minted American subjects. Who can blame those people for voting Democrat forever to get more free stuff?

  16. Republicrats, they’re everywhere protecting criminal democrats from the law.
    Yes, we are close to a one party system.
    Chameleon party

  17. The sad thing is that the Leftists could not seize power, in this fashion, without the enthusiastic support of tens of millions of Americans. These people have been so indoctrinated, so propagandized, so “Brain-Washed” by exposure to years of left-wing teachings in schools and years of media lies that they are literally “out-of-touch” with the reality of what is happening to America.

    It is a form of insanity. Tell me, how do you know a person is insane? What is the definition of insanity? It seems to me that when a person loses touch with reality, when he or she sees things that are not there, hears voices only in his or her head, believes things that are not true, then that person is clinically insane.

    Millions of people believe in the false reality conjured up by the Leftists and their media propagandists. They believe that Donald Trump is a Russian agent. That he committed numerous crimes while in office. That he put the children of illegal aliens in cages. They believe that he conspired with Ukraine to manufacture false charges against Joe Biden and his son Hunter. That Joe Biden and his son are, in fact, “pure as the driven snow”.

    They believe that America is a Nation founded in racism and is still inflicted with “Systemic Racism” today. They believe that each and every Police Officer, irrespective of the color of his or her own skin, is a racist at heart and is just “inching” for an opportunity to “beat up” or “gun down” any black person who crosses their path.

    They believe that the World will soon come to an end, perhaps in as little as 12 years, due to global warming. They believe that President Trump was doing everything in his power to bring about the end of the World in this fashion. The only hope, they believe, is to hand total power over to the Leftists, give them trillions of dollars of taxpayer money, and let them enact their “Green New Deal” in a “last-ditch” attempt to head it off.

    They believe that the human species is comprised of multiple genders rather than only two. Indeed, here is a recent list:


    When the propagandists and indoctrinators of the American Left spin a fantasy World that is totally divorced from reality, doesn’t that mean that anyone who believes “hook, line and sinker” in that fantasy World (to the exclusion of the real one) is clinically insane?

    Covid-19 is not the deadliest pandemic afflicting America today. Rather, it is this pandemic of “Mass Insanity” which has been engineered by the American Left.

    These mass-insanity victims will cheer as the Leftists seize total power, as democracy (and our Republic) dies. They are so brain-washed as to believe that handing TOTAL POWER over to the totalitarian Left is going to be a GREAT THING. They are totally convinced that the Leftists are going to usher in a “Golden Age” where the reactionary forces of racism, sexism, homophobia and “White Privilege” are finally going to be put down once and for all. A “Golden Age” where Social Justice reigns supreme!

    I truly don’t know what it will take to wake these people up. What can be done to “De-Program” them from the indoctrination that they have received? Will they wake up when America descends into the toilet, when privacy disappears, when people cower in this homes in fear of the Leftist-controlled thugs or, worse yet, the “Secret Police” that surely will be built from the FBI, CIA, NSA and BATFE? Will they wake up when hyper-inflation hits and the economy goes down the tubes? When everyone, except the Party Elite, wallows in poverty?

    Or will it require even more? Will it take imprisonment, torture and executions to finally open the eyes of these people?

    So many people have drank deeply of the “Kool-Aid” being served up in our schools and in the media. How long will it take before they realize that it is even more poisonous than the brew served up by Jim Jones to his cult followers?

  18. TN_MAN:

    We are but lemmings carried along in the masses by other stupid aka liberal creatures rushing to their doom.

  19. The DC “riot” was a set up with only a “few dozen” police on the scene.
    Officer Sicknick was sacrificed. Perhaps the democrats expected more antifa fascists to show up.
    Who murdered the AF vet, what are names and cause of death of the others who died at the time of the “riots”

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