1. We always knew some cops can shoot…you are one of the first examples that conme to mind. Good shooting doesn’t mean you have to come in first place. Just wish some of those matches would come to NY. Imagine shooting outside in Buffalo with a foot of snow on the ground…haha!

  2. Thanks for the plug Mass – great shooting with you and Gail.

    I hope I did you proud. You were one of my early revolver heroes. I still have my autographed LFI target over my reloading bench!

  3. Mas, do you know where I can see a picture of the new Wilson “Battle Sights”. I’ve spoke with Julie G. (S&W) and she
    shoots Warren Tactical WAVE sights with WIDE U-notch on her 1911. I’m an Marine veteran, 65 w/older eyes, I shoot a new S&W 1911PD (Commander size). A very accurate pistol. I know a wider notch with NO rear dots will help me pick up the front sight faster.
    Tony Yates
    Winston-Salem, NC

  4. Mas, We are still proud of you, even though you “merely” placed in the top 5%. Nice shooting.

  5. Tony, we’re pretty close in age, and I’ve found the Wilson Battle Sights are indeed good “geezer sights.”

    Let me see if I can’t take a picture and post it here. Stay tuned.


  6. Hmm….

    That left foot looks to be breaking cover there Craig!

    Seriously, congratulations on your performance. Now it’s your turn to keep the wolves at bay! 🙂

    Thanks for the coverage of the match Mas, I hope you and Gail enjoyed it!

  7. Mas,

    You may’ve slowed down a little but you’re still top of the mark. To be in the top 20 of accuracy across a field of 400 with champions like that — well, most of us won’t be there.

    Now, that Wilson Combat CQB Elite is my favorite Wilson Combat format — that’s a great gun!

    To your continued success,


  8. A full time patrolman in Ohio, Bob also took the high lawman award, once again disproving the canard that cops can’t shoot.

    IMO, the canard (perpetuated by those in law enforcement and elsewhere who don’t want to see citizens carrying guns) has not been that cops can’t shoot, but that only cops are qualified to carry guns. This is why examples of their lack of marksmanship skill are called out to disprove it. Any person who puts time and effort into training can shoot competently. This includes some cops and some citizens. Just because a person is a cop doesn’t mean he or she is a competent shot, and just because a person is a citizen doesn’t mean he or she is an incompetent one.