1. Again with this weblog kicking major boo-tay by bringing those of us without the good fortune to be present in person along for the ride! This made my day as a good vibes tale of great times is always a fine pick me up.

    Cheers Mas, cheers all!

  2. While not on topic, I want to say something that I’ve been meaning to say for some time:

    We all owe Mas a huge expression of thanks for keeping up this blog. The amount of work involved is not insubstantial, researching, writing, and illustrating with photos and links, on the average, 2-3 blog posts a week and moderating these responses and comments at least twice a day (or is it even more often than that, I’ve never been able to tell for sure). And all that while making sure that we’re civil to one another and calling out the trolls.

    Thanks, Mas, and the fact that we don’t always see eye-to-eye but you continue to welcome me here makes that thanks even stronger and heartfelt.

  3. Dave (the Liberal, non-Uncle one),

    Amen to that, brother!!! It’s a great time to be alive. Knowledge is at our fingertips, once we’re connected to the World Wide Web. I consider to be a national treasure. Mas is a fantastic teacher and we are all blessed to learn from him.

    My guess is that firearms knowledge is somehow getting around to the public, and that is a good thing. Since 2008, the American people have gone on a gun-buying spree, and yet I haven’t heard about a lot of negligent discharges, kids who shot other kids because they found a gun in the house, or even suicides. Except I have heard about a lot of veterans committing suicide. Also, while I don’t want the enemy to learn about guns, earlier in the War on Terror I would see terrorists with their fingers on the triggers, while posing for photographs. After a few years, I began to notice someone had been teaching the terrorists to keep their fingers off the trigger. Of course I hate them, but it just shows how firearms safety knowledge is going around the world.

    I hope good Europeans (and good people everywhere) can arm up and defend themselves from the bad guys. DEATH TO THE WICKED!!!

  4. I too, thank Mas for all his work.

    I also thank all the ordinary gun enthusiasts who contribute their knowledge and personal experience to his blog. We learn from others, and the friendly back and forth of opposing opinions helps us all understand a subject better.

    I want to thank Liberal Dave especially, for bringing into some discussions the progressive view, in a way that tends not be offensive. That’s how mindsets can be changed, or at least tempered.

    I’ll end by saying, I believe that we all are blessed to receive more than just “gun stuff” from Mas’s blog.

  5. I too was first introduced to Bulls Eye shooting at Wilson Hill. As a long time member and sometime safety instructor I was glad to see someone of the caliber of Massad there to put on a class. I was sorry I couldn’t be there. The folks running the club for the past few years have been doing a great job bringing the place back to life and running strong.
    I also have the honor of being able to shoot next to Don Mara on Tuesday evenings at the Nashua Fish and Game club. He is as described and a true mentor of the shooting arts. He still outshoots everyone on the line, left handed (something about a viet cong grenade and his right thumb) and blindfolded. I have learned much from these men and they are to be cherished while we still have them.