SHOT SHOW 2017 PART 4 — 3 Comments

  1. So, I hope this means it’s official that our Army will be getting the 320 Sig. The question I have is which caliber? I ounce held a Sig P320 full size in .45acp., the trigger was phenomenal.

    I’m wanting either a D/W valor, or a Ed Brown. Cost may, or may not be an issue. It’s just a matter of what I’m getting for the money.

    I would like to know if glock is going with a Gen5? And, I could use another Colt.

  2. No doubt, the SIG P320 will be a good choice. Certainly, at lot more flexible than the old, full-size Beretta.

    Still leaves the military stuck with 9mm FMJ. This raises a question. I know that the international agreements (Hague, etc.) limit the use of expanding ammo. So, no Speer Gold Dot’s as standard issue.

    However, what about some of the new “screw-head” designs? Like the Ruger / Polycase inceptor, for example?

    These designs do not expand. Does that make them all fair and legal for military use?

    I clocked the 74 gr. 9mm inceptor load from a couple of my handguns.

    From my S&W semi-auto (4 inch barrel), it clocked about 1,550 fps with the chronograph set 10 ft. away. With a 74 gr. projectile, that works out to be about 395 ft.-lbs. of energy. My Smith liked it too. Shot tight groups right to the point of aim.

    I also tried it in my SCCY (3.1 inch barrel). It clocked around an average of 1,440 fps and about 340 ft.-lbs. of energy. For comparison, my SCCY only gets 1,020 fps with Hornady Critical defense (115 gr.) ammo. This give 265 ft.-lbs. of energy. So, in energy terms (which I realize does not translate into stopping power necessarily), the inceptor gives about 28% more. Recoil is lighter to with the lower weight bullet.

    However, my SCCY did not like it as much as the Smith. Point of impact slightly low and bigger groups.

    Anyway, my question is: Could the military use better ammo if they stick with the 9mm?

  3. TN_MAN, my understanding is that there is nothing binding the US to the hardball rule except tradition, unless in a situation of officially declared warfare between nation states. I think a good 9mm JHP would be every bit as effective as .45 GI hardball.

    David, the P320 is compatible with .40 S&W as currently used by Coast Guard, but the bets are on 9mm for big Army due to logistics and NATO compatibility. I am told SIG makes a P320 .45 but it is not interchangeable with the 9mm/.40 platform. Over at Glock, they’re calling the new 9mm the M-series and have not yet dubbed it Gen 5. It was developed for FBI in G17 and G19 format, with a straight front grip (no finger grooves). Haven’t gotten my hands on one yet.