TYING UP A LOOSE END — 14 Comments

  1. Mr. Mas,
    Will you possibly be teaching a class anywhere near St. Louis or Southern Illinois this year?

  2. Sounds like a great event, even if you just watched I would imagine that you could learn a lot.

  3. Good job, Mas!
    Lesson learned as well. Hope you and the Evil Princess are doing well.


  4. I am very impressed !
    Somebody able to put ‘the biscuit in the basket’ during that level of
    competition walks on water in my book. What’s interesting to us is
    that it all started with you packing heat at 12 years old protecting
    your Family Jewelry store. You are definitely ‘A Somebody’.

  5. Notice you using a G19 Gen 5. Curious as to that over a Gen 4 or even 3. (My edc is still a G30 Gen 3 for a comfortable few years now. But sometimes I think about an upgrade.) Any thoughts on this?

    • Gen5 has the best street trigger Glock has yet produced, IMHO…unlike Gen3 and earlier, mag release is reversible, which with my arthritic right thumb makes it easier for me to reload (index finger ejection). I like the straight front instead of finger grooves on the grip frame, too.

      • Mr Ayoob, I believe you were fond of the NY1 trigger modification on earlier Glocks. How does the Gen 5 stock trigger compare to a Gen 4 modded with a NY1?

  6. Ah. The little Aeeerab. I still love your words & wisdom and living vicariously through your exploits.

    Belated congratulations on 10 years blogging. I followed another good man into his nineties and expect the same for you.

    Thanks again for sharing and caring.

  7. And if that old fart decides he doesn’t like his Gen 5 G19, I’ll be happy to arrange a suitable foster home….in AZ 😎

  8. I enjoyed watching those – thanks! Cheers to you and Gail – have a great week!

  9. Jim Burke, closest we’ll be is Wichita, KS; Rochester, IN; or Wichita, KS. Check our website at .

    Gammasquared, the Gen5 trigger pull feels very much like older models with the 3.5 pound connector and NY-1 trigger spring.

    Ira Cutting, I don’t have that pistol with me at the moment (out of town) but IIRC it has Trijicon HD fixed sights. Very happy with them.