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Chickens — A Backwoods Home Guide

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Keep your chickens happy, healthy, and productive. This book is a compilation of updated articles previously published in Backwoods Home Magazine and Self-Reliance.

240 Pages

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7 reviews for Chickens — A Backwoods Home Guide

  1. Karen J

    Love this magazine! Still learning new things even tho I was raised in the country most of my life. Thanks you to the self-reliance team!

  2. Jan

    The great thing about this book, Chickens – A Backwoods Home Guide, is that the information is practical homesteader articles, and each article is 3 or 4 half pages and some nice photos. So you can read it quickly, make some decisions and then apply it to crafting your own chicken plan with the knowledge you gained. It nicely covers everything you would need to know about chickens and is a quick reference on any of the topics about them.

  3. Angel Dugan

    Everything you need to know about chickens in one book

  4. Chad Johnson

    Lots of great info.
    Note, chickens did not evolve from dinosaurs.
    That is not possible
    Chickens were created as chickens!
    What came first? The chicken and then the chicken laid the first egg.

  5. Michaela Darling

    My dad loves his ladies (the hens… not… well ya know. He’s a great husband to my mom) any time he can- he researches chicken care. This book made an excellent gift for him. He’s seemed to enjoy his time reading it and has already come up with some new plans based around what he read!

  6. Debra A Collins

    This will be a gift for my daughter. She has a small flock of hens and does it as a hobby.

  7. Amy Warner

    Excited to begin my journey with chickens!

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