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Issue #162: November/December 2016

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This issue features:


  • Hunting, processing, and serving black bear by Linda Gabris
  • Acorn extravaganza by Ellen Zachos
  • Harvesting and using rose hips by Devon McMillen-Young
  • Stumped by a stump? by Dan Reeves


  • Building a ferro-cement shed by Robert Van Putten
  • Constructing a tiny house by Sarah McKean

Food and recipes

  • Pumpkin dishes with international flair by Habeeb Salloum
  • Make natural soda by Jereme Zimmerman

Farm and garden

  • Growing strawberries by Patrice Lewis
  • Build a heated kindle box by Tim Johanns
  • Plan ahead to jump-start next year’s garden by Jackie Clay-Atkinson
  • Protected salt block holder by Jackie Clay-Atkinson


  • The election of 1800 was far more important than the current one by John Silveira

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