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Issue #163: January/February 2017


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This issue features:


  • Bugging out in place by Jackie Clay-Atkinson
  • Prioritizing preparedness when money is tight by Patrice Lewis
  • 10 foods to forage in winter by Ellen Zachos
  • How to make a straw mattress by Destiny Hagest


  • Make a custom-sized board by R.E. Rawlinson
  • Build a stove pipe wood stove by Robert Van Putten
  • Build a wood-fired water heater by Jackie Clay-Atkinson


  • Grid-down battery devices by Jeffrey R. Yago P.E., CEM
  • Comparing heating fuel costs by Truck Johnson

Food and Recipes

  • Arab soups and stews for cold winter days by Habeeb Salloum

Farm and garden

  • Processing chicken for farmers’ markets by Allen Easterly
  • Prune your apple tree by Tim Scullen

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