The wild plums are ripe! — 3 Comments

  1. Hi Jackie!
    I lived in central Texas as a kid and used to love picking the wild plums that grew in the woods near my home. I live in Miami now and haven’t seen a wild plum since back in the day, but every time I buy and eat a supermarket plum, I’m reminded of the fun I used to have. I was wondering, if I sent you an envelope would you send me back some seeds?

  2. You can save your own starter by letting a small chunk go black, then put it in a small jar with warm water and shake it well. Remove the black piece, then let the jar sit overnight in the refrigerator. The black spores will settle and in the morning, pour off the water and use 1tsp for each 2 1/2 cup of soybeans.

    Good luck.

  3. Wow, I really enjoy reading your blog. Glad to see your son is going to be okay.

    We are a lot alike – it was really funny to read your stories and I kept saying to myself “wow, she’s just like me” :-)

    I had a comment regarding Tempeh. Are you sure you can make more out of a previous batch? I’ve been making tempeh for years, and I’ve never heard of that. I know you can sporulate and save the spores from Tempeh you make, but it sounds like you were talking about grinding it up and putting it in the next batch (like sourdough). If you have info, could you send it to me? I’d like to give it a try and save $$$ on starter :-)

    I recently subscribed to Backwoods Home Magazine. It’s a new political outlook which I’m always open to exploring, but the down home ideas on homesteading and self-reliance definately go right along with my own.

    My blog is at Livejournal

    Take care!