Boy did we get clobbered by snow! — 3 Comments

  1. Oh Jackie, I feel for you. When you just think it will be time to finally get your hands dirty tilling or planting something and WHAM!! Well when it all melts and dries up you will surely be glad for that moment and when the tiller hums and the birds sing and the sun shines, there isn’t a better moment, except for the planting and well then the harvesting… hang in there…And David, I guess you won’t forget the spring and that spot next year!!

  2. I love reading your blog and I enjoy Backwoods Home Magazine. Thank you for the great advice, it is always top rate.

  3. Yow, Jackie, 26 inches and a cracked transmission!!! I feel your pain!!!! Just trying to shovel wet, heavy snow by hand down here is enough to bring tears to my eyes. And even at its worst, we seldom get more than a foot–18 inches is about the max. Hope it melts soon!!!