The wheat is heading out and the black raspberries are ripe — 8 Comments

  1. Judy,

    You probably can home can kimchi like sauerkraut, but often kimchi has other ingredients and I’m not SURE about the processing to ensure safe canning. I’m still trying to come up with safe, useable methods.


  2. Hi Jackie,

    I’ve been thinking about canning kim chi. If kim chi is fermented like sauerkraut, why can’t you can it like sauerkraut? I have seen it in the grocery store setting on the shelf that way. Would it not turn out just as crisp as sauerkraut or fermented pickles?

    Thanks for the tip on Pamona’s Pectin. I would like to cut the sugar in my jams and preserves.


  3. Congratulations on all your great stuff producing so well!

    I kinda did a double-take at “frost a month away” – I’ve been making plans for my fall garden; today the remnants of Tropical Storm Eduardo kept the temperature here from quite reaching the 100-degree mark for the first time in like 12 days. Definitely different climates!

    Good first year so far for us; we’ve put up nearly 30 quarts of pickles (the 10 cuke plants I put in went NUTS!) and 5 and a half quarts of tomatoes, as well as a little frozen squash and sweet peas.

    Bigtime learning experience also – I’ll be paying lots more attention to weed control and fire-and-forget watering. The 5-gallon pail drip system in the latest issue looks like a good idea. Hopefully the Fall garden will be producing until we get frost (probably January!).

    Glad everything’s doing so well for you!

  4. Jennifer,

    Yep, they’re black raspberries, called “blackcaps” in some areas. True blackberries are more upright on their little stems and have tiny “hairs” inbetween the “bumps” on the berries. Blackberries are more juicy, but black raspberries have a great taste and I’m so happy to have bearing bushes, at last.


  5. Andrew,

    I kind of doubt that her big white rock hen is flying out of the fence, but I sure wouldn’t rule that out; I should have asked. Yes, I’ve clipped the wing feathers on many a chicken to make them quit flying out; especially those banties. Good idea.


  6. Black raspberries? Never herd of ’em called that. We just call them blackberries. Learn something new everyday!

  7. I look forward to your articles and check on your blog daily to see if there is an update. The lady with the chicken escapeing can trim the feathers on 1 wing being careful not to clip to close as to make it bleed. This was the preferred method used by my father when i was a child.