The pin cherries are ripe; jelly tonight! — 5 Comments

  1. It has been years since I’ve made pin cherry jelly. My pin cherries are now a dark purple but there are still some red ones left on the tree. Can I use the dark ones to make the jelly or only the red ones? Are the pin cherries too ripe to make good jelly??? Thanks for helping me out.

  2. Jackie and Judy –

    Thanks for the advice! Okra can shade my pepper plants; they’re only about knee-high, but won’t do for my tomatos – they’re taller than I am (and I’m 6 feet tall!).

    The advice makes much sense though; I haven’t had time to stay ahead of weeds like I should, but the tomatoes that grow down in the weeds do much better than the ones that grow up in the sun.

    I’ll be putting shades up this week, and see if I can’t get these plants to keep on keepin’ on for a while longer :)

    And yes, the water has mostly been me putting the hose on the ground at the base of the plants, so I’m watering the roots, not the leaves – don’t want to invite fungus problems!

  3. Judy,

    No, carrot tops are not poisonous. Some people can be allergic to them, just as they are peanuts, however. Hey, I’ve eaten them and am still kickin’! Now Kentucky Fried Chicken……


  4. Jackie, I hope you will post a picture of the pin cherry jars after you get done. I bet it is beautiful!


  5. Jackie,

    Here is another way for Aaron to shade his tomato and pepper plants that we use here in Kansas. We discovered planting okra on the west side of the pepper-tomato patch gives them the shade they need. Guess it won’t do him much good this summer! An added thought, we also put our eggplant there.

    I always thought carrot tops were poisonous. Must be an old wives tale!