My first video blog — 19 Comments

  1. the video is fine but I like reading things. I got the cd of stupid people and can’t get it to open on any thing. So I am going to get the book. And I have all the magazines in stead of the anthoulogies because I read every word and so much is left out in the big books.

  2. Lyn and others with dial up,

    Yeah, I know. The video will only happen occasionally, and the “regular” blog will fill inbetween the other days. My son, Bill, can’t even get the blog on his slow computer and dial up. Sigh.


  3. I use the microwave to heat my jars. It is very quick and ready in a few seconds when I want them hot.

  4. I loved the video blog! I think as an accent piece it is awesome! I do agree with Lyn that I hope all your entries will not be video. Up here in the mountains our internet is not always reliable, and a three minute video can take over an hour to load.

    Also, I wanted to add that your blog has given me the inspiration and motivation to plant potatoes for the first time! I stuck them in the ground at the end of August. I don’t know if they will grow potatoes, but they have sprouted lovely little busy plants already, so I have hopes ;).

    I have also been getting plants from An awesome resource around here! I plan to get manure from there too, since we have no animals (yet) in our rental.

  5. Jackie, I hope that this is not the wave of the future for this blog. I would really like to see the video, but I have now invested 2 hours (an hour today and an hour yesterday) trying to get the silly thing to open. Those of us still on dial up really are video challenged. Please don’t stop writing on the blog- I enjoy it and really appreciate the help and inspiration you provide!

  6. How neat to finally get to hear your voice!!!! We all feel like we actually know you because you have been such an important part of our lives and this makes it even more so! I enjoyed seeing your goats in the background when you were showing the auger. Can you give us a tour and just show us your animals sometimes???? THANK YOU!!!! (EVERY TIME I wipe around the rim of a canning jar before I put on the lid and ring I can just “hear” you in my mind saying to do that because I read and re-read your food preservation articles so much when I was first learning!!!)

  7. Thanks for the video blog Jackie! Great idea, and wonderful to get to know you even more. Loved getting to see around your backwoods home. Thanks for all you do to inspire us. Give us more!

  8. I absolutely loved the video. Thank you. I’ve watched it 3 times so far. Great to hear your voice. The new addition looks really nice. Will looks like he is having fun!!! Also, I received your book today and am really looking forward to reading it. I’ve read about 10 pages and it’s really good. Best wishes to all of you and keep those videos coming. Maybe your next book could be a canning cookbook …. just a thought. Great stuff!! Sincerely, Rose

  9. I have to add my voice to the chorus. Wow! of course, it makes me just that much more jealous! :)

  10. Wonderful video blog. I am learning alot from your blogs.

    Thank you very much for sharing.

  11. I agree, it was neat to hear “The Voice of Jackie Clay” !

    Congratulations on your harvest – just finished planting the last of our fall garden (a little late, I’m crossing my fingers for a late 1st freeze).

  12. For those with a slow internet connection, this trick might help. Click on the video “play” arrow and then quick pause it (bottom left corner), and watch the gray bar at the bottom of the video frame which shows how much of the video is downloaded. When the bar is full, click bottom left corner again and un-pause and watch. I did this with dial-up so I could watch video stuff till I got broadband, and still do when things are running slow.

  13. I absolutely love this video blog idea… how cool is this? It is so nice to put a voice to the person we all admire! Everything looks just wonderful. I’m glad that you, Will and David are working out just right. Thank you for all the inspiration and confidence you give to everyone.

  14. Great job on your first video blog!! I too appreciated having a voice to play in my head when reading your articles and posts!

    Tip to those with slow connections – it’s worth a little wait. You can press play, then after an initial buffering, when it starts to play, press the pause button, and let it load fully before hitting play again (look at the lighter red bar extend beyond the position marker at the bottom). You’ll be able to hear Jackie’s great narrative uninterrupted, and it didn’t take long on my slow dsl. If you’re on slow dialup, go do something, then come back and it’ll be ready to watch.

  15. Sounds good but I have a slowwww dial-up connection, which means videos are pretty much out of the question.

  16. Jackie I love the video blog! The place looks great and it looks like Will is a good “addition” to the homestead. Thanks for inviting us into your life!

  17. Jackie,
    The video blog was great! It was great to see work in action with you commenting about it while showing. Thank you for adding this to your blog and I’m excited about getting the Starting Over book from BHM. Thanks as always for the inspiration!

  18. I love the video. It’s great to see your place, and especially to hear your voice! I’m looking forward to more.