We’ve started on the second section of the equipment shed — 3 Comments

  1. When we lived in New York state we lost a bunch of half grown chickens to a skunk. We finally found the hole in the foundation of the old building, set a trap and the predation stopped. We had a neighbor who was loosing chicken heads. The decapitated chickens were in a closed coop. The large mesh chicken wire was allowing an owl to grab the head of chickens roosting near the wire. A leg hold trap caught the predator and solved the mystery. Lots of predators like chicken.

  2. About transplanting raspberries…I wouldn’t since they are in your woods…you know where they are and can pick them when ready. I’ve always noted that one end of our raspberry patch has much much bigger berries and feel it is because they are in partial shade thru much of the day. Since you are in Iowa I know you get the same screaming hot weather we get here in MO. If you decide to move them think about a semi-shady area. DEE

  3. Jackie,

    Just a note to update you one the chicken predator situation. The culprit was back early the next morning. It was a fox and he did not get any more of my birds. My husband got him with the 12 gauge. I’m keeping everyone safely locked up at night now just in case. We’ve had coons get into our corn before and leave the chickens completely alone.

    As for my neighbors, I left a loaf of bread, a jar of jelly, and a batch of ginger snaps on their porch.